Shackle's Chastity Belt

Submitted by: Shackle, Translation by: HT

shackle.jpg Altairboy:

Here is a photo of me wearing my home made chastity belt. I have worn it continuously for the last 40 days. The belt was custom made for me by a friend. He charged me DM 2800 to have it made. He does not make them commercially, it was a rather expensive favor to me.

The locking system of the belt is simple, comfortable and totally secure. On each side the waist-chain is hooked into a steel ring. Immediately above and below on the chain is a space in which a steel rod can be inserted. This rod can only be inserted in the open position.

On the side of the space there is a small lock, which locks the steel rod in place so that it holds the chain in the rings and prevents any removal of the belt. As there is no loop like in a regular lock, there is no way of being able to cut the lock and the locking system is so small, that it remains totally invisible.

While, from the picture one might get the impression that the penis sheath would be visible, this is not the case. I have played tennis and went jogging in my shorts without anyone having detected anything. One can be very active, can sit and make fast movements without any worry.

After taking a shower everything dries very rapidly as it is totally open to air. From behind the exactly measured container for the testicles goes a chain which is covered with a plastic tube made of materials used in hospitals. This prevents any irritation of the rectal area.

This covered chain is attached to the waist chain in the back. When one needs to have a bowl movement this chain can be held slightly to the side with out any problems. The concern that this might give the belt too much room to be moved was set a side after wearing the belt a few days and realizing that it fits perfectly to the body.

After wearing this belt for 40 days I do not feel the belt at all other when the "little one" tries to get active.

Best wishes -- shackle

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