The Things You Don't Expect That Get You In Trouble...

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It all started innocently enough. My girlfriend fuck buddy at the time was a young 28 year old angel to the eyes. What you didn't see was the devil in her head.

She was a beauty, tall and lean with long legs and an ass to die for, that's how I met her. I was staring at her ass and unknown to me her girl friend was watching me. She sauntered up to her friend and they had a little whispered conversation and then she sauntered away. She was also hot, a tall blond with tits to big for her frame, not my type, I much prefer the lean and lanky type with smallish tight perky boobs. But I digress for the moment, as Blondie it turns out was a real girl friend the type that gets jealous.

Back to my girlfriend, it turns out that Blondie told her about me staring and that they should hookup with me and have some fun. I just didn't know what fun meant to them.

As it turned out sweet Jamie turned around and stared right at me she then purposefully walked right up to me and asked me if I liked what I saw.

Boy did I. I smiled and turned slightly pink caught in the act and answered yes she was an awesome sight.

Good she said, I'm Jamie, take me home.

It wasn't a question; she just knew I'd do anything she asked of me. I took her to her place and we spent a night of hot wild sweaty sex. I was hooked and she knew it.

When we awoke in the morning she said there was one thing she liked more than anything else.

I asked her what that was.

She replied she liked nothing better than to wake up to a gentle tongue between her legs, licking her to a morning orgasm.

I said how about a nice shower and I'll be happy to oblige.

No she said, if I was going to be her fuck buddy then I needed to do something for her. So it's now or never and just leave.

Well after a night of ecstasy I couldn't give her up that soon, so down I went to the dark wet folds of her smooth as silk pussy. I just hoped that most if not all of my cum had leaked out over the night, well I was partly right her beautiful little puss had dried crusties on the edges and I figured it wouldn't be a problem because most women I'd been with just liked to have you concentrate on there clities anyway. Well wrong assumption here.

Once I'd arrived with my tongue at her clit she took a hold of my hair and pulled my head up and away.

No she said, not like that, this isn't a quickie, slow down and I'll teach you what I like and what you need to do for me to keep me. She spread her legs wide and drew them up towards her chest opening up that lovely pussy. She said start down low with long light wet licks and work up to the top.

She pushed my head down and said lets start again shall we.

I stuck out my tongue and light as a feather started to glide it up her slit.

No so fast bucko, start on the outsides lick my lips, that's it, softly, get them nice and clean.

I tried to lift my head and tell her I wasn't comfortable doing that but she just pulled my head to one side and dragged it upwards my tongue leading the way. Then pushing it to the other side and the same results then back to the first side. She was talking me thru it as she worked my head around telling me to make sure that I cleaned up her puss on the outside before I got to the dewy middle.

It didn't take to long and I figured what the hell this wasn't so bad and I was getting into it, she was moaning softly and telling me that we were going to do this every morning until I got it right and didn't complain. After all she reasoned, her puss wouldn't have crusties if I hadn't put them there in the first place, so it was my job to make her happy because she had made me happy first.

Soon the crusties were gone and my tongue was gliding over her silken lips, they were getting puffy and swollen with her desire.

Now she said into the middle but start way down low and make one long smooth lick to the very top.

I slid my tongue down and started up and she said, I see you still don't listen, I said start down low, not halfway low. She pushed my head down and raised her hips upwards and then pulled my face into her ass. That beautiful ass that had ensnared me the night before, only now it was an ass that had last nights lusty moments crusty and sticky.

She wasn't to be denied, she pulled my head in with one hand and pulled it upwards with the other using my tongue like a wet nap. After the first lick she said keep doing that until I tell you to move.

So there I was licking her from below her asshole to the top of her slit with wet slow strokes.

She sighed and moaned, that's it, your doing good now, go faster and harder, use the flat of your tongue not just the tip.

I did as I was told and slowly her passion blossomed and her pussy opened up like a flower.

Slide you tongue up inside, oh yes that's it deeper the next time and deeper again, she was getting into it and she started to have little shudders, mini orgasms it turned out.

Then she said make a big "O" with your mouth and wrap your lips over my opening. Now suck, stick in your tongue deep inside and then suck again use your tongue like your little cock and fuck me with it fuck and suck, In and out. Just like you were French kissing me.

Yes she said, that's it, you got it, oh fuck she said you make a great pussy boy or should I say lesbian.

I really didn't understand what she was saying, I was just happy and turned on that she was so turned on, I only wished later that I had known what she had in store for me, I would have run away with my tail between my legs.

Her orgasm crested with a surge and I got a mouthful on the surge, she had my face pulled up tight and her legs around my head and I thought I'd drown or suffocate, nature took over and I swallowed what seemed like gallons before I could breath thru my nose and she calmed a little.

She didn't let go but instead rolled us over me on my back with my mouth sealed to her pussy and then she grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under my head and neck and brought her weight down to hold my mouth in place.

Now I have you were you belong my little pussy boy pet, keep sucking and fucking there is a lot more in there from last night, you came three times remember. I get to have at least as many before you get up. I want you to make my pussy as clean as you found it. Just because I get to come while you do your cleanup is only fair.

Well I sucked and fucked her pussy with my mouth and tongue for the next half hour. Finally she was spent and satisfied.

She rolled off my face and snuggled up to me and I went to give her a kiss and she pulled back, oh no you don't, your breath smells like cum and pussy granted it's my pussy and your cum. I like the taste of pussy in the morning but I don't like cum at all she said. You need to brush your teeth before you kiss me. I sighed and got up to go to the bathroom and I asked her if I could use her toothbrush.

Not a chance she said, I'd have to throw it out and get a new one.

So I went in and peed and then used my finger as a toothbrush, rinsed out my mouth with water.

When I got back in the bedroom she was still laying back on the pillows with her legs spread and her pussy all wet and glistening, I could feel my cock start to rise at the sight of her she looked so fucking hot.

She patted the bed next to her and I sat down.

She said I need to get up and do some things today do you want to hookup again later Jamie asked.

Did I, she really didn't need to ask that question my cock said it all and she acknowledged that by saying I see your up for it already.

She said there is one more thing I'd like from you before you go.

I asked what would that be.

She said I want you to rub your face all over my wet pussy and don't wash it off until your going to come over later. I want you to smell me all day and think about the fucking your going to get later.

I was too horny to say no and since it was Saturday I figured that might be kind a neat.

When I arrived at her house later that evening she kissed me lightly on the lips and said get on your knees.

I did as asked and she tilted my head back lifted her skirt and straddled my face.

Her pussy was soaking wet and she rubbed it all over my face.

She stepped back and said there now you know how hot I am, and you're going to be smelling me the whole time while we go out.

Out I said, my cock was rock hard and I would have cum at just the slightest touch.

Yes, out she repeated.

Where, was all I could say.

Somewhere public she smiled.

Oh fuck I was thinking to myself this is going to be a long night. I said wouldn't you like to stay in instead.

Well after a week of going out with Jamie, fucking every night and sucking her every morning to clean up my mess of the night before Jamie said I think we're ready.

Ready for what I asked?

She laughed, if you want to play with me you have to play by my rules. Got it she said and there was no room for error on that question.

We went out to my car and I opened her door for her.

Instead of getting in she turned and said that she had talked to her friend that was at the club last week and her friend said she thought I was in love with her ass. Is it true? Do you like my ass?

I love your ass I said.

Good she said then I have a little treat for you, just to see just how much you love it.

What is it?

Get on your knees right here in the street and push your face up my ass and tongue my hole.

She just turned around and arched her back, flipped her short leather skirt up and assumed that I'd do it.

She was right, I didn't even look to see if anyone could see us, I just got on my knees and pressed my face into the cleft of her cheeks.

Oh gawd she moaned, use your hands and spread my cheeks, lick me like your life depends on it.

I was so fucking hot I did just that; I spread those firm wonderful cheeks apart and started to tongue her ass and paid special attention to her asshole.

She leaned over farther and said fuck my ass with your tongue use it just like it was your little dickey.

I pressed my tongue against her little ring and smelled her musk; I felt the ring start to open and my tongue started to penetrate her.

Oh yea she signed, that's it, harder, deeper, make me come.

I couldn't believe I was doing this in the middle of a well-lighted street on my knees behind this beauty, tongue fucking her ass to orgasm. But my cock was rock hard and my balls felt like they had a mind of their own. I was powerless to resist.

After she came she straightened up and slid in the car and said lets go.

Where's that I inquired? That question was soon answered, when I got in the car and she said turn right at the light and I'll direct you as we go.

She smiled at me and said you'll find out soon enough. Bye the way how did my ass taste was it good?

Before I could answer she had her hand on my cock, feeling it thru my pants and said don't bother I already know you loved it.

I was in never never land, my face smelt like fresh pussy and my tongue tasted like fresh ass and I was going to drive us who knows were and for what. I was so turned on, I thought that I might cum in my pants just thinking about her and what she was doing to me.

Boy was I in trouble.

The plot thickens.

Jamie directed me as we drove and we started to enter an upscale side of town large older homes like mini mansions. Not that I noticed much along the ride all I could think about was Jamie's ass and the taste of my tongue.

She directed me into a drive that wound around up to a large old Tudor home.

I got out and went around and opened her door and she swung a leg out giving me a look at her wet pussy. It looked really good. I just wanted to go down on her right there.

She stood up and said that she was really hot to trot and that I better stay close or she might have to stray.

Well I was up for chasing so she didn't have to worry.

We rang the door bell and guess who answered it, yep, Blondie who I learned was Cheryl, Jamie's best friend, the one who as she said it put her up to meeting me.

Well the introduction was made, Jamie said this is Cheryl, Cheryl this is Teddy.

Cheryl ignored me for the moment and said, well tell me does he love your ass as much as I said he did.

Jamie answered with a yes, and proceeded to tell her the details of our ride over and more importantly the start and how I had tongue fucked her ass to orgasm right on the street for everyone to watch.

