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Submitted by: Susan L

My Name is Susan and I make Chastity Belts

The Design, Prototyping, Testing & Development of Male CBs

Susan L

I want to thank Altairboy for his wonderful site. Without it I would not have been able to progress my CBs this far. I have wanted to send in an outline of my work since last August but finding time to write this brief outline has been difficult. I spend much of my spare time in the workshop, and there never seems to be enough of it. Also, by the time an article is ready it is also out of date; a new CB or component has been made and needs to be included. However, here goes.

I started making male Chastity Belts many years ago. Long before I knew there were others out there making, using and even selling CBs. I knew nothing of Tollyboy, Neo-Steel and others; so I used unorthodox materials and methods. These early CBs are mostly prototypes without full security systems, locks were added later.

My design policy is that CBs should be practical, comfortable and secure, delivering psychological impact without unsought physical discomfort. Chastity Belts are often part of adult sexual play and their use can be rewarding to users on either end of the key-chain. Naturally a short term "Play" CB can be more restrictive than one intended for 24-7 wear. Both kinds are represented here.


+ Early Aluminium CBs +

Using strip and plate I created "hip" supported CBs. As I got access to better tools and materials, they gradually became more workable.


This unit H04 (now much modified) was my first effective CB. The tube and lock unit were added in 2003; before that I used "half channel section" crotch pieces to keep things in place.



+ Rubber and Alloy CBs +

H04 worked, however I couldnít find suitable edging, it was too restrictive and not really toilet practical. So I began to make CBs from rubber car mats. These were often strengthened and shaped with aluminium panels. The original locks on this example were replaced with keyhole latches some years ago, mainly because they are only 6mm thick.

I discovered rubber upholstery webbing (often called "Pirelli" webbing). It only extends 5-7% under load and is incredibly strong. I cut and shaped sections of this webbing and stuck them together with superglue; forming complex body hugging strap systems.




+ Plastic and Rubber CBs +

I had experimented with heat shaping and bending plastics over the years. When I discovered their use in CBs (from your site) I wanted to create some myself.

Using "solvent type" plumbers tubing, I made basic penile tubes, gradually adding shaping and channelling features to producing one-piece "shield and tube" units. These are supported and secured with strap systems made from rubber webbing, as above.


They are comfortable, shower safe, single lock CBs. "Medium security" but very practical.


"V form" and "thong" versions have been made and tested. The "Thong" type, are easily concealed.

Despite being practical and shower safe, finger access is minimised, making them quite frustrating.

This format could be adapted for injection moulding or even metal fabrication.



+ Plastic Tube Design & Other Features +

I made and tested several features, for tubes and shields, which are not used in the above design. Since some proved both effective and useful, they are shown here.

  1. "Drip clean" tube end designs. Apart from limiting access, these also reduce post urination dripping.
  2. A 38mm tube, with guide shield & semi-closed end; note the large drain hole.
  3. Two types or "Behind the balls" locking rings. I no longer think these are safe in long-term use.



+ Aluminium Florentines +

The gold standard in CBs is the metal Florentine; I wanted to make some and look for improvements.

This is FL2, much improved with ideas from later Florentines. The original "D" ring rear fixing has been replaced with a free pivoting unit, which facilitates flat storage.


Two tube formats have been developed; each attach to the shield using a keyway and are locked to a common pin at belt level. One has a guide ring formed as part of the tube and heat shaped as shown; this presses against the crotch making pull out almost impossible.

The lock pin is formed from a stainless 8mm bolt shaft, with a transverse hole drilled to accept the padlock. A 25mm hasp protector pulls things together and protects the lock. Two locating pins stabilise the belt and shield in position.


The thong is made fro a 6mm alloy bar, shaped to fit and covered by a plastic sheath. Hinged, pivoting "End Caps" allow the thong to move with the wearer. Thongs have proved the most comfortable and easily hidden way of holding the shield back. They are easily pulled aside for defecation and simple to clean afterwards. Various urination holes have been tried; the best seems to be a carefully positioned chamfered slot 4mm wide.

FL2 proved effective, but I wanted to refine the design and add improvements. In FL3 to FL6 some of these ideas have been tested.


FL3 used a twist-lock to close, stabilise and secure the belt. This twist-lock is not as compact as a Tollyboy or AD high security unit; but it is a readily available option for DIY CB makers.

The tube is held in place by a pin, which located in the lock body and further stabilised with a notch located on the thong cap. One aim of lowering the tube mounting keyway is to increase tube stability; but it also places this feature lower down and I decided to disguise it as a labia-shield with additional perforated plate, which also covers the urine aperture (for reasons which will become apparent later)

The thong itself is a 4.8mm plastic coated steel cable with 10mm alloy bar end caps. This has all the advantages of a metal thong; but it is flexible. It can be further cushioned, by adding a food safe plastic covering tube. I now use this format on all my CBs.



