Tiny Penis Punishment

Submitted by: Uri

The interesting part of this story all started over 3 years ago, however to put it into context I need to go back a little further.

I married my university sweetheart, Chloe some 8 years ago following a whirlwing romance. I was captivated by her. Firstly she was German, secondly a tall lithe, sexy brunette standing 5' 9" in her stockinged feet. When we first met it was captivation at first sight. I could not get enough of her. Every time I saw her my heart would stop and best off all she loved me. I had been educated in an all boys school, so meeting a girl like that was beyond my dreams.

Sexually she was amazing, she preferred to be on top, she would always take charge and she was never afraid to say or show me what she wanted from me.

Through being on top she would ride me to her orgasm by grinding her clit into my pubic bone. She did not ride up and down, this wasn't her thing. Rather she preferred to use my penis to "act as a guide to show her where her clit would find its relief". In this way although I was always aroused we were never aiming towards my orgasm, always hers. She came like a man, once and with an intensity which could not be repeated, and would always finish before me, then she would roll off. With her we discovered that I would cum quickly if in pain and so she would use her long manicured nails or her teeth on my nipples, making my ears buzz with the intense sensations of pain and pleasure as I masturbated myself to my orgasm.

Over the years my dick would spend less and less time inside her. We fell into a routine where if she wanted sex she would bring a couple of her favourite magazines to bed. These were ones I had been sent to buy under her instructions: ones with brunettes being fucked by white thick- dicked men, and ones with the girls pictured taking a piss either on each other, or the men themselves. She would lie back on our bed with the duvet pulled up to her waist, licking her lips whilst she read the mags. Meanwhile I would climb under the duvet and part her hairy lips with my tongue and lick for how ever long she wanted. Often she would raise a leg and twist her hips so that I could reach her asshole, which I would lick and kiss feverishly. Many a time I had wished my tongue were twice its length so as to service her to my fullest satisfaction. Once she felt ready I would hear the words "lie on your back" and I would know that my dick would enjoy a minute or two of moist treatment as she brought herself off on me like so many times before.

As time progressed too, I began to fantasize whilst I jerked off that she was punishing me by not letting me cum inside her because I was not worthy, or that she loathed my prick. (it'sabout 4 inches long when erect) I would beg her to pinch my nipples as hard as she could with the very ends of her nails and over time I plucked up courage to ask her to humiliate me or tell me that she hated my tiny prick and that she was looking for an affair with a hunk. I would ask her to describe the sexiest man she had seen at her gym at lunch or to tell me about her previous boyfriends' pricks. She once told me that of all the men she had fucked I had the tiniest dick. I was in heaven. And then on other occassions she would torture my nipples whilst seated on my face stopping me breathe, and once or twice she really humiliated my by pissing right in my mouth whilst I jerked. I loved it and came to love the sperm she would always try to catch in her cupped hand to feed to me right after I came.

This then brings me on to 3 years ago.

Rather predictably, to judge by your letters, I had not heard of chastity, and was totally unaware until we bought a new computer for our home. On about the 2nd or 3rd private wankfest I chanced upon your site and experienced a revelation. Suddenly it was as if a missing cog of my sexuality had been reconnected to the engine. I began to daydream continually about it but lacked the bravery to tell Chloe or to actually buy a device. Instead I would tie my genitals up with soft thin twine before masturbating, before hitting on the idea of using a padlock around my cock and balls to constrain them. I did however find the bravery to enter the subject of enforced chastity into our kinky humiliation conversations during our lovemaking, asking her to describe what she would do with her lovers whilst I was being denied for weeks and months on end.

Secretly, I bought a range of padlocks in various sizes. Although I wanted to lock on the smallest possible I wanted to be sure that I would not cut off the bloodflow. After a number of experiments I fould the ideal size, the combination lock for Chloe's gym locker. This one was tiny, no fear of losing the key, and once on caused continual throbbing and a terrible pain once erect. Masturbation was impossible. Excellent.

So for a while I would wear my beautiful wife's lock whenever I was in the house alone and we continued with our lives. This, however was about to change.

About 2 years ago Chloe came to bed and insisted on me licking her. Of course I licked both her pussy and then her arsehole and inevitably she rode me at the last moment to achieve her orgasm. Then she rolled off me, gripped my nipples and almost made me cry out with the pain as she pincered the little pieces of flesh.

"Come quickly" she said and looked away, staring at the wall with a bored expression whilst I quickly came, the cum dribbling over my knuckles.

"This can't go on" she said as I licked my hand clean. "I'm sorry but it can't. I really don't want to hurt you, but I'm seeing someone else!"

I was astonished, and devestated.

Over the following hour we talked about her feelings and our relationship. Once she started talking the words flowed out of her. L saw that she had beenbttling it up inside her and I got the impression that she saw herself as the victim in the piece. The broad explanation was this: my dick was tiny. She hadn't been pretending to humiliate me. She had meant it, and had used me just to finish her off as I could not do any more with my tiny equipment. On top of that, my insistence on being humiliated only showed her what a miserable pathetic jerk I was. So it was that she had met a rugby playing bar owner named Jason who made her feel like a real woman, as he was a real man.

I could see that he mind was made up. As it was all my fault I did not feel that I could complain, so instead asked her if I should move out.

She looked down and thought hard, and then mapped out how my life would be from that point.

"I don't want to leave you, or for you to leave our home. I think we are a good couple but just not in the bedroom. I know that you have fantasised about chastity, and of course I've worked out how I come to find pubic hairs in my gym lock" At this I went bright red but she continued:

"What I want is this: you are going to get your wish, to be locked up full time. I'm never going to have sex with you again, and will never help you to reach orgasm again no matter what. From now on you will do nothing sexually with me except lick, and even that will only be in the times when Jason is not in my bed, or anyone else for that matter. From now on you are going to sleep in the utility room next to the washing machine." She paused, then added

"Oh, one more thing. I've decided never to piss in our toilet again. From now on, whenever I am in the house you will be my piss slave. Now, where's that gym lock, I need to change the combination."

With that she jumped off the bed and left the room whilst I lay on the bed reeling, dazed and oddly horny.

A second later she returned holding the tough, small padlock in one hand and a tube of Superglue in the other.

"Oh no," she said, "you've got a little erection. Stand up and spread your legs"

I did as I was told and Chloe kneed my firmly in my balls. I fell over groaning whilst the pain flashed theough my kidneys, and she grabbed my genitals, pulled the curved metal under the sack, crammed all the flesh in the gap, squeezed the mechanism shut and held it tight whilst changing the combination.

"The Superglue will be for another day. Say thank you!"

I mumbled my thanks and sat on the bed.

"Right, piss slave. Come with me. "

She lead me to the bathroom, picking up a cucumber from the kitchen as we passed.

"Right. I'm going to call Jason over. When he gets here I want you standing in the bath with nothing on, with your legs and torso shaved, I've bought you 20 razors and some foam, with the cucumber up your arse and these on your nipples."

She produced 2 bulldog clips from her pocket.

"If you refuse I shall ask Jason to kick your balls up into your throat so get on with it. "

And with that she left the room.

I was shocked and yet aroused and this surprised me. I seemed to be getting what I wanted but this frightened me.

At all costs however I was keen to comply with my instructions, and so I stripped then started to remove as much hair as I could with some small scissors before using foam and razors. Outside the bathroom I could hear Chloe arranging her visitor and was just finishing up with a quick shower as the doorell sounded. I licked the cucumber for lubrication and stuffed it up my arse then crouched down so that the base was on the floor to stop it falling out. I was just adding the nasty, painful clips to my nipples as the door opened and Chloe strode in with Jason in tow.

"So, you're the Piss-slave then are you?" Although I was ashamed and did not want to look, I stole a peek at my wife's lover and could understand why my sex days were over. He was a good 6' 3" tall, fit, tanned and good looking. I could see through his tight white fitness vest that he had an enviable six pack and his jeans betrayed a generous bulge. He was a dark-haired Adonis and I was a shaved Piss-slave.

"Watch" said Chloe, and she made me stand up and grasped the cucumber and wanked it in my arse. My breathing became heavy.

"That's enough" she said, " lie on the floor and open your mouth"

I did as I was told, and she crouched down and aimed a powerful jet into my mouth.

"If he spills any kick him in the balls, Jason. I've got lots, I haven't been all day"

There was lots, but I managed it all. Chloe took a couple of sheets of toilet paper to dry herself, popped them in my mouth for me to swallow and left the room telling Jason to come into the bedroom in a couple of minutes.

"Well, well" said Jason, eyeing me on the floor "you are a miserable excuse. I'm going to fuck yor wife for hours and then I'm going to fuck you up" and he left the room.

I removed the clips from my nipples and the cucumber from my ass and before long I could hear the telltale moaning and grinding of a good fucking take place. I was frustrated and my cock was straining at its tiny prison gates, but I was enjoying it.

After an hour the noise subsided and peace reigned. I was so blissful that I forgot my clips and vegetable so that when the door to the utility room opened I was not properly dressed. Jason strode in with his massive meat still semi erect. It was angry red and veins stood out along its length. Although it was easily nine inches long it was its girth which made it stand out: I was sure that Chloe would not have been able to get it in her mouth.

"Where are your clips, Piss-slave.? Put them on then kneel in front of me"

I did as I was told and Jason pushes his cock to my mouth and started to piss. Again I was proud to swallow every drop and was feeling rather pleased with myself when he said to me

"So. 1 kick for each nipple and 5 for the cucumber. Turn around, put your forehead on the floor and keep your arse in the air"

As I started to turn around, Chloe entered looking tired and happy. I assumed the position and waited. The cucumber was pushed deep into my arse and there was a flash as Chloe took a picture with our digital camera.

"That's one for the web if you don't behave. Now turn your head towards me and keep your head on the floor. OK Jason, I'll set it to Movie whilst you kick the shit out of him. "

She pressed the button and Jason swung his foot. I screamed. Then again, and again another 5 times.

"Ok, now lick your new part time employer's arse crack. Tonight you are going to drink the cum out of my pussy and arsehole then tomorrow you are going to help Jason in his bar."

I did as instructed, too weak to complain. Jason left and I cleaned up. Then Chloe went to bed and I slept on the floor in an old blanket she provided.

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