Cheryl said I told you so.

Jamie said thanks.

Cheryl then looked at me and asked, well how did she taste Teddy?

I went from bright crimson to beet red in a heartbeat, I thought I was going to stroke out right on the spot.

Jamie said yaw how did I taste Teddy?

I of course was speechless, Cheryl said well he's a fast learner that's good, doesn't have to talk even better.

Cheryl said come on in and meet the rest of the party it's just a couple of friends.

We went in to the den and there met Gwen, again the intros were made and again I was beet red when Cheryl told her about what Jamie had me do on the way over.

I was totally dumbfounded. This was going to be a weird evening for sure.

Cheryl then said that there would be another joining us but not until later in the evening. In the mean time she turned to Gwen and said honey please get our guests something to drink and then we'll all get a little more comfortable.

We sat in the den and had some idol chit chat until the drinks were done and then Cheryl turned to me and asked, did I know that this was a little sex party?

She had one at least once a week and since it was my first time she held the guest list down so I could get comfortable with the arrangement's and of course since I was the guest of honor she figured I'd enjoy being the center of attention.

Well how do you feel about that, three girls and yourself?

I was feeling flattered and blushed a little.

I replied that I hoped I would live up to her expectations.

She chuckled and said that Jamie had told her everything and that since she was Bi she figured if I ran into a brick wall then Jamie and Gwen would be more than enough to keep her happy. Besides she said there will be my mystery guest later.

Well if you're up for it, lets go to the playroom and get comfortable shall we.

Jamie grabbed my hand and pulled me up and said lets go. I'm ready for some fun.

We entered a room "the playroom" it was darkly lit and had all kinds of chairs love seats and couches as well as several obvious sexual furnishings. There was a cross on one wall and a pommel horse as well as a rack and cages, there were several low benches and saw horses as well as a winch and hooks and rings all over on the walls and floor.

You like? asked Cheryl, Jamie and Gwen just chuckled at my look of astonishment.

This is my play room and the first time someone sees it they get a little overwhelmed, but not to worry, we only do consensual games ... . That is unless someone wants a special scene and then we make allowances. But those are private parties and are limited to a special guest list.

While Cheryl was talking Jamie was leading me over to a medium high bench. She stopped us at the bench and let my hand go, she said I really need you to do me like you did on the way over, tongue my ass and make me hot, show Cheryl I wasn't lying about your talents.

I didn't have time to say anything, Jamie was already turned around and laying her torso on the bench her ass high up in the air and her legs spread wide apart. Cheryl had her hand on my shoulder and was pushing me to my knees behind Jamie and Gwen was lifting Jamie's short leather skirt as she was bending over the end of the bench. It was like a choreographed movie.

My mind was in a shambles and I just let them guide me to whatever was to be that night. I was horny as a toad anyway and figured that this would be an evening to remember.

Cheryl now had her hand on the back of my head and was lightly pushing my face into Jamie ass, she didn't have to, I was drawn to it anyway but she liked the control it gave her I figured. Stick your tongue out I want to see it touch her she said and Gwen was now spreading Jamie's cheeks wide apart showing her pink little asshole just winking at me. It had a pulse just like a heart beat and was slightly moist looking. It was an inviting target.

Cheryl said just touch it with the tip and then caress it very lightly, I want to watch this up close and personal.

I did as instructed and started to lightly lick her hole with feather light licks with just the tip of my tongue. I was rewarded with her asshole slowly opening itself up a little more with each lick and Cheryl pressed me deeper into it.

That's it she said, just keep opening it up and go deeper and deeper with your tongue. Now use your tongue like a spear and push it all the way in and press your lips up tight to her ass as tight as you can. That's it she said, now just slide your tongue in and out as deeply as you can, nice slow strokes and savor the taste of her beautiful ass.

Jamie was moaning her approval and started to slowly hump her ass up and down and back into my face trying to get more of my tongue into her.

Cheryl then instructed me when my tongue was in deep to start making large circles, you want to open her up wider and wider she said, just like you would to get her ready to fuck her in the ass. Jamie she said do you want your ass fucked? Are you getting really hot and bothered?

Jamie just let out a low guttural moan that was full of lust and passion. She was very hot to the touch and her buns were glowing.

Cheryl used her other hand and slid 2 fingers under my chin and straight into Jamie's hot wet pussy, at the same time she pressed my face harder into her ass. Cheryl was now pumping her, finger fucking her hard and deep.

Jamie went from a moan to outright panting and her ass was pumping up and down hard then she arched and went totally stiff and Cheryl was pumping her like mad and it felt like my head was being shoved up her ass by Cheryl's other hand. Then I felt it, her ass clamped down on my tongue and squeezed hard she was over the edge, she'd just had her second orgasm of the night.

Fuck her ass, Fuck her ass, Fuck her ass Cheryl was chanting, and I was, as fast and as deep as I could with my tongue.

Finally Jamie just collapsed and went limp over the bench, Cheryl stopped finger fucking her pussy but she kept my face in her ass. She said put your tongue in deep again and start making nice slow circles again. Get her hot for more.

I did as I was told and Jamie's ass opened up again and Cheryl said Gwen you take over for a minute I need to get ready, I want some of that ass for myself.

Gwen took over holding my face tight to Jamie's ass.

Then Cheryl was back, I felt her touch my shoulder behind me and asked is she wide open yet. Just give me a thumbs up if she is.

I did.

Ok great, now easy out of her ass I have something she's going to like.

Gwen let go of my head and I eased my tongue out of Jamie's ass. As I moved back Cheryl said look at it isn't it beautiful, wide open and all sloppy looking. I agreed staring at her gapping asshole.

Then Gwen pulled me back to the side as I saw Cheryl naked with a large strap on dildo attached to a harness around her hips, it was very real looking and quite impressive in size.

I need you to get my cock ready for your girlfriend she said and she stepped in towards me and pressed the head against my lips. I tried to move away but Gwen was still behind me holding my head still, Cheryl said just open wide and get this wet for her. Amazed at myself I did just that, opened my mouth and she slid her dildo in. She pressed it in until I gagged and she pulled back and started to fuck my face. That's it she kept saying get my cock all lubed up for your girlfriends ass, you know you want me to fuck it for you, to open her up and stretch it wide for you to suck after I'm done.

She said do you taste my pre-cum isn't it sweet and she reached down and squeezed her ball sac and a little squirt hit the back of my throat. I almost gagged and then realized that she had loaded the dildo with a cherry flavored lube. She continued to fuck my mouth spreading the lube all up and down the dildo.

Ya she said, you like sucking my cock and you like the taste of my ball juice, I can see it in the way you're helping to spread it around.

She pulled out of my mouth and took a step to get behind Jamie, she slid the head right into Jamie's open ass. Her ass was so relaxed and wet that there was no resistance, it just slid right in and Cheryl buried her dildoe it in one smooth push right to the hilt.

Cheryl slowly started to pump Jamie's ass, in and out, nice smooth long strokes and Jamie just moaned in rap bliss.

Cheryl looked at Gwen and told her to get me in position to help Jamie cum.

Which I then learned was to get between their legs arch back and lick Jamie's pussy and clit from underneath with my head tilted back against the bench, it was a comfortable position and I dove in with gusto, licking up Jamie's running juices and tickling her clit with my tongue.

Well it didn't take long with Cheryl and I double teaming her, she came with a little cry. Cheryl said don't stop, were going to give her another bigger one right away. So I licked harder and faster, Cheryl started to pound into Jamie's ass with a vengeance and sure enough Jamie ached her back and started to shake and came with a gut-wrenching howl. She went ridged for at least 30 seconds with the two of us, me licking like mad and Cheryl just mercilessly pounding her and then she just collapsed down onto the bench and me, totally spent.

Cheryl eased her dildo out of Jamie's wide stretched ass and before I knew what was happening she reached behind my neck and pulled me forward. My forehead was trapped under Jamie's soaking wet crotch and my head just tilted way back with my mouth gapped open due to the angle and that was what Cheryl wanted, she just pushed her hips forward and slid her dildo into my mouth.

That's a good girl she said suck my cock clean of all your girlfriends juices, she pressed it in deep until I started to gag as it tried to enter my throat and she said wrap you lips around it tight and she started to pull back using my mouth to clean it. Just short of the head coming out of my mouth she pushed back in again and this time she used both hands to extract me from under Jamie. She said I need you to learn to do this properly just in case Jamie has a boyfriend over, she pressed in deep again until I gagged again and she started to pull out saying use your lips and tongue you know you like the taste of Jamie's ass you couldn't get enough of it a few minutes ago.

She pulled me up onto my knees and keeping my head tilted back, she started to fuck my mouth with the dildo. She kept giving me instructions and kept trying to push in deeper but I kept gagging. Finally she pressed in until I gagged and she said just relax, open your mouth and try and lick my balls she said, well I did as instructed and that was the trick she wanted me to learn, sticking out my tongue got it out of the way and her dildo just slid into my throat until her belly hit my nose.

That's it she said, now suck and lick as I pull out and she then pressed right back in telling me to lick her balls again. It really turned her on having me suck Jamie's juices off her cock and balls. She kept complimenting me on being a good "deep throat cock sucker" for my girlfriend and that she would be very pleased with me. This went on for a good 4 or 5 minutes then she pulled her cock out of my mouth and spun me around and said it's time to take care of your girlfriend's ass.

She pressed my face home with Gwen spreading her cheeks and said lick all her juice off, make it squeaky clean like it was before I fucked her.

I don't know why I didn't object, it was like I was caught up in the heat of passion but I did as I was told and licked up all the juices from the outside and Cheryl said your not finished yet, get that tongue back up her hole, there is nothing better or more soothing to a just fucked asshole than having a nice soft tongue slid in, it eases the burn she said.