FL4 is has a one-piece ergonomic waistband following the hip line. It allows for a more natural seated position and is generally more comfortable.


Because a small amount of foreskin can poke through the urination hole I added this tiny cover plate to FL4 as protection from pinching and touching. It is in effect a permanent male "labia-shield".


Because the shield is shorter FL4 is light but strong. The lock pin is now a fixed 10mm rod. Under normal clothing FL4 is totally invisible; even the well informed will only find it by touch.



FL5 was made for a very slim TV friend with a high waist; who wanted to wear it over a corset. The waistband is only 30" and she is quite tall. She wanted the CB to make her look as feminine as possible and to have lots of shiny metal on view. Even close up the illusion is totally convincing. This CB uses a small version of the twist-lock mechanism and reciprocating keyways to hold the tube in place.



FL6 is a very slim Florentine. Two reciprocating latches (with integral stabiliser pins) close the belt; then a 8mm threaded steel pin locks them to the shield; making it a very strong, rigid and rattle free join.


The thong is 6mm alloy bar with hinged ends to allow for flat storage; and the shield is radically shaped to make it light and slim. The waistband is lined with a thin neoprene layer to stop it "Floating" too much; and it is a bit tighter than my other CBs at 34".





+ Further Developments & New Ideas +

The Florentine format is a good solution for average or slim sized people of either gender; however it does not work well when people are on the heavy side. Florentines seem to enforce a rather bolt upright sitting position; which an "Ergonomic" belt design does not fully resolve.

I decided to make a CB in which the waistband and shield were not rigidly connected. At the time I was making FL5 for my TV friend and wanted to make this new format to fit her, and show off her spectacular figure. I call this design M1 (M for "Magic").


In M1 the upper portion of the shield is connected to the waistband by two steel cables with pivoting alloy cable ends. This makes a central front lock position irrelevant and impractical. Instead the waistband joins at a 130 degree "V" angle to a complex thong end cap with two locating pins and one lock pin. As you can see this is connected by a combination lock; a combination lock behind the wearer is very secure.

Even under her tight short skirt the waistband is easily hidden; the rear lock sits low down and is also well hidden even by this skirt. Only when seated is the M1 shield revealed, by her very short skirt.


MAGIC 1 is only a prototype. The tube is fixed and it is quite hard to put on without help. However once in place it is a fully working, secure and practical CB with looks to die for.

I plan a M2, which meets the needs of heavier men and women. This will have a fully floating shield and look very different from any Florentine or even the above idea. It is primarily a solution for a real girl; and she wants it to look interesting and sexy.


+ The designers Perspective +

So far I have made around 20 different chastity devices; some are based on existing ideas but most try to push the boundaries and solve problems inherent in classical formats. I have developed one component idea, which is (I believe) totally novel and new; it could be patented; so canít reveal it here.

CBs have always fascinated me. Creating them, from scratch, in my little workshop is just a hobby but I would also like to make them for other people; I have now begun that process. They are, primarily, fantasy objects, made and used in the real world; my art form. I spent a long time developing skills, doing the research and thinking very hard, about how to make things work. Doing so made me appreciate the quality and ingenuity of Tollyboy, NeoSteel and other professionals.


+ General Conclusions +

Any Chastity Belt, seriously worth the name, should reasonably prevent the occupant having sexual intercourse, or successfully masturbating, until he (or she) is released. Most of these designs do this; some do it very well.

CBs are never absolutely secure! The degree of security ranges from just making access detectable; to CBs which can only be removed with extreme, even dangerous, mechanical intervention. It is a sliding scale with several options for user and key holder to choose. The above Chastity Devices are all hand made and could be hand destroyed; but not without seriously damaging them, so unauthorised access would be detected.

The Chastity Belt is, as always, controversial. Itís many designs, accessories and fittings; indeed the device itself and the ideas behind it; are perverse to some people and divinely wonderful to others. Among those who are interested in them or have CBs, even in regular use, this range of attitudes is widely reflected. Perhaps surprisingly, a wide range of attitudes and motivations are found at both ends of the "Belt Wearer - Key Holder" divide; reflecting the CBs application and the events that led to it.

A real Chastity Belt is often the fantasy of the occupant made real; occasionally itís a nightmare! It is always mentally invasive and stimulating. Some devotees want the maximum possible restriction and bank like security. Others want a practical solution for a practical problem, fidelity at risk, or a sense of belonging.

However. I just like to make things and CBs are one of them. If you have any questions feel free to contact me; though the reply will probably be another article like this one, and take some time.


Best wishes


Susan L


ã Susan L - April 2004

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