Executive Decision

Fiction by: Din

"Damn" he thought to himself. "She has gone out and done it again. It is bad enough that she feels she needs to screw around, but with my best friend's son? This will be the last time."

Hal was pissed. Here he was, an executive VP with one of the leading Aerospace Engineering companies, a comfortable half million dollar a year salary, stock options, company car, the works. He was a leader in the industry, a force to be reckoned with, but he could not control his own wife. He knew that she might wander now and then when they married. After all when a 21 year old model marries a balding, somewhat out of shape, middle age executive, everyone knows she is doing it for the money, the position, the side benefits. Hal knew this as well and was fine with it, but he expected if she strayed now and then she would at least be discrete. To the contrary, she had flaunted her sexuality to anyone who would look, male or female, executive or blue collar worker. When she began to start bedding them on a regular basis, Hal knew it was time to act.

Tom was Hal's best friend and worked in the ultra secret biomolecular products division. Strictly government contracts for things like Stealth fighters and other 'secret agent stuff' as Tom liked to put it. It was Tom's son that Sara (Hal's wife) had screwed around with and both Tom and Hal were upset. Hal came up with a plan to even the score.

Hal called Tom into his office and discussed his idea. "Tom, I wonder if you could construct a chastity belt for Sara. One she could not get out of no matter how she tried?"

Tom smiled, "Sure Hal, piece of cake. What else do you want it to be able to do?"

Hal responded "Hadn't really thought of that, but if I could use the belt to control her, both sexually and otherwise, it would be fantastic"

Tom grinned "Sure Hal, for you no problem at all. I will need to 'borrow' some of the XK9 samples we are working on for the belt. Would it be alright if I made one for that no good son of mine as well?

Hal said "of course. By the way, what the hell is XK9?"

Tom chortled "I forgot you do not get briefed on everything we are working on. It is the new composite material for the Stealth Ultra fighter that we are trying to build. The properties of this stuff will make it perfect. How are you going to get Sara to agree to wear it?"

"I have a few compromising pics of my dear slut wife from last year's Christmas party. The threat of showing these to her mom should get her to agree to trying the belt on at least once. After that she won't have any choice."

Tom glanced at the pics, they were of Sara and Hal's nubile young secretary, Trish. The two were in a 69 and looked like they were having fun.

Hal asked "How will you custom fit the device?"

Tom replied "Tonight put a few knockout drops in her evening Martini. While she is passed out I will measure. I should then have the belt done by next week."

"See you tonight Tom."

Hal paged Trish and told her to inform his wife that Tom was coming over for dinner, have the cook set another place. Hal grinned and thought this was going to be one hell of an evening.

Hal arrived at home at Six, Sara was waiting for him as usual. She greated him with a big wet kiss and rubbed his cock. It was obvious to Hal that she was horny, probably from just fucking the pool boy, the cook, the maid, or maybe all three. Hal pushed her off and asked her if he could get her a drink.

"Sure, Martini as usual" she said.

Hal thought this Martini was going to be a bit special. He mixed in enough knockout drops to sedate a raging elephant and handed her the glass as Tom announced his presence. They both smiled as Sara downed her drink. The drops worked quickly and within minutes she was out cold. Tom opened his briefcase and withdrew a measuring tape. Hal stripped Sara, taking time to admire her smooth shaved slick pussy. Tom took all the measurements he needed and when Hal was not looking, felt Sara's pussy for himself. Tom had a few ideas for that pussy that Hal really did not need to know about. When Tom completed his work, they got Sara dressed and revived her and everyone enjoyed a peaceful dinner.

One week later, Tom presented Hal with his creation. It was a masterpiece of craftsmanship. He handed Hal a small remote control. "Here is her controller". Tom stated, "it will allow you to completely control her every movement."

Hal nodded as Tom explained the various devices built into the belt. It took him well over one hour to show him all of the belts abilities. Hal was now ready to spring his trap.

When Hal arrived home that evening Sara was lying on the couch, looking well fucked, with her hair a mess and a white lace teddy on. "Hi honey" Hal said, "I have something very special for you."

Sara jumped up to see her gift. "What is it?" she inquired.

"It is a special present, something to enhance our sex life. It is a toy chastity belt."

Sara was intrigued, "Can I try it on?"

Hal told her of course. He had to smile when he discovered how easy this was going to be. Sara slinked out of her teddy and reached into the box. There was a waist belt which she put on first. It snapped closed and was a perfect fit. The next piece was the crotch section which covered her hairless pussy perfectly. There was a small hole for urination and two thin cable coming from the apex of the V that would be just before her anus. Excitedly she placed this over her now wet pussy. "How does it attach?" she asked. Hal reached over and made the necessary connections. In a few minutes all was set.

"Now my dear, one more thing." Hal reached into his pocket and pushed the first button on the remote control. Sara felt a warm sensation all over the belt and smelled something acrid. She reached down but could not remove the belt.