I complied and started to easy my tongue into her hole and Cheryl pressed my face in and said no, kiss it like your frenching, wrap your lips around her hole and push your tongue in deep and then start making circles just like you did to get her ready for my cock.

Having little choice I did as instructed again and my tongue met with little resistance, it just went in deep and her ass opened up to me as I swirled my tongue around.

Cheryl then said that's it now slide your tongue out and give a little suck while she's still open, just like you would to suck her tongue in your mouth, that's it, as Jamie moaned and pressed back towards me. Now again put your tongue in deep and swirl then take it out and suck, learn to relish any gifts your girlfriend might want to give you for your efforts.

What gift's I was thinking, when a small squirt entered my mouth. That's it said Cheryl now your getting some of the gift I gave Jamie, your sucking my cum out of her ass, that's great she said keep it up.

Well it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be since Cheryl's cum was cherry flavored lube and there weren't any chunks. So I keep tonguing and sucking Jamie's ass for a good 15 minute's when all of a sudden she pulled away and said that was enough for now.

Cheryl said it was my turn to have some fun. The three of them were going to concentrate on my pleasure.

Jamie got off the bench and said time to get naked, strip, I did as ordered and then she led me up to and bent me over the pommel horse long ways on my belly.

Gwen was reached between my legs and Jamie said spread them open. I did and Gwen took my hard cock from behind and pressed it into a hole in the end of the bench, Jamie said move up and push your cock in the hole so I did.

Next Gwen reached under the horse and pulled my cock thru the opening and then she pulled down on my ball sack and started to massage and stretch it out. She then pulled down on my nuts hard and tightened a strap up high on the sac above my balls.

Cheryl came around the front and said just relax and get comfortable your going to like this 3 women getting you off, you'd like to cum like that wouldn't you? That's like a dream come true for most guys.

Well I lied a little your going to get Jamie off and Gwen and I are going to do you Cheryl said.

Jamie mounted the Pommel horse in front of me on her belly and shimmied her way backwards until her ass was in my face again.

You guessed it Cheryl said your going to worship Jamie's ass while we do you, that way you get conditioned to your pleasure being associated with the sight and smell of Jamie's asshole and not just your cuming.

Gwen disappeared from sight under the horse and I felt her lifting my leg up and she strapped my ankle up high and to the side of the horse then she did the other leg and that left me spread wide open and powerless to move.

Next I felt her take my cock into her mouth, it was hot and wet and felt awesome, I moaned into Jamie's asshole and she giggled. She said I would guess from that moan that Gwen is blowing you, you'll really like it, she has a gift for sucking cock.

Cheryl said that there are a few little tricks to this treat. First is, they were going to let me cum but not until they were ready to. My job was to satisfy Jamie and keep tonguing her ass since I really seemed to like that she said. Gwen was going to work on my cock and teased me even harder and keep me that way right on the edge. Cheryl was going to fuck me like the bitch she knew I wanted to be, just remember how I fucked Jamie, and the last trick was that there was a mechanical ball slapper attached to the table incase I got too carried away or I wasn't doing what they wanted they could punish me.

Cheryl said I'm going to demonstrate the slapper now and she pushed a button and a slap to my nuts happened not painful but it got your attention, then she said if I hold the button down it becomes continuous like this she said and whack, whack, whack, still not painful but it made me hunch up and jerk on the ball tether, that was not comfortable. Then she said if two of us hold the buttons at the same time it would slap twice as hard and if all three of them held the buttons it would be three times as hard. So do as your told and enjoy the ride.

Cheryl reached out and spread my ass cheeks and I felt the head of her dildo touch my hole, One question she said, have you ever been fucked before, Just nod she said, I shook my head no and Jamie giggled. She said I heard that.

Cheryl said oh good, I really like virgins, it gets me really hot to pop the cherry of a submissive bitch boy, especially when he's sucking his girlfriends ass in front of me.

I felt her start to press the dildo into me and Cheryl said just relax I've done this a few times and I won't hurt you too much, unless I feel like it. As the pressure increased I suddenly felt a cool jet of liquid go up inside and all over my tight hole. Cheryl had just squeezed her nuts and lubed me up. All of a sudden whack the ball slapper hit me in the nuts and the surprise made me jerk up and back down and the head of Cheryl's dildo popped into my ass, I jerked again in surprise and a little pain at the intrusion and Cheryl said nice timing Jamie.

Jamie said don't ever stop licking my ass especially when you had me on the edge, now you have to start all over again. Just relax and enjoy the ride she grumbled.

Meanwhile Gwen was just licking my cock like a lollypop, it felt great but was not enough friction to cum, it was a maddening feeling.

Cheryl hadn't moved since she had impaled me with her cock, I was grateful for the rest and chance to get used to the full feeling in my rear. Now she started to press into me slowly feeding me more of her dildo. She stopped and backed out until just the head was in and then I felt another squirt and she pressed in stronger this time.

She slid back out and another squirt and this time she pressed the dildo home all the way as far as she could, I felt her harness against my stretched out hole and I felt the inner sphincter deep up my ass trying to stretch open, That caused a big involuntary groan/moan from me I tried to pull away but only pushed my face deeper into Jamie's ass and pulled my tethered nuts giving myself a shot of pain.

Cheryl said pay dirt, I love popping cherries so much, gawd I'm fucking hot, it's all I can do to not just slam into you over and over again, but we'll get to that soon. Your going to love being my sissy ass slut bitch getting her ass fucked over and over again.

Meanwhile Jamie was moaning and grinding her ass harder and harder into my face and I thought she was trying to get my whole face up her butt.

Cheryl started to fuck me with long strokes all the way out and popping back in as deep as the dildo could go. She started to angle her cock towards my prostrate and the feeling was electric, every time she raked the dildo over it I felt like swooning and it forced me to moan in pleasure like a slut in heat I was arching my back up wanting more.

Cheryl said I told you you'd be my little sissy ass slut bitch boy, and she was right at that moment I was and loving it.

I couldn't felt Gwen doing anything to my cock but it felt harder than I could ever remember and Cheryl asked her if I was to close to the edge. She wanted to make sure she calmed me down, she didn't want any accidents happening, like me cuming to soon.

I was building to a fever pitch and knew I was going to cum any second now.

Well Gwen knew it to, all of a sudden I felt the ball slapper whacking on my balls and it just kept going, then all of a sudden it really started to hurt and ache deep in my belly. Seems that Cheryl and Gwen knew I was going over the edge and they both hit their buttons at the same time.

Cheryl was right it took the edge off real fast and she continued to stroke in and out building up in intensity. Well the pleasure started to turn into a slight burn and she continued to pump hard and fast jabbing down hard into my prostrate and it started to ache and pulsate she started to grinding and swirl the dildo right on top of it, making it even more intense and I just arched up and pushed back for more of the pleasurable pain.

Cheryl asked Gwen how things were coming down there and Gwen said you got a nice flow going now, another 10 or 15 minutes should do it.

Do what crossed my mind for a split second followed by more intense ass pounding from Cheryl. Then Cheryl pressed the head of the dildo almost straight down on my prostrate and just started to rub back and forth across it in quick little strokes then a few long ones then back to straight down again.

My ass was starting to really burn from all the friction and all of a sudden she pulled out. I felt empty and like a girl in heat cheated out of her orgasm by her mate coming to soon.

Cheryl said that's it for now. Jamie you need some more action there.

No she said I'm all done for now had three real nice ones, but for the past ten minutes it just felt nice to have his tongue up my ass.

Well let me put a little cream up there to help cool it off a little for you and then he can lick it out for you.

Gwen handed Cheryl a small cup and Jamie slid forward and tilted her ass up, it was wide open from all my tonguing. Cheryl poured the contents into her ass and then gave her a little slap right on her rose bud and that made it snap shut.

Lets let it sooth you for a few minutes while we get your boy toy little girl un-strapped.

I was a little confused since I'd been promised an orgasm and Cheryl saw it on my face and said what, you didn't like your cum. I looked even more confused and she said I said you'd get to cum, I never said you'd have an orgasm there is a difference you know.

I was stunned, I just assumed that they were the same.

Cheryl said one more chore for you then well have a break for a bit.

Get on your back on the mat, I did as told and Jamie swaggered over and straddled my head, she then squatted down and said French my ass. Wrap your lips around it like we taught you and stick your tongue way up as far as you can then suck. I thought what the hell more ass worship. I did as I was told and she sighed and then moaned do it more, harder, deeper, suck harder, don't stop, I'm going to cum she said. Her ass started to pulse open and liquid was running into my mouth, she said swallow it, I did and she said oh that's it I'm coming and she did and she squirted more liquid out of her ass into my mouth and I swallowed again and again to keep from choking.

When she calmed down she said lick me clean and I did, when she was done I started to get up but was stopped on my knees by Cheryl she said what did I teach you before about a good slut girl, she has to clean up her man and she pressed the dildo into my mouth and said suck me clean. Ten minutes later she was happy with the job I'd done and she said your going to make a fine bitch for Jamie.

Oh by the way she asked, how did I like sucking my cum out of Jamie's ass was it tasty? Now you're Jamie's cum sucking bitch boy.

Cheryl pointed to a door and said go clean up and then join us in the den.

I went into a bathroom and Gwen joined me, I was looking for a toothbrush and mouthwash but couldn't find any. Gwen just smiled and turned on a bidet and pointed. I got the message and sat on the fountain and cleaned my butt and slid back and washed my cock and balls while I was on it.

Gwen handed me a towel and after I'd dried up I followed her to the den were Jamie and Cheryl were sitting on a couch, Cheryl said good boy you're here, I wondered what happened to you both. Gwen be a dear and get us some wine please. Meanwhile my feet are killing me she said be a good boy Teddy and take off my boots.

I leaned over and Cheryl said not like that kneel on the floor, your going to be there for awhile. I did as asked and untied the laces that bound her little black boots to her feet and eased them off, Cheryl said you need to lick my feet and suck my toes.

