Vgard-II Chastity Belt

Submitted by: Leashwoof

Hi Altairboy:

Here are two photos which represent the current state of work on Vguard-II. It is a more practical design than my prior original Vguard as described in prior correspondence.

viri001.jpg viri002.jpg

The idea is to combine the protective features of a sport cup with the protective features of a chastity device. The design consists of cutting into a Bike sport cup to make room for a PVC J-tube, which would normally attach to the bottom of a sink. The J-tube is also cut down on both ends. To complete this particular prototype I need to drill some holes so I can attach it to a harness. I will probably have to use a Texas Catheter for hygiene.

The next prototype will have a different cut on the J-tube and will be glued instead of duct-taped. I'm also thinking of orienting the J-tube in the other direction, so it more smoothly matches the contour of the Bike cup.

The device is actually pretty comfortable ... except, of course, when the wearer gets an erection. But that's beside the point.


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