Home built PVC Chastity, $5.00

This is not a expensive belt, but it gets the job done. I made this up in a few minutes using materials purchased this morning.

pvc001.jpg pvc002.jpg pvc003.jpg

Start with a 1-1/2" plastic Slip Joint J Bend, purchased at Ace Hardware for $2.49. Add several nylon plastic wire ties, $.05 each, and five feet of small diameter chain. $1.50.

Drill holes at both ends of the tube to attach the chains - one at the bottom (you will trim off one end of the tube first), and two at the top end. This end will sit flat against your pubic bone.

Wrap the waist chain tightly, and connect the crotch chain to the middle back, pulling it tight as well. Take care to smooth all edges and remove any left over mould marks, especially where it will press against your tender parts!

Instant chastity belt. You could make it better by enclosing the chain in pvc tubing, and using metal d rings instead of nylon ties. But, hey, what do you want for five bucks?

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