I leaned forward, lifted her foot and started to tongue her sole and suckle her toes after about five minutes Gwen arrived with the wine, Cheryl and Jamie relaxed sipping there wine and started to discuss what was coming later that evening.

Cheryl switched feet and asked, Teddy are you still horny?

I replied yes, I was even hornier than when we first arrived.

She said good boy, that's why I milked the cum out of you, instead of letting you have an orgasm. You see if you'd had an orgasm you may have gotten horny again but it wouldn't be the same intensity as it is now. You'd do anything to get off tonight wouldn't you? Just look at you sucking my toes like they were little cocks.

I knew she was basically right but I wondered how far I'd be willing to go before I said no.

Cheryl continued with her observations and said to Gwen why don't you give Teddy a little attention while we talk.

I saw Gwen get up and walk around behind me. Then I felt her soft smooth hands start to rub my cock from behind between my legs. She pushed on my thighs and I spread my knees wider apart so she had better access to my parts. That seemed to please her as she started to massage my balls with one hand milking them down, stretching the sack pulling them so they would be low and loose and playing with my cock with the other hand rubbing and stroking it trying to get me hard again.

Cheryl said; you need to learn that if your getting pleasure you need to give pleasure in return. Get your mouth up here and start sucking my cock.

I lifted up and moved between her legs and started to kiss her cock and she put her hand on my head and pressed down at the same time she was pushing up with her hips and her cock went deeply into my mouth. I fought the urge to gag and tried her trick of trying to lick her balls and that helped stretch out my throat and let her slide it all the way in.

Cheryl just signed and said I'm not going to help, so you need to start to suck me off like I was a guy and I can feel every stroke of your tongue and throat. If I'm pleased with your efforts you'll get rewarded if I'm not you'll get punished.

Right now Gwen is stroking you and that is a reward, keep it that way.

She went on to tell me that she intended to keep me horny and work me up even more, she wanted me to be seeing stars I needed to cum so badly, she was going to work me into a fever pitch before the night was over. In return I was going to do anything and everything she and Jamie told me to do. Do you understand she said your Jamie's cum sucking slut bitch boy and you better not forget it.

Well I went to work trying to suck her dildo the way I thought I'd like to be sucked. She seemed to like it. Gwen was still working on my cock with one hand and she was massaging and pulling my balls down in my sac they were getting real loose and low hanging.

Cheryl said I'm getting bored, you're not doing this with the enthusiasm that I deserve. That was Gwen's queue and she held my cock still and slapped my low hanging balls hard making them fly up and hit her other hand.

I don't know what was worse, the pain that started to spread out to my gut, or the surprise at how fast it happened, but before I could react she slapped them again even harder than the first time. I tried to move my legs together but she had put her knees between mine and I couldn't close up and at the same time Cheryl had a hold of my head and was holding her dildo embedded deep in my throat.

Gwen slapped me three more times in rapid succession and then stopped.

My body was humped up, I was breathing hard and sweating, Cheryl said I told you to make sure I was pleased. Now lets start again and see how you do. Gwen went back to stroking my cock and pulling down and squeezing my now very tender balls.

I of course was sucking like a madman to make sure that Cheryl was happy.

Then the doorbell rang.

Cheryl told Gwen to get it, it was probably her mystery guest she said.

Jamie said good, we need a little distraction. Keep sucking that cock she said no one told you to stop.

The Mystery Guest

I couldn't see the room door but felt a cool breeze on my upturned ass when Gwen returned.

Cheryl said Jamie this is Rod, Rod Jamie. You already know Gwen and this lovely boy toy sucking my cock is Teddy. He's here to learn how to please his girlfriend Jamie and you're here to teach him. Your also here because I want a really, really big cock to fuck. My pussy is aching for attention and hasn't been stretched out good in awhile and I want to be fucked so long and hard I'll walk bowlegged for a week. So now that the intro's are over lets go back to the playroom shall we.

I was beet red and I felt totally embarrassed and humiliated, I could feel my cock and balls shrivel up and try to hide inside my body. I was thinking why did she do this I can't face this guy after that introduction.

Cheryl just pulled up on my hair and said enough sucking for now, let's go and see what a real cock can do for the party.

I got to my feet and Gwen reached out and grasped my shriveled cock and balls and started me out the door, what was even more humiliating was she had to pull them out a couple of times stretching them to be able to get a grip.

We entered the playroom and Gwen lead me to the X frame against the wall she turned me around and indicated I should put my feet on the foot rests. I did and my legs were stretched out wide, she took my arm and lifting it above my head strapping it to one of the arms of the X and then did the other one. She then strapped my ankles to each of their supports and secured a belt around my waist.

Cheryl sauntered over and said that she was going to fix it so I would remain horny for at least the rest of the night. She opened a cabinet and said that she had this specially made for me. While I was sleeping at Jamie's one night she had measured me up for it.

It was a custom chastity belt, it looked awesome and very intimidating at the same time all shiny stainless steel and black rubber. Cheryl asked me if I had ever worn one. I said no and not having any experience with belts it was an unknown experience that I really didn't know if I would like it or not.

Cheryl went on to explain that the main problem with belts for guys was that they were not really escape proof, almost all of them could be cheated one way or another but her design made this one totally inescapable, especially for a boy like me. She went on to explain as she wrapped the belt portion around my upper hips that the main problem was due to shrinkage or in my case a minuscule cock.

I of course turned beet red again and my cock true to her word shriveled up even more. Cheryl giggled and said not to worry she was going to be able to fix me up good. She pulled the belt tight and snapped one end of the belt over a protrusion on the other end of the belt, it was a tight fit, the belt stayed in place while she went to the cabinet again and came back with a couple of items.

These are the real secret to the belt being inescapable. She held up one item and said this is the section that traps your balls in this cone shaped donut end and the legs go thru it into the lock mechanism. That way your balls are always stretched out and down, exposed for fun or punishment.

Jamie she called, I need a little help, I need you to massage and stretch his balls down as far as you can. Jamie started right away by circling my balls with her finger and thumb and started to pull down.

Now while she's getting your balls ready this is the main part that goes together with the lock mechanism. This is the chastity tube, it is a polished stainless steel tube and when it is in place you will not be able to see your cock, much less touch or feel anything with it. The real beauty to this one is inside. She turned it around and showed it to me. The inside had a curved inner tube that stuck out 3 inches and disappeared down inside the main body. Cheryl explained that when a guy had shrinkage or was very relaxed he could usually work a finger inside most belts and press your cock inside your body and then pull it out to the side, while this was not the most comfortable event it could still be a way to get out and masturbate or gain some relief. Her design had the inside tube that went up inside the penis and extended into the body 3 inches. Because it was a tube the normal bodily functions like urination and the occasional milking could be carried out without any need to remove the belt for extended periods and there was no way to cheat this design. She said it will be uncomfortable until I got used to it as the inside tube was fairly large and with my balls held down when it was cold they were going to ache when they tried to pull up to get warmer.

I was feeling more than a little anxious more like scared shitless.

Jamie said I think were ready here and Cheryl smiled and said good lets get this on him and then we can have some fun.

First to be installed was the donut ring around my ball sac. It opened up and was a tight fit when Cheryl closed it around my loose sac above my balls, she was careful not to pinch the sensitive skin in the ring. Next she slid a u shaped part she called the extension legs thru the two holes in the ring, locking the ring closed trapping my balls in place, she placed two spacer tubes over the legs, these are to hold your balls down she said or else the ring would just move up and down the legs and wouldn't be much good.

Cheryl then inserted the two legs into a rectangular polished block and said now we get to the good part. She said geez Jamie his cock is so short and shriveled we are going to have to do something about that. Gwen come here, suck this little boy cock and see if you can get it a little bigger for us. Gwen did and she was like a vacuum pump, it only took a few sucks and Cheryl told Gwen to stop, I had swelled up a bit, not a true hard on but enough for Cheryl's purpose.

Cheryl took out a tube of medical lube, she had Jamie hold my cock and inserted the tip inside the opening of my cock. She squeezed a lot of it inside and I could feel it move way up inside my shaft. Next she applied a little to the inner tube and the inside of the outer tube, here we go she said this should be fun at least for us.

She took over from Jamie, holding my cock in one hand she pressed the ball shaped end of the inner tube into my slit and entered my urethra with it. She pushed it in a ways and pulled back out just like she was fucking my cock only my cock was getting the fucking. She hadn't lied when she said it was going to be uncomfortable, it stretched me inside and burned as it went in, I moaned and tried to move away but my ass was against the cross and I couldn't move.

Jamie said to stop being such a baby and just relax. I tried but the farther in Cheryl got the more uncomfortable it got.

Finally the outer tube was coming into contact with my cock. Cheryl said not much farther to go, you little sissy baby.

Now she ran into a problem, strange as it may sound the invading tube had cause me to get mostly erect. The burning sensation had caused my cock to swell up and it wouldn't fit into the outer tube. Well trusty Gwen was at the ready and she wrapped an ice pack around my cock and it shrank almost immediately.

Thanks Gwen, Cheryl said, and she pressed the tube home, that really got my attention. My cock was completely covered in stainless steel and I could feel the curved inner tube deep inside my body.

Now Cheryl pressed the cock tube in place on the post of the belt and then attached the locking mechanism block in place turned the key and pulled it out.

All done she said now Jamie doesn't have to worry that you'll be unfaithful and cheat on her with your rosy palm, your hand dummy she said at my quizzical look.

Cheryl told Gwen to un-strap me from the cross and told me to go to the bathroom and pee. She said it would get the extra jelly out of my cock so it wouldn't dribble all around the room.

Gwen accompanied me to the bathroom to make sure I followed Cheryl's instructions. As I stood in front of the toilet Gwen slapped my ass and said sit you dummy, you're like a girl now and we don't want pee all over the floor.

Gwen and I returned to the room in time to be put to service. Jamie was on her back on a padded bench with her legs in the air. She told me to get on my knees and start licking her ass she needed me to get her motor running so to speak.

