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   Subject:      Re: Male Chastity Belt Needed
   From:         SissyMaid
   Date:         1997- Jan-31

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I'm going to loose my mate from my hot rod. I can't seem to resist other women. I need a good long term wearable unit she can lock on me when we are not making love. I need advice from someone in a similar situation.

Both Male & Female Chastity Belts are available from Dressing for Pleasure/Constance Enterprises in Montclair NJ 201-746-4200. Ask for John or Constance and tell them "Sissy" referred you. The belts they sell are custom fitted, custom made, locking, made of surgical stainless steel and nearly impossible to remove without the key or a bolt cutter. I own one of the male variety and have learned to both love and hate it.

The only bad part is that the manufacturing backlog for these devices is tremendous and it takes up to six months to get one after the order is placed and confirmed. Also, if you want to be able to maintain complete control, you should know that you will probably need to augment the male version of this belt with a large piercing ring which has a diameter larger than the diameter of the penis. This ring should be palced through the head of the penis in the form of a Prince Albert piercing.

This is necessary because behind the metal shield which covers the entire genital area is a plastic-lined steel tube which holds the flacid penis and my personal experience has shown that the soft penis can be pulled back through this tube with only minor effort. However, if a piercing ring which is larger than the inside diameter of this tube is placed through the head of the penis after it is inserted through the tube (but before it is locked inside the belt), then removal of the penis from the tube (without removing its head - OUCH!) becomes IMPOSSIBLE until the ring is removed and so does any hope of obtaining an erection or ejaculation.

I should also point out that measuring a person for this belt is a painstaking and very precise process which must be done correctly or the belt may be useless. The instructions for measurement are long and involved and they must be followed to the letter because if you measure wrong and the belt does not fit, you own it anyway... This is because each belt is specifically designed and built to fit exactly one person and the measurements must be done correctly. If you are in doubt, I would highly recommend going to the shop and arranging for them to measure you for the belt. The cost of these belts was around $450 when I bought mine two years ago, but it may have gone up some since then.

If you prefer a less expensive alternative, you might want to consider a dual piercing combined with a small padlock. This method combines a Prince Albert piercing (this one uses a bead-type piercing ring which goes in through your pee-hole and comes out through the bottom of the penis) with a Guiche piercing (this one uses a bead-type piercing ring which goes through the loose skin between the balls and the anus). Once the piercings have healed (two to four months), the beads which close the two rings can be permanently sealed with super-glue and when chastity is required the two rings can be locked together with the aforementioned padlock. This has the effect of locking the head of the penis down below the balls and effectively prevents most erections as well as ejaculation. When service from the penis is required, the padlock can be opened and Voila! a usable male clitoris returns. The cost of the described piercings when done by a professional piercer would be $150 to $200 including the surgical stainless steel piercing rings and it's not really all that painful! Gold or Silver bead-rings are also available but would of course be more expensive.

If you are interested in more information, I will be happy to provide it.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Sissy Maid

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