Review of the