I went to her, got on my knees and started to lick her the way she liked, nice long deep licks. Gwen came up behind me and started to play with my trapped balls softly massaging them and stroking them. She also started to stroke my ass cheeks lightly running her nails up and down them.

Cheryl and Rod were standing beside Jamie and both of them were playing with a boob. Cheryl was leaning down and licking Jamie's lips as she was pinching and pulling her nipple and Rod followed suit slowly squeezing and toying with the hard nub of the other one.

Gwen had moved her caresses into the valley of my ass and was running her fingertips up and down causing me to shiver as she slid them over my puckered hole. The attention and my licking Jamie and watching Cheryl and Rod was getting me very turned on, I was still horny from before, but now I was getting to a fever pitch. My trapped cock tried to make it presence known and swelled up but couldn't grow the little two-inch tube made sure of that. And as it swelled I could feel the ball on the end of the tube inside my cock move with each pulse of my cock. The burning sensation was even more maddening than not being able to get hard. I imagined that this is what hell would be like licking your girlfriends ass while everyone else was having fun and your own frustrations mounting.

Gwen slid her finger up my ass and started to lightly stroke my prostrate with her fingertip, which brought on a new level of intense desire to be rid of the infernal chastity belt. I wanted to cum so badly that I would do anything to get it off and let my cock free.

That was what Cheryl and Jamie were waiting for, to get me to a new height of sexual frustration so they could condition me to their whims.

Jamie looked down at me and asked is my little slutty boy toy ready to help me cum? I didn't need to be asked she already knew the answer to that question.

Cheryl led Rod down to the end of the bench beside me and pulled my face out of Jamie's ass. She turned my head toward Rod and I got my first up close look at his cock. I couldn't believe my eyes, it must have been 10 to 12 inches long and thick, it was softly hanging down against his thighs.

Cheryl said I needed to remember my lessons, when we were in the playroom earlier, she pressed my head towards his cock. Yes I'd sucked her dildo even thou she called it her cock, it still was only a dildo attached to a women, this was a real cock, she couldn't want me to suck this, I wasn't gay. But that was exactly what she wanted.

Jamie spoke up and said Teddy I need you to suck Rod's cock, I need you to get it nice and hard and I need you to help him get it in my pussy. You do want me to be happy and have my pleasure don't you?

I was not sure I heard this right, I had thought that Rod was here to play with Cheryl after all she invited him.

Now I understood the real reason for the party and the chastity belt I was in, I was being cuckolded, not only that, but I was being trained to help cuckold myself by being the fluff boy for my girlfriend this really sucked, excuse the pun.

Jamie went on to say that she liked me but I was horribly inadequate in the cock department, she could hardly feel me, never mind be able to cum when we fucked. She said I more than made up for it with my talented tongue and lips but she occasionally needed a big hard cock to satisfy her.

She said she knew I'd be ok with being cuckolded especially when she had me lick up the morning crusties and suck out my left over cum in her pussy from the fucking we had the night before. She figured that if I didn't object to licking and sucking out my own cum then it made sense to her that I wouldn't mind another guys, after all it was just cum. So maybe I'd be ok with her having some extra large cock on the side, but figured it would be better if I was there to see her enjoy it and then I would understand her needs and I would be fine with it, maybe even help her out by being her little cuckold fluff boy.

While she was telling me this Cheryl was pushing my head forward toward Rod's magnificent cock. With one hand she reached out and grasped his cock and lifted it towards my face, she pressed the head against my lips and she leaned in close and said you know you want to, isn't it awesome, it's warm and soft pulsing with his heart beat and you want to feel it on your tongue, you want to feel it start to stiffen and grow plumping up and pressing at your throat trying to get down it to your belly. You want to taste the precum as it oozes out and lubricates your tonsils so it can slide in deep.

Look at Jamie she's watching you, getting wetter by the second she wants you to suck it and get it ready for her. It makes her hot thinking that you'd do this for her, get her stallion ready to mount her, look at her pussy all swollen open and wet, it's pulsing with the thought and desire of this monster plunging into it's depth's, stroking her every nook and cranny. Hitting bottom and then opening her cervix and going deeper to places you can only dream of. Your little cock can't even start to touch her in the places this cock is going. You don't want to deny her that pleasure. No you want to help her have that pleasure. You are going to give it to her you want to see the look on her face as he plunges it to the depth's of her pussy and you want to watch her pussy stretch to the breaking point as he rams it in deep. You want to be the one who gets him ready and then guiding it into her waiting pussy just to see her face radiate her extreme pleasure.

Cheryl then said, do it, open your mouth and get him ready for Jamie, while she said that Gwen pressed down hard on my prostrate with her fingers and squeezed my balls at the same time and I groaned in pleasure/pain as the head of that monster cock slid between my opened lips and into my mouth.

Cheryl knew that I'd feel panicked by his cock entering my mouth and didn't leave she just continued to tell me how much I needed to do this, to suck his cock and get it ready for Jamie's hot wet pussy.

Even thou I was repulsed on one side, I couldn't help but marvel at the velvety softness and the silky smooth feel of the cock that was now in my mouth. I could feel its heat and smell it's musky scent and I could feel it start to swell.

Cheryl said that's it, you know you really wanted to but were afraid to try it. I could tell the minute I let you suck my cock that you'd be a natural, so make me proud. Just do it like you did with me, swirl your tongue around the head and use your lips and suck lightly. Let it grow and then let him press it past you tonsils lets see if you can deep throat him like you did to me.

All the while she was talking I was feeling less and less betrayed and more and more turned on, Gwen was certainly helping with her constant stroking of my prostrate and balls, turning up the heat in my groin and my cock which had shrunk down again started to try and get hard Cheryl's proof that I was indeed getting turned on and into this game she and Jamie were playing.

It didn't take long and Rod had his hands around my head and was fucking my mouth, he tried going in deeper and I would retch and gag every time he hit the back of my throat, so he just held back and was content to just have his head sucked and tongued. His cock continued to swell up and lengthen until my jaw felt like it was going to dislocate.

Cheryl was quietly watching and when he was fully hard and ready she leaned in again and spoke to me telling me I was doing a wonderful job, didn't I feel proud.

She then said he's ready for Jamie now, you need to take his cock out of your mouth and help get him inside her waiting pussy.

I did as told and a jealous pang hit me in the gut. I was about to take this giant cock and help put it in my girlfriend's pussy and she wanted me to. What the fuck was that?

I almost rebelled then but Jamie was watching me and said you wouldn't deny me a dildo or vibrator to play with would you? This is just that, a large dildo that just happens to be strapped to another man. So stop being jealous and feed my pussy that cock.

Well her timing was good it was at the right moment to calm me.

Cheryl was again at my side giving me directions only this time Gwen had retrieved her fingers and I was on my own. Cheryl said that's it take and rub the head up and down on her swollen lips, get her juices all over it, make it slippery and wet for her. Now use your other hand and spread her lips apart, yes that's it, keep rubbing the head up and down, good.

Rod then started to push the head in while I held her lips open, I couldn't believe that this monster would fit in Jamie's little pussy. The lips started to stretch out and Jamie moaned her approval. He didn't rush and backed out and pressed in again this time pressing the whole head of his cock inside her it was an awesome sight to see that, the head of his cock was the size of a tennis ball. Her lips were stretched to the breaking point and wrapped tightly around the neck of his cock.

She was moaning in deep guttural song. He backed out again and pushed in a little deeper this time and over again as his cock came out it was coated in Jamie's thick juices and she was opening up to accommodate more of him.

He was about half way in now and going deeper with every thrust. Twisting it in like a corkscrew, now he was three quarters in and Jamie groaned out oh hello cervix, oh yea that feels good it hurts way up inside me but a good hurt, the kind you want to have more of. Just bang on that a few times please she said. Ok she said now push in deep and hold still. She started to push back at him.

Cheryl smiled at me and said that Jamie was trying to get Rod's cock to dilate her cervix and enter her uterus. Oh fuck she said it hurts so good like an itch that you need to scratch and he's starting to scratch it good. It took about five minutes of constant pressure but Jamie was rewarded and uttered an oh I can feel it opening he's going into my uterus she groaned.

Slowly Rod's cock sank in deeper and then Jamie moaned oh fuck he's in and Rod's cock sank in all the way to his balls.

Jamie was panting don't move she said between pants I'm so fucking stretched I can't move. Oh do you feel that Rod and he said yes.

I can feel your baby cradle pulsing and squeezing my head he said.

Cheryl was grinning from ear to ear and she said I knew you could do it Jamie. Do you like the feeling he's in your center and you can't feel anything else.

Jamie grunted yes it's unbelievable, all I want to do is stay like this forever I'm so hot and so stretched, I can't believe I've got the whole thing in me.

Rod started to move again he slowly pulled out 2 or 3 inches and then pressed back in again, Jamie moaned loudly, he started to fuck her with short slow strokes, just popping the head of his cock in and out of her uterus keeping her cervix dilated.

Jamie was totally flushed her body tensed and glowing, it looked like she couldn't move a muscle. I guessed right as Cheryl explained that when he was in this deep it was like you were paralyzed, something inside you just took control of your body and you were powerless to stop it.

Suddenly Jamie's pants and moans turned into a high pitch wail. I'm cuming she screamed.

Rod was jamming his cock in as deep and fast as he could in a fever pitch, plowing Jamie's very center of womanhood and all I could do was watch and be jealous, I realized I was never going to give her that type of pleasure.

Jamie squealed again and again coming in multiple never ending waves, it was an awesome sight to behold and all she could do to just breath and stay conscious.

Rod was hammering away like a jackhammer and I realized that he was about to cum.

Cheryl said wait until you see this. When he comes her cervix is going to lock down on his cock, trapping his cock head in her womb, gripping it like a dog in heat. It won't let go until he gets soft, they will be stuck together just like a couple of dogs.

