Chastity Belt Video DP-59 - Frustrated Chastity

Submitted by: Simone Devon

Hi Altairboy:

My last chastity belt video Interview sold to several people who mentioned your site. You are known for having the best site on the subject of chastity belts. Below, is the text and a photo from my website. Please use it on your site if you can.

It takes a lot of time to create specialty videos, but I really enjoy doing them. I like to make something that has meaning and is creative. Bondage has so many levels and the chastity belt adds something exotic to the regular bondage. I really appreciate the work you do to make this area available to the public. Thank you for helping make it possible for me to do this type of project. Having it advertised on your website really allows me to be able to justify taking the time to do it.


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DP-59 "FRUSTRATED CHASTITY" Released: FEBRUARY 1998 - 72 Mins

Starring: SIMONE DEVON with Brandy and Bryan Davis

Simone awakens to the erotic feeling of Bryan locking her steel chastity belt onto her, followed by the frightening realization that he will be gone the entire day. She is forced to shower, dress, walk, in the park, meet Brandy for lunch, and endure her other daily activities while a captive to her belt. Brandy, taking advantage of the welcome and unexpected opportunity, binds and torments the already frustrated lady. When Bryan eventually returns, his extremely tight rope bondage increases the tension.

Note: Simone spent over 16 continues hours locked in her chastity belt for the filming of this video. You are actually seeing her shower and move in it!

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