"How does it come off?" Sara asked.

"It doesn't, at least not without my permission, SLUT."

Sara was stunned. She tried to pull the belt off but it would not budge. She lunged for Hal, fire in her eyes. Hal smiled and pushed a button. Immediately, Sara dropped to the ground rolling in agony. She felt incredible pain lancing through her pussy, making any movement impossible. With tears in her eyes, she looked up at Hal who stopped the punishment.

"That was just a taste my dear. From now on your pussy is mine and mine alone."

"Why" she asked.

"Because I am tired of your whoring around. Now the only time you can get off is when I say so. Let me show you a few features of your new outfit." "This button is designed to drive you crazy with lust." Hal pushed the button and a slow warm buzz began in Sara's clit. She reached for her pussy but the belt stopped her from touching herself. Hot and hotter she got, and just when she was about to cum everything stopped. Hal explained "the belt has built in sensors. When they detect you are about to cum they stop. When you cool off, it will start again. Now follow me." Hal turned and walked toward the basement. As he reached the stairs pain began in Sara's cunt. She moved closer to the basement and the pain stopped. "It is the proximity feature my dear. Whenever I activate it, if you move more than a set distance from me, the pain starts. The farther away, the more intense the pain. Now get down the stairs."

Reluctantly, Sara followed. They went into the basement, then into the walk in wine cellar Hal was so proud of. Hal removed a bottle of Latour and suddenly a secret door in the back of the cellar popped open. Hal guided Sara through the door. "This is your training area, get used to it." he explained

The room was bare except for a cot, toilet, and what appeared to be a variety of hooks imbedded in the walls. There was another door, painted black that was shut. "You will spend the night in this room, pondering your fate. Then I will begin your training"

Sara had a plan, if she kept close to Hal the belt would not punish her. When he left she sprang for the door. As soon as she hit the threshold she felt intense agony. Hal smiled. "Oh by the way, there are sensors in this room and if you try to leave it you will be punished. Good night, Slut."

Hal closed the door and went upstairs. Sara was alone. She tried to budge the belt incircling her but could not move it. She laid down on the bed and began to cry. Soon she heard Hal's voice, probably from a hidden speaker she thought.

"Slut you will lay down on the cot and place your wrist and ankles in the marked spots. Do it now." Sara didn't move, thinking how could he tell what she did if he was not there. After a minute the pain started. "Slut," Hal explained, "this room is complete with cameras and sound. I can tell anything you do. NOW MOVE IT." The pain increased until Sara laid down on the cot. There was a marked area for her wrists and ankles. She placed them in position and felt a metal band encircle each, pinning her to the bed.

Hal typed a code in the remote control and Sara felt the stimulation begin. All the lights in the room went out, there was no sound. The only sensation Sara had was the increasing pleasure being delivered to her cunt. Every time she felt like she was about to explode, the sensation stopped. When she cooled off, the cycle returned.

Hal left her this way until morning. When he walked in on her she looked exhausted. "Please let me cum," she pleaded.

"Ok my dear," Hal pushed another button and the restraints disappeared. Another button and the crotch piece fell to the floor, leaving only the waist belt attacthed. "Now fuck me," he commanded.

Sara was crazy with lust but still had a bit of her wits about her. She slinked over to Hal and lowered her hot pussy onto his throbbing cock. She rode him like a wild bull, bringing herself to multiple orgasms as Hal screamed out his ecxtasy. She arose and grabbed the remote control. Suddenly the waist belt came to life. Burning pain shot through her belly. She hit every button on the controller but the pain worsened. Hal chuckled and said "another safety feature slut. The waist belt has its own pain dispensors and they fire automatically if you touch the controller." She threw down the controller in disgust. "Now put the crotch piece back on or you will feel some real pain." Sara knew she had to comply. With a deafening sound the crotch piece snapped in place. She could not remove it.

"Well, I am off to work, have a nice day dear." Hal said, "you may go anywhere in the house you want but do not try to leave. Also the servants are off for the week and the phone service has been disconnected. There is one more feature of the belt that I will let you discover for yourself."

With that Hal left. Tenatively, Sara left the room, back through the wine cellar, and upstairs. A cycle of stimulation started and ended very quickly, leaving Sara wanting more. She tried to slip a finger under the belt without success. There was no way for her to touch herself. An idea came to her, Hal has a large tool collection in his shop. Merrily she ran to the shop and was pleasently surprised to find the door open. She went in and found the bolt cutters. She tried to find a place to cut, finally deciding on the cables in back. As soon as the jaws touched the belt she felt intense agony. When she removed them, the pain stopped. She tried a number of other tools but as soon as they touched the belt...agony. Slowly she realized what the other feature of the belt was, namely if anything metal touched it, the pain receptors fired. She ran toward the front door to the house and realized too late that was a mistake. The jolt almost knocked her out. She knew that she was not going anywhere and that Hal was in charge.

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