Jamie doesn't know any of this so it will be a surprise for her. The other thing she doesn't know is that when her cervix locks down tight it will seal his cock in so well that there will be no were for his cum to go. It can't leak out past his cock so it will be pumping straight up her fallopian tubes and flooding her ovaries with sperm. The feeling is so intense that she will probably pass out in sheer pleasure, what they used to call swooning. If she doesn't she will have the biggest strongest orgasm of her life and will be in nirvana. Don't expect her to know you or even Rod is in the room with her, she will be totally consumed by it.

Well true to her word as soon as Rod started to cum he slammed in as hard as he could driving his cock in as deeply as possible to deposit his load. Jamie just squealed in a high pitch whine, her eyes rolled back and her body started to shake like it was possessed. She was panting and withering and flushed dark red, sweat was running off her in rivers and still she came over and over like there was no end she was totally delirious.

Rod for his part was humping and grinding into her as hard and deeply as possible gripping her hips and lifting her ass up high off the bench, pumping what must have been a gallon of cum into her judging by the size of his balls and how tight they were pulled up.

Finally he collapsed on top of her and just lay there basking in the afterglow of his orgasm, totally spent and out of breath.

Gwen had some warm wet towels and started to give the coupled twosome a sponge bath, cleaning their sweaty bodies, soothing them.

Rod lifted up and tried to remove his cock but Jamie's cervix was still holding it secure not wanting to let it go.

She suddenly became aware of what was going on and started to panic, thinking that there was something wrong, why won't his cock come out she said in a fearful voice.

Cheryl just cooed at her that everything was fine, more than fine she said, you just have to wait until rod's cock shrinks enough to be able to pull out. Your cervix has such a tight grip that it has the blood trapped in the head of his cock and it will take awhile to shrink. So relax and enjoy it.

Jamie said I still feel like my insides are cuming and swollen full, they are twisting and turning. Cheryl said that was normal since there was no way for his cum to escape it was in her tubes and in her ovaries and they were swollen full trying to eject all that cum. She was going to be feeling it for a couple of hours at least, it was going to take that long for his cum to drain out of them.

It took about ten minutes for Rod to finally get free of Jamie's cervix and while we were waiting Gwen had started on me again caressing my balls and stroking my prostrate.

I was feeling so over heated by the time Rod got free that I couldn't see straight.

Cheryl had kept me on my knees close to the action and now as Rod's cock finally slid out of Jamie's stretched pussy, she just guided that massive cock to my lips. It was coated in their juices, she said open up and do your cleanup like I taught you earlier.

Well not being able to think straight gets you a slimy cock in the mouth. And since it was already there I did like she taught me and started to lick and suck it clean. There was so much of it I still couldn't believe that it had been all the way inside my girlfriend.

Jamie propped herself up to watch me at my task and make sure I did a good job. She looked so sexy and hot all languid and had a glow and sheen to her skin like I had never seen before.

Cheryl also noticed it and said girlfriend, if I didn't know any better I'd say you just got knocked up for sure.

Jamie said it wouldn't be so bad to be pregnant with Rod's kid, at least she knew if it was a boy he'd be the star of the cheerleading team at college.

They both giggled as I continued to clean Rod's cock. When I was done, Jamie said don't forget his balls, lick them clean too.

I did as I was told and when he was finally done Cheryl steered me to Jamie's wide-open pussy. She told me to take a good look at it and see how open it was like a ghost had their fingers inside it spreading it out for me to see.

See how puffy and red the lips are, still swollen with lust. She said it needs your help so start slow and lick it clean, nice soothing caresses with your tongue. Don't worry Rod's cum is still locked up deep inside and by the time it starts to dribble out Jamie will be all over your face with your lips locked on hers so you won't miss a drop and you'll be able to try and suck it all out of her womb so she won't get pregnant.

Well I hadn't even thought of that until Cheryl said it, she was intending me to be Jamie's cum sucking cleanup boy and she was telling me this in advance to make sure I knew what their plans were.

Cheryl told Gwen to stop pestering me and let me pay attention to my girlfriends cum filled pussy, she didn't want me to have any distractions while I took care of cleaning her pussy of Rod's ample load.

Instead she leaned back and told Gwen to start sucking her cunt, that she was really over heated and needed a little relief while she waited for Rod to recover a bit. Gwen did as told and started in on her while she watched me licking Jamie.

After a few minutes Jamie was getting horny again my licking was turning her on and she said so. She said she was getting hot and bothered just thinking about what I was doing and couldn't wait to start feeding me Rod's cum from her pussy. It was what she always wanted in a mate someone to do the cleanup chores and wouldn't mind helping her get the fucking of her life. She pushed me away and got up and said lie down on the bench. I did and she arranged me so my head was at the narrow end that I learned was made just for pussy worship it allowed her to stand or squat over my face and held my head up and at an angle so it provided the best fit for licking and sucking either pussy or ass worship.

She squatted over my mouth and lowered herself until her lips touched mine then she said French me. I knew from earlier that this meant wrapping my open mouth around her pussy lips and tongue fucking her pussy while sucking between tongue thrusts.

She went on to say that she wanted me to share in Rod's gift to her she wanted me to suck all his cum out and swallow it.

Well gravity and my sucking started to work and soon enough I could taste his cum leaking out. A little at first, I thought this isn't so bad, it just tasted like her with a little extra flavoring. Soon thou it started to really start flowing, like the dam had broken and my mouth was filling.

Jamie knew it and said to swallow, I did and she smiled down at me and said that's a good boy, You like to suck cum from my pussy don't you. I couldn't answer her but she went on as if I'd said yes.

She said I knew you'd like this and your going to be my live in pussy boy for a long time to come, I love it when you suck my studs and get them hard for me, I like it when you guide their big hard cocks into me and I really, really get off on you cleaning there cum out of me after, like now. I'm so hot I'm going to cum on your mouth right now. Jamie let out a guttural moan and came on my face, when she did her pussy started to pulsate and that helped gravity and my sucking to pump more of Rod's cum into my mouth. Realizing what was happening just pushed her over the edge again and she squealed this time a big one hitting her.

I was swallowing as fast as I could and felt like I was drowning, how much cum could one guy make.

Cheryl was watching and said yes he cums a lot it seems like buckets. Just keep swallowing and don't spill a drop.

Jamie was calming down now and the flood of Rod's cum did to. I was relieved and after a short while all I could taste was Jamie's sweat pussy again.

She knew that I had gotten most of it and stood up and said that now it was her turn to give me a little pleasure.

I was anxious to be free of the chastity belt, it was very uncomfortable and it was irritating the inside of my cock in an ungodly way. Every time I moved the little tube would move in and out like it was fucking the inside of my cock and the ball on the end of the tube would slide back and forth like a bloated miniature cock head.

She led me to the pommel horse and said to lie down on my belly along the long way. She attached my wrists to cuffs that were along the sides and then pulled my ankles up and back attaching them to the sides which forcing my ass up in the air. She put a final belt across my lower back and said that's it now for your cum.

Oh no I thought, she wasn't going to let me out of the belt, she was going to milk me instead for the second time this night.

She went on to tell me that the belt was very special and had a couple of optional features that Cheryl had neglected to tell me about.

First one is a remote controller that she was now going to install. It did several things from pleasure to punishment. It also could be used to control how far I was allowed to go, if I went out of range of the remote the belt would start to punish me until I got back in range and the farther away I tried to go the harsher the punishment. That way I was like a dog on a leash and wouldn't stray.

But for now I'm going to show you the pleasure side. Jamie then inserted a smallish butt plug in my upturned ass and attached it to the ring around my balls and the back of the belt and pulled it up tight. I heard the lock click as she turned the key. Then she took a black rectangular looking piece of metal and attached that to the back of the belt and again I heard a lock click.

All done she said, now lets have some fun. I'm going to judge you by how well you turn your pleasure into mine she said and with that she also straddled the pommel horse on her belly and pressed her ass into my face. She said the more that you like it the more you need to lick my ass. I want to be wide open for Rod because I'm going to have him fuck it and your going to get me ready. If you do a good job you'll also get to enjoy the ride.

Lets start shall we?

First I'm going to fill you up a bit and I felt the plug start to expand. It kept getting bigger and bigger, She said you probably know that when you start to lick my asshole that the plug will stop expanding. I drove my tongue up her butt instantly and she giggled out loud, that's my little fluff boy she said.

Of course she hadn't told me in advance so the plug would get really big and it was pressing hard on my prostrate and pushing down on to the tube inside my cock. Both were causing me pain and frustration. Suddenly I felt a pulse deep inside, then another. She said that the more she liked what I did the more I would like it, so I started to lick her ass with gusto. I started to plunge my tongue inside and wiggle it around and the pulses increased and got stronger, some short and some long. I tried to figure out what I was doing to her to get the bigger stronger pulses so I started to lick the outside of her ass and the pulse died away I moved to lick her hole and the pulses got stronger. I slid my tongue into her ass and the best ones yet. I started to wiggle my tongue and yes better again, I pressed my face into her ass as tight as I could to get the most of my tongue inside and I could feel my hips jerk with each pulse.

I started to French her, my lips locked around her ass hole and my tongue buried as deep as it would go and I got a real long gut churning pulse. Oh I moaned into her ass and I did it again wanting more.

You're such an easy slut she said you'd do anything to get off wouldn't you?

She was right at the time I was so sexually frustrated and horny I'd probably fuck a rock pile if I though there were a snake in it.

I sucked harder and her ass started to pucker outwards swelling up with the oral attention it was getting and it was starting to stay open from all the deep tongue action.

For my part the pulses were long and strong causing me to hunch up and push for each one.

Jamie said make me cum and I'd get the same, I redoubled my efforts and tried to get my lips and face in her ass and was rewarded. Jamie moaned out a long ohhh and ground her ass back hard against my face. That was great she said easing off my face, just lick me for a few minutes I need to relax a minute. I did and the pulses also calmed down.

