Stainless Steel Chastity Belt From Surrender

Surrender Submitted by: Surrender

Surrender, is a manufacturer of chastity belts suitable for short and long term wear. They are tailor made to individual needs, and made of light weight low profile stainless steel. They use a new exclusive patented stainless steel padlock.

They also show a huge range of glamorous stainless steel and chainmail armours, metal bikinis, cyber chokers, body cuffs, and full cyber mistress or master chromed plastic armours. Their catalog shows mostly female devices.

Their motto: Everything you ever needed to Surrender in the 21st century, now!!

Jane or Sebastian will be happy to discuss details concerning the suitability of long term wear with you. Tel/Fax +44 (0)7000 478773. They offer a very nice brochure for 6 British Pounds in the UK, or 7 anywhere else in the world (13 US Dollars). Refundable with first order. Credit cards accepted.

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