A chastity belt with a plastic shield

Submitted by: Norbert

Another web page on this site note0310.htm reads:

-I imagine one made of perspex or other transparent
-plastic so that the parts can be seen and inspected,
-but are untouchable.

plexiglas shield Please take a look at this photo. It shows a device I made in 1982 for a friend of mine, or rather for his charming wive. It is made of Plexiglas (TM). The professionals would call it PMMA. This material is easy to work with. You can saw and drill it. With the application of heat it can be bent. It is easily polished. There are special glues available. It's clean and hygienic and quite strong. I think it would be the ideal material for a cb that is not required to be like a bank safe.

A similar material that is much more flexible is Lexan (TM) or polycarbonate, available in several thicknesses. Plexiglas, which is very stiff, will snap when bent too far. It is more expensive, and can not be formed with heat without a specialized drying oven.

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