When she was ready she got off the horse and came around to the side of me and said Rod I need you here.

Rod got off the chair he was sitting in and I watched as he walked towards us, that giant cock of his slapping his thighs as he took each step. Jamie looked like she was going to drool, she was so hot looking, she whispered quietly to me like a co-conspirator that she wanted that cock up her ass and I needed to help her get it there.

Up here she said and he straddled the horse in front of me. I knew what was coming next but waited to see what Jamie would do. I found out immediately and felt a gut wrenching pain in my balls. Jamie said I told you the belt could pleasure you or punish you so don't test me anymore.

I opened my mouth and Rod shimmied his butt forward, Jamie lifted his cock and fed it into my open mouth. Being strapped to the table I couldn't move so Jamie told me to just suck and lick the head, I did and Rod said oh yea he gives great head and started to push more of his soft cock into my mouth until it was pressing against the start of my throat.

With my head angled up my throat was wide open and he just keep feeding more and more of his cock into my mouth, Cheryl had sauntered over and said try and lick his balls like I taught you, I opened as wide as I could and stuck out my tongue and you guessed it the whole thing just slid down my throat.

Rod let out a groan of pleasure and said oh wow this is the first time my cock has gone down a throat and I like it.

Well his cock started to rapidly swell and it is one thing to have a soft pliable cock down your gullet and another to have it start to swell up and get stiff. I started to panic and Jamie zapped my balls again. That distracted me enough to calm me down and realized I could still breath thru my nose and wasn't going to suffocate.

Rod was getting turned on big time and started to fuck my throat. His knob was larger than his shaft and it felt like I had a smooth tennis ball sliding in and out of my throat.

When he was totally hard he pulled out and Jamie leaned over the horse in front of me and said watch. To Rod she said go slow.

That was all the encouragement Rod needed.

Cheryl stepped up and applied a lubricant to Jamie's ass and started to work a liberal amount into her hole, first with one finger then two and finally she had all four and part of her hand going in an out of Jamie's ass.

She stopped and started on Rod's cock lubing it up and paying special attention to the head rolling her fist around and around getting him even harder than he already was.

She held his cock guiding it and pressed it to Jamie's tiny asshole and he started to push into her. Jamie grunted and started to sweat, she keep her ass up high letting Rod make his assault unencumbered. The large knob slowly sank in as her asshole dilated and finally disappeared from sight.

Jamie let out a little squeal and was panting between oh, oh, oh's... .

Rod didn't move he just stood there with the head buried and waited for Jamie to take the lead. As Jamie calmed down a bit she started to push herself back impaling herself on that gigantic cock, I couldn't believe my eyes as slowly more and more of it disappeared up her ass.

When 3 quarters of his cock was ensconced she stopped and said ok Rod nice and slow fuck me.

He started to pull out and push back and she remained totally rigid like she was paralyzed. Which actually she was she was so stretched open that her muscles refused to move.

Cheryl was unbuckling my restraints while we watched in silence. As soon as I was free she told me to get under Jamie and help by licking her pussy and clit.

I did as told and couldn't believe the sight in front of me as Rod's cock was slowly plowing Jamie's ass and he was going almost all the way in and then back till just the head was inside. Just imagine a Louisville slugger baseball bat and you'll have the image right.

My tongue work was helping as Jamie relaxed Rod started to go faster and Jamie was on the verge of her first orgasm. She came in a rush and it was all Rod could do to stay inside her as well as me trying to stay in contact with her clit.

After she came she really opened up and Rod was in heaven pounding away with abandon he started to grunt louder and louder getting close to his own orgasm. Jamie was howling, just cuming over and over in multiple waves and just like that Rod buried himself balls deep and I could see his balls pulsing, pumping their load up her ass. Jamie went ballistic twisting and heaving as she also came with the biggest orgasm I'd seen.

They held still for a few moments while I continued to lick her pussy and Rod started to pull his softening cock out of Jamie's wide-open ass. When it fell free Cheryl grabbed it and pressed it to my lips just like she had earlier in the evening with her dildo.

Suck it clean she hissed and my balls started to buzz and ache with the reinforcement of the chastity belt's electrical devise.

I spent the next 5 minutes under Jamie's crotch sucking Rod's cock clean. When he was done, Gwen and Cheryl helped Jamie to press her soiled ass to my waiting mouth they lowered me down to the floor helping Jamie to stay in contact with me until she was again squatting over my face and she took hold of my head and pressed her ass down hard against my lips almost crushing them against my teeth saying suck me good.

I didn't even get a chance to start and already my balls felt like they were on fire as Cheryl hit the punishment button. I started to suck and fuck her abused open ass and immediately my mouth was full of lube, cum and ass cream. It was a foul concoction. Jamie held my nose closed and I had to swallow or drown and she repeated this until the flow dwindled to just a trickle. She said French me and I started fucking and sucking her ass and was rewarded with a new flow of juice. Unbelievably Jamie started to get turned on even more and started to twist and shake and she had another gut wrenching orgasm on my mouth. That orgasm squirted the last of their juices into my mouth and she lifted and said lick me clean. When she was satisfied with my duties she let go of my head and stood up I was treated to a wonderful sight of her long lean legs, pussy and ass.

She said you did good, so now I'm going to reward you.

I was taken by Gwen to a low bench and told to lie on my back. Gwen started to strap my arms down along my sides and a strap went across my upper chest under my armpits. Then Gwen and Cheryl each took a leg and pulled my legs over my head and strapped my ankles to the bench in front of me. Gwen pulled something and the bench tilted downward and something pushed up against my back helping to support it and it also pressed my hips forward and down until my knees came down on each side of my head. I was unable to move and was staring at my caged up cock and balls inches from my face. My cock was in agony, in this position the inner tube was forced deeply inside of me and my balls were stretched to the point I thought they would be ripped off, they ached that really deep ache the one you feel deep in your belly.

Cheryl and Gwen were caressing my thighs massaging them to get them to relax and Jamie was above me, pressing down on my hips pressing my crotch closer to my face and then letting go and my back relaxed a little.

Jamie took a small clear plastic tube and inserted it into the opening of the tube in my cock and pressed it in until it locked in place.

Gwen meanwhile had slid a harness under my head with a small soft gag that held my mouth open. I immediately knew what they had in store for me. They were going to make me cum and it was going to be pumped thru the tube into my open mouth. I was going to be forced to swallow my own cum as I came fresh from the tap as it were.

Cheryl confirmed it saying that if I didn't cum I didn't have to eat my cum, but if I wanted that pleasure, my orgasm, then I had to pay the price and eat it.

Jamie showed me the remote control to the belt and smiled a little evil smile. She pressed a button and I felt the first powerful surge in my ass as the electrical stimulator caused all my muscles to contract and self-stroke my prostrate. Next my balls and cock were stimulated and pulsed trying to get hard, that just drove the inner tube deeper into me and while it hurt and burned it added a stimulate that was increasing my fever to cum. Again in my ass and the cycle repeated. Slowly the intensity grew and Jamie told me that they were not in a hurry and over the next hour or longer they were going to make me cum. But before that, they were going to milk all the cum out of me. I was going to be having a dry cum at the end and it was going to be excruciatingly intense and probably painful as well, but what's pleasure without pain she said.

The three of them sat down with Rod in the middle chatting and watched me. As they were having a glass of wine and comfortable it occurred to me that Gwen was still fully dressed. I was about to wonder about that when Gwen pointed at me and said look it's started.

Sure enough the first drops of my cum were visible in the tube slowly getting closer to the end, then drip the first drop left the tube and fell the couple of inches into my open waiting mouth.

Jamie chuckled and said this is going to be fun to watch.

The intensity of the stimulation in my groin increased and as it did my cum went from drops to small squirts every time my prostrate was stimulated it pumped another glob out to my waiting mouth.

It was humiliating, frustrating and also erotic at the same time my need to cum was increasing and it in turn fueled the intensity of the pulses in my groin, which in turn started the cycle all over again.

The squirts of cum turned to a steady dribble, the pulses were now so long and the pause between them so short it felt like a fist was squeezing my prostrate and my balls at the same time. A steady deep aching pain in my gut and my cock felt like it was on fire inside all combined to increase the intensity of the exquisite torture. Yes it was very painful but equally as pleasurable. I was being milked dry and couldn't cum like this.

Finally an hour later and I hadn't had a dribble or a drop in the past 10 minutes. The intense stimulation had gone to the level of intense pain and no pleasure and suddenly it stopped.

Jamie came over and said that I should rest a little because I was now going to have my orgasm and I'd need a break to get ready for it.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Cheryl and Gwen working on Rod's cock and balls. Cheryl had that massive knob in her mouth, Gwen was licking and sucking his balls and they were having fun, I strangely felt jealous of them and Jamie as if reading my mind said they are getting him ready for you.

She said I am going to condition you to never be able to cum without either pain, milking or some guys cock and cum in your mouth. That is going to be the only way you will cum for as long as you're with me.

She smiled and suddenly an intense pain/pleasure surge went thru my groin. It felt like someone had kicked me in the nuts, fucked my ass and sucked my cock all at the same time. It stopped and started again even stronger. Long hard intense pulses.

Jamie said you'll be cuming in a couple of minutes enjoy it. She reached down and unsnapped the harness from my head and pulled the tube out of my chastity belt and said you won't need this your already milked dry.

Gwen and Cheryl led Rod by his cock over to me and pushed the head of his cock into my mouth.

Gwen was sucking his balls and pumping his cock and Cheryl showed me a vibrator. She said I'm ready for when you cum she said.

It was Jamie's turn to watch and she was idly stroking her pussy getting it wet and slipping her fingers in and out. She wiped her pussy juice under my nose with her fingers and said see your turning me on.

So now don't hold back cum for me.

