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A Simple, safe, practical chastity device

From: Anonymous

First a chastity device is held in place by a desire to please. Minus this it comes off no matter what it is made of. The best you can do is ensure that it cannot be removed without the mistress or master knowing it. The industrial strength way to do that is with small plastic tags like the ones used by the gas company to seal meters. They can be removed in a second and all S&M requires a safe word. But once removed they cannot be replaced.

If the penis is in a tube that just fits when soft it cannot expand by filling with blood so a tube is all you need. The ideal material is pine not metal. Wood won't set off a metal detector, or cause frost bite. Wood has a natural bactericide thats why wood chopping blocks are more sterile than metal or plastic. And the preferred wood for this is pine.

To attach have a hole in the end of the tube and a Prince Albert type piercing. Because urine sterilizes this kind of piercing is the safest. The two are connected by the simple plastic tab.

Remember this is an S&M game nothing else. If your marrage is falling apart and needs a chastity belt, hire a lawyer.

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