Locked Up By Girlfriend, Used By Teammates

Submitted by: Hardy, copyright 2007

I acted like the typical straight college guy. I was on the soccer team. My days consist of going to class, training for or playing in soccer games, hanging out with my friends (especially my teammates) or being with Jill, my girlfriend. Jill and I got along very well. She also like the fact that I never pressured her into sex. We did it about once a week. She was also very understanding when on occassion I just could not perform. She knew that all the soccer could drain me of my energy. The timing was just off. If only she was around just after practice or a game. As sometimes while showering with the guys, I was so pumped from playing and thinking of seeing Jill later, that my cock would become semi-hard.

One night after having a few beers and later some wine at Jill's place I again could not get erect. Again Jill told me that it was okay. Maybe it was due to all the alcohol but whatever the reason, I told Jill about how she should meet me right after a game for sex as I told her how excited my cock would get. I also told her how I would get a wet dream on the nights that I could not perform for her. I guess these admissions got her thinking.

The next time we got together, Jill said she had a surprise for me. She had me undress and get on her bed, which she had laid out a beach towel. Next she blindfolded me. I figured that she wanted to try something a little more kinky and went with it. She whispered to me that I should just relax and enjoy what was going to happen. I then felt her tied something around my right wrist and then my left. I was now tied to the headboard. She kissed me and again told me to just relax. My ankles where then tied to the end of the bed. She kissed me again and then shoved a ball gag into my mouth that she secured around my head. I started to get a little scared as we never done anything like this again. Jill sensed this and told me that I had nothing to worry about.

Jill said she was going to cut my hair to make me more presentable. I was confused as how she was going to cut my hair with me tied to the bed. She told me not to move, as she didn't want to cut me. The next thing I felt was the hair on my crotch being gently pulled away from my body and then heard scissors cutting. I tried to yell out to tell her to stop but only jibberish made it through the gag. I nknew not to move with the scissor so close to by privates. Jill continued to snip off my pubic hair. Then I felt something cool being applied to my crotch. I relaized it was shaving cream. jill warned me again not to move and then proceeded to shave my crotch. She cleaned me up.

Jill told me how cute my clean-shaven crotch looked but she would now dress it. I felt something go around behind my balls. I thought she was putting a cock ring on me. Next she applied something wet and cool on my cock, which turned out to be some lube. During all this my cock was totally flaccid, probably because I was somewhat scared of what was happening. I then felt something being put around my cock and then heard a click. Jill said that I was now all set.

Jill removed the blindfold. I looked down at my cock to find it encased in a clear plastic tube. I then noticed that a lock was attached to it. I tried to talk but the gag was still in my mouth. Jill told me that my cock was locked in something called a CB3000 cage. She said that this should prevent me from having anymore wet dreams and maybe in a week or two she would release me and I would be able to please her. She then waved the key over my eyes and then left the room.

Jill came back a few minutes later telling me that the key was safely hidden and that she was going to untie me. She warned me that I better be nice and not cause any problems for her otherwise it may cause her to forget where she put the key. She asked me if I was going to be a good boy and I nodded yes. She untied me and removed the gag. Once loose, I tried to remove the cage but quickly realized that this was impossible without the key.

There is no way of removing it without the key or hurting yourself. Jill warned me. So just leave it alone. Don't worry you can still pee. Jill then explained to me how to keep myself clean. I begged her to take it off but she flatly refused. She then told me that it will stay on until I learn about the real me. I didn't know what she meant.

Jill sent me home. One thing that I noticed was that the cage didn't seem to show that much under my pants. I didn't get much sleep that night. It was in the morning that it hit me that I had soccer practice. How would I explain the cage to the guys. I decided to tell them from the start that Jill and I decided on getting a bit kinky and Jill decided to cage me. The guys thought that this was cool and wanted to take a look at the cage. I pull down my pants and the guys all stared at my locked cock. A few of them laughed at me. Some asked if it hurt and I told them it felt weird but didn't hurt. After a bit, we dressed for soccer. The cage was more noticeable under my shorts. It felt very weird during practice but I manage to endure.

After practice we hit the showers. That's when the guys started to ask other questions. They finally figured out that it was impossible for my cock to get hard in the cage and wanted to know how I felt when I tried to get hard. I realized that since it was put on, I never had the urge to get erect and told the guys that I didn't know how it would feel.

Mark, our captain, and a couple of the other guys started to go over some game plays with me while we showered. I was just happy that they were no longer talking about my cage. We talked for a while and I finally realized that we were the only one still in the showers. Mark then said that it was time I found out if I could get hard in the cage. Two of my teammates to grab me and pinned me to the wall. Mark then grabbed hold of my balls and squeezed. How does that feel Nancy?

Who the hell are you calling Nancy, I shouted back, in between my moans of pain.

Mark told me that they knew how I would get hard while staring at them in the showers and it was about time someone did something so that they didn't have to see me get all boned up.

I was surprised, I never realized that I was gawking at them and I guess I was denying the fact that I was getting a full erection and pretending I only got semi-erect.