The belt was doing its job inevitably driving me towards my goal to be able to orgasm and it started. I would have howled my orgasm but couldn't instead I heard a buzzing and my mouth started to fill with cum. I was confused and my body was wracked with spasms as I came and I was drowning in cum. I couldn't swallow fast enough and gagged snorting cum out of my nose. And still there was more and still my orgasm continued. Fuck it felt like I was going to die incredibly pulse after massive pulse gripped my groin and I was seeing stars and everything was going grey. Suddenly this awful smell of cum snapped me back to reality.

The pulses had stopped but I was still gagging on Rod's cum. It was in my nose and throat and it was all I could do to swallow or pass out.

Finally he stopped squirting and I got a chance to catch-up and get a breath. He stayed in my mouth until he softened and then just pulled his cock out and walked away.

Jamie said wow you did awesome, how did you like it.

Well I would have answered but I couldn't talk yet.

Cheryl said well there is only one thing left to do tonight and that's take care of Gwen poor thing has been working like mad and she still hasn't gotten naked.

Cheryl said Gwen while we rearrange Teddy why don't you get undressed and we'll see if Teddy will help you out with a nice big orgasm for all your troubles.

Jamie and Cheryl unhooked me from the bench, it took awhile, I was stiff and cramped up from the uncomfortable position I'd been in for the past hour and a half. They had me lay on the Pommel horse on my belly and strapped me down again with my ass in the air.

Gwen now naked came shuffling over and Cheryl said oh Gwen, I'm sorry I didn't unlock you yet silly me.

My mind was reeling again unlock could it be, yes, Gwen was a guy and he was locked in a similar belt to the one I was wearing except his looked like a women's panty albeit stainless steel ones and it had his package tucked away so you couldn't see any bulge.

Cheryl took a key from around her neck and undid the lock and removed the belt and Gwen's cock sprang free with a big sigh of relief from Gwen. Oh you poor girly boy Cheryl said I forget, how long has it been since you were free.

Gwen answered and said 4 weeks and Cheryl said well then you have 40 minutes to have all the fun you can, so don't waste time talking, the clocks ticking tick tock.

That's all Gwen need to hear and she/he was on the horse in front of me and trying to stuff her cock in my mouth.

Suddenly I felt the belt doing it's job and I opened my mouth for Gwen rather than be punished any more.

Gwen for her small size had a good sized cock at least 8 inches long and thin. She shimmied her ass forward and pushed all the way down my throat in one move and started to fuck my face moaning and groaning all the while.

I felt hands on my belt at the rear and I was pleased to feel the rear portion of the belt removed including the invasive butt plug. I would have sighed a sigh of relief but I couldn't utter a sound with my throat full of Gwen's cock.

Jamie said come here big boy and she dragged Rod over by his cock. She said I have something for you she said open wide and she popped a little pill in his mouth. Then she started to stroke him in front of me.

Rod said your kidding right, I'm done for the night there is no way I can get it up again. Jamie just chuckled and said that's all right, I just want to play anyway.

Gwen meanwhile was pumping hard and fast, she was breathing hard and then started to pump her cum into my mouth and throat. She didn't slow down, just kept right on humping like there was no tomorrow. Finally when she stopped squirting her juice, I thought good finally she can get off me now, but I was wrong again.

Instead of going soft, she got harder. Cheryl said now you see why I keep Gwen around she can stay hard for hours after she's been locked up for a month.

Gwen finally pulled out of my mouth and went around behind me. Now I knew why my ass was in the air again. Without so much as a hello, Gwen mounted my ass and was pumping away like a rabbit in heat she couldn't get enough. For my part there was only my saliva that was left on her cock for lube, that dried quickly and that's when the burn started. Fuck it burned and Gwen was going faster than ever. My ass was on fire and getting hotter by the second and suddenly Gwen shot her second load up my ass, oh wow did that ever help it lubed me up and soothed the burning. Well like my mouth she didn't slow down and just kept on stroking.

Jamie broke the silence and said oh Rod look, you lied to me, you're hard again.

Oh you little bitch Rod said, well it must have been that little pill you gave me.

Like a queue in the movies Gwen dismounted my ass and once again was riding the pommel in front of me and pressing her cock down my throat.

Jamie said lets see if we can find a place for this to go and led Rod out of sight. Now I was scared, she wouldn't was all I could hope, but I was wrong again.

I felt a cold wet finger go up my ass, Jamie said he'll be ready in just a sec, I just need to get a little lube in here. Next thing I felt was a cold hard plastic and then a cold rush up my ass as she squirted my butt full of lube.

The moment I was dreading, I felt the hot head of Rod's cock pressing against my asshole. I tried to move away but couldn't budge between being strapped to the horse and Gwen shoving her cock down my throat, I was stuck. I hunched up as best I could and that only got Jamie laughing at me. She said were do you think your going.

The pressure on my asshole was increasing as Rod pressed harder against me and my ass started to betray me and open under the assault.

I would have done anything to get away from the upcoming invasion but I didn't have any options and Rod relentlessly continued to apply pressure to enter me. Slowly my asshole started to stretch open, yielding to the relentless pressure and suddenly pop the head was in.

Oh that hurt, all the fucking that Gwen had done did nothing to prepare me for Rod's monster, it brought tears to my eyes and I was unconsciously thrashing about trying to get him out.

Jamie said relax, the hardest part is over, you'll begin to like it once he gets in deep. I didn't think so, if just the head hurt this much what was the rest going to feel like. Well I didn't have to wait long to find out.

I heard Jamie tell Rod I want you to go all the way in balls deep in one nice long solid stroke. Rod said sure baby here we go and he took hold of my hips and started his impalement of my ass.

True to Jamie's request he pushed his cock all the way up my ass the only resistance he got was when he hit the inner sphincter and that just slowed him down a touch. I thought he was going to bump cocks with Gwen, that they would meet in the middle of me somewhere.

The feeling was indescribable that really, really stretched out full feeling, the pressure against the prostrate and the gut wrenching pain as he invaded the inner guard. He was fully planted and just held still letting me catch my breath and relax my ass a little.

Jamie said now fuck him hard and deep make him walk bowlegged for a week.

Rod started with a slow retreat and then a hard full force thrust that shoved the whole pommel horse and me forward, ending with a hard grinding motion. Over and over slowly building up towards his eventual climax.

Meanwhile Gwen was rapidly fucking my throat like a rabbit in heat, short hard thrusts that were crushing my lips against her pubic bone, making my lips swell from the constant bashing they were getting. She was chanting I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum over and over again and then she did. She slammed in deep grinding her pelvis hard against my lips like she wanted to get her whole body down my throat and just pumped her cum right into my belly I didn't even taste it.

Cheryl said that's it Gwen your times up. Gwen said please Cheryl just one more please. Cheryl said don't beg you know what happens then don't you? Gwen dismounted my face and Cheryl strapped her back in the chastity belt. That was when I noticed her boobs, they were real nice firm b cups with a lovely little pink nipple adorning the ends.

Cheryl noticed my stare and said we can arrange for you to grow your own too. I must have looked shocked and she said not to worry, that it would be Jamie's decision if she wanted me to have boobs or not.

Rod was starting to really get into fucking my ass he was pounding hard and fast, his cock was swollen even larger than before and my poor ass was burning again from the friction of his rapid thrusting, all resistance gone it was like a limp slack hole.

As he built to a feverish pitch, Jamie said don't cum in his ass, I want to see you shoot your cum in his mouth. I want to see it hit the back of his throat and fill it up.

Rod grunted oh yea, it won't be long now and I didn't think it possible but he went even faster driving into me like a wild crazy animal and suddenly he was gone, my empty ass hanging open like a barn door. Jamie yelled at me to open my mouth, I was so well conditioned by now I just did as ordered. Jamie was right beside my face and watching as the first big squirt of cum left Rod's cock heading for my tonsils, it didn't miss, I felt it hit hot, thick and wet, it coated the back of my mouth and splashed onto my tongue.

Oh this is fucking great Jamie said, just as the second stream launched and also hit the target. Ohh she said, don't you dare swallow, I want to see it all in your mouth. Four or five more squirts and Rod was pretty much done. Jamie said now swish your tongue around I want to see it all, yaw that's it now close your lips and swish it like mouth wash all around. Open up I want to see it again. Oh awesome she said. Now swallow it all down like a good little girl, that's it, let me see if it's all gone. Good girl she said your getting to be a really good cocksucker, now finish up by cleaning up Rod's cock like we taught you. A good girl always cleans up after her man.

Rod stuck his gooey softening cock back in my mouth for me to lick and suck clean, it tasted of cum and ass, my ass. Jamie was behind me again and said one more thing then I can let you loose. I felt the cold butt plug being pushed back in my ass and the attachment devise being locked in place, then I felt her releasing my bonds from the pommel horse and she said use your hands to help get his cock all clean she said.

I finished my chore and she said get in the shower and cleanup were going to my place from here she said.

When I got back in the room Jamie attached a leash to the front of the chastity belt. Then she put straps around my wrists and attached them to the back of the belt. One more thing she said and pulled out some high heel booties that laced up to the ankle and she and Gwen helped me get them on and laced tight. Then a buckle went around the ankle and a lock was snapped in place on each boot.

Cheryl said nice touch, how long are you going to keep him locked up she asked.

Jamie said, I'm not too sure at least a couple of weeks, maybe longer, it depends on how well she does her chores. You know being my fluff girl/cleanup boy, it will be a big job you know how insatiable I can get at times.

To me she said we'll see how it goes, just so you know, the rules are simple you'll do whatever I ask immediately with no questions and you'll be rewarded, every time you disobey me or beg to get free or cum, I will add at least a week to the belt time. Behave and you'll get out once in awhile for some fun.

Now kiss Rod's and Gwen's cocks goodbye, that's it now kiss Cheryl's ass goodbye, were off she said.

So started my new life as a cuckolded sissy boy toy for my girlfriend.

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