My Real Life of Chastity

Submitted by: Anonymous

Ever since I owned a computer and the internet was available (hell even when it was only bulletin board systems), I would search for porn. During college and even graduate school, I would spend countless hours finding pictures or videos to download. As you can imagine, I masturbated frequently. In 1999 I got married to a wonderful woman who didn't enjoy pornography to the extent that I did. She'd watch one with me every once in a while, but never as much and usually as a precursor to our own sexual activity. I on the other hand could put in a video and try to masturbate the entire time the video was playing without reaching orgasm. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes not. As you can see, I had a problem of sorts.

In 2001, while searching for pornography, I came across a site about chastity. I was intrigued. Not by the actual wearing of the belt but of the promised euphoria that came with extended denial. After reading many stories (most of which I wouldn't want to happen to me) I decided to purchase a belt. It was a CB-2000. It promised to be comfortable and secure. Even with much tinkering with the various spacers and rings, I found the belt to be extremely uncomfortable especially at night. I would get a nighttime erection that would bring me to tears. Not long after, I threw the belt away and ordered a Prism device. Less than 2 months later, it also went into the trash. It was comfortable and reasonably secure but it kept breaking and needed much repair. Finally, I purchased a CB-3000. I figured that with the longer tube I would be able to achieve a partial erection and not be in pain. I was right. Erections still caused me to wake up but not in excruciating pain. I would simply roll over and go back to sleep.

Now, my wife is not dominant by nature nor am I submissive. However, she does like the idea of having me locked up. I have found that she (even though not dominant) does like to have control over my ability to have orgasm. We tried several games, including the bead game, the dice game, and various contracts. I say games, because that is the way we think of it. This is supposed to be fun for both parties, even though there are short periods when I am not having as much fun as she is.

I have mentioned several games that I'm sure you have heard of but we had some of our own variations that you might enjoy. For instance, the bead game was originally written that every day the sub got to draw a bead from a bag and that would dictate whether he got to orgasm that evening etc. Our variation was that the sub would be unlocked from the chastity belt every evening and either have sex, masturbate, get a hand job or a blowjob. Just before orgasm, the bead that was drawn and kept hidden would be shown. If the bead was blue, he got blue balls and was locked back up. However, if the bead was white, he got to orgasm and then was locked back up. This didn't last long due to the amount of time required every night.

Obviously in the dice game, the roll of the dice would determine the next time he got release. This was ok but could lead to several rolls where he got release relatively soon. We gave it up as well. Finally, contracts. Didn't work! There were either too many restrictions or unforeseen circumstances that required removal or suspension of the game. It also didn't help because I was in essence topping from the bottom. Every time something came up in relation to the contract, I would bring it up and say that it had to be because it was in the contract. Well, this drove my poor wife nuts. Chastity play was then put aside.

In 2004, my wife and I decided that we were ready to have a baby. We had wanted one for some time but wanted to make sure we were more stable financially and mature enough. After a lot of frustration and a lot of practice, my wife became pregnant in December of that year. We were so happy. And it didn't take long before my wife's interest in sex started to wane. Not to mention the fact that she was afraid that we'd hurt the baby (she didn't want to take any chances).

Well, needless to say, I started masturbating again and my wife suggested that we try the chastity belt thing again. We thought that if she went without sex, I could too. So, we had an ingenious idea. We counted the number of days until my wife's due date and added the mandatory 6 week abstinence that she had to have after the baby was born and set up a schedule of release. I started backwards, utilizing the 6 weeks for her as my longest stretch, and set up release times. It turned out that my chastity period would increase by 1/2 week (alternating adding 3 or 4 days) until the full 6 weeks was achieved.

The first week was fine, no problems at all. At the end of the second week (and a half) I was noticing some major frustration. I wanted to cum so badly that I was willing to do just about anything. My wife said that rules were rules and I'd just have to wait. During the next two weeks, I couldn't stand it. I would squirm in my chair at work and be very moody at night. I also started reading chastity stories etc. online hoping to get my wife to notice how much I was suffering. Then it happened, I came across prostate massage. After looking into it and checking it out medically (this practice is actually used to extract semen at a doctors office to get a sample to check for infections etc.) my wife started massaging my prostate once every 4-5 days to help reduce my frustration.

Believe it or not, this practice didn't last long as I found myself suddenly able to deal with the extended periods of denial. By the time my son was born, I came to think of it as a way of life. Of course, we waited the mandatory 6-week period to have sex. When we got the green light from the doctor, we fucked like rabbits for a week. Things began to settle down and we were back into our "normal" routine until she went back to work.

We had previously decided that we didn't want to use a day care facility for our son; we wanted to raise him ourselves with our ideals and care. Luckily, at the same time, my job became much more flexible and it was decided that when my wife needed to work early, I'd work late and vice versa. This is working well, each of us has plenty of time to spend with our son and he gets proper parenting from the both of us. However, as you may have guessed, I started masturbating frequently again. My wife and I see each other every day but are frequently exhausted when the other gets home from work. Hence, when the baby was napping, I'd usually spend the time masturbating instead of trying to keep up with the housework. Again, the problem arose and it was decided that the chastity belt should go back on. We now call it the Masturbation Control Device. When my wife and I have the good fortune to have time for sex, the cage comes off and we have at it. Otherwise, it stays on almost permanently. I am allowed out for family functions, motorcycle rides, golf, or just going out with the boys. My wife is certain of my fidelity and has no need to worry about me when I'm out. When I return, the cage immediately returns to my genitals where it stays until I'm needed again. We have lived this way ever since and are both very happy.

I'm truly sorry if this didn't get you hard or wet as the case may be. I just wanted to let people know what chastity belt life is like. I too get hard reading fantasy but realize that that is not what I want my life to be and neither does my wife. Besides, can you imagine not being allowed to have another orgasm? Or letting your wife sleep with another man? And maybe castration??? Not me buddy. I get frustrated enough as it is.

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