Well Nancy, today is your lucky day. Your wishes will come true. Today you will get what you have been after. Mark explained as my two teammates forced me to my knees. Mark stepped closer and his cock was right in front of my face. Open your mouth and get was you have been dreaming about. I didn't move. Mark kicked me in the balls. I screamed and Mark took the opportunity to shove his cock into my mouth. He quickly warned me not to bite him or he would kick my balls into mush. I believed him.

Mark told me to suck his cock. I guess I didn't do it well as he then grabbed my head and bobbed it up and down his cock at his own speed. I started to gag and he pulled his cock out slighly before shoving it back in. Eventually he got into a rhythm and I didn't gag as often. Mark let go of my head and I continued sucking him. See boys. Mark said, I told you that he was into this. Look how he is sucking me all on his own. I felt humiliated but for some reason also proud by his words.

The guy on my left, Chad, then said that he wanted a turn. Mark asked me if I was going to be a good boy and service all of them or would they have to beat me up and then use me. Mark pulled his cock out of my mouth and I said that I would be good. Mark step aside and was replaced by Chad. I started to suck Chad. After a while Pete replaced Chad. While I was sucking Pete, Mark and Chad rearrange me so that know I was on my hands and knees away from the wall while still sucking Pete. I then felt something being smeared around my asshole. It turned out to be shampoo. Mark was behind me and the next thing I felt was his cock entering my ass. I yelled out in pain. Pete used this to shove his cock deep into my throat and then pulled out again. I thought that Mark was going to split me in two. Mark pushed more of his cock into my ass. Finally I could feel his balls hitting my ass and I knew that he was all the way in me. He slowly fucked me. I was being fucked from both ends.

After a few minutes something strange happened, the pain started to turn to pleasure and I let out a moan. Pete made note of it and said that it appears that Nancy here likes being double tagged. I really could say anything with his cock in my mouth. However I didn't have time to worry about it as something else started to happed. My cock was trying to get hard. It quickly ran out of space in the tube and became painful. I buckled my groin back out of instinct as if this would help lessen the pain. This just allowed Mark's cock to go deeper into my ass. Even stranger, Mark's cock was rubbing against someting in my ass that just sent a strange sensation to my cock. The pain in my cock made it shrink again but I still felt this strange sensation.

Chad then spoke up. Hey look, Nancy is dripping from his cage. At the time, I didn't realize that Mark was milking my prostrate. Mark kept pounding my ass and Pete my mouth. Eventually Chad announced that my limp caged cock was shooting cum. Pete then started to shoot his cum in my mouth, as he withdrew his cock, the last few of squirted coated my face and hair with his cum. Shortly after I felt Mark's cum filling my ass. Chad felt left out, so I ended up sucking the cum out of him too.

I was trying to figure out what had just happened. Three of my friends just cum in and on me and I shot a load while being fucked up the ass. Not only that I did it while my cock remained soft in a cage. I felt good but somehow unsatisfied.

You really did enjoy yourself didn't you Nancy. You like it when real men fuck you, don't you. Mark said. I tried to deny it but he would hear none of that. Mark told me that I could drop the act, it was obvious that I was gay and that I might as well own up to it. In fact, he continued, Now that it is out in the open, I could serve as the team's whore and service the guys after each practice.

I again tried to protest but Mark cut me off. Don't worry Nancy, you are still a good player so we will let you to keep playing and after the game, you will get all the cock you would ever want. And just to be sure you do behave I have something that will keep you in line. I just stared at him, not sure if I wanted to know what he meant. Mark explained. Out on the field, you will just be one of the guys but back in the locker room you will be our Nancy and if you please us, I may let you out every month or so.

Let me out? What do you mean let me out?

You haven't figured it out yet? Mark laugh. Well, I'll tell you. Jill gave me the key to your little cage. I am in control of your release.

No, no. How could she do this. Why would she give you the key?

It's very simple. she got fed up with your lack of ability to get hard with her and after you told her how excited you got seeing us guys in the showers she figured out that you are gay. She was very upset that you have been trying to fool her. She called me up and asked if I ever noticed you check us out. I told here that I did. So she came up with this plan of locking you up and having us see if you were gay. Well the results of the test are obvious. I was supposed to unlock you once the truth was known. Instead I think I like having this control over you. Like I said, you treat us well and I will let you cock out once a month for an hour. Do anything to upset any of us and I'll added another month before releasing you. Got it?

I got it. That was a year ago. Since then I have been servicing the soccer team as well as the swim and lacrosse teams. Over the past year I have been milked when one of the guys is fucking me or with the aid of a dildo which I use to fuck myself while being watched or that one of the guys uses on me. Although the milkings cause me to release my cum, I would not feel an orgasm and felt very frustrated and horny. This feeling just seemed to make me more eager in pleasing the guys' cocks in hopes of getting released. Mark has unlocked the cage for a total of 8 times during the year. During which time I get to masturbate to orgasm. I then apply a hair removal cream to help keep my crotch relatively hairless between releases. I wash up and then am locked backed in.

And the weird thing is that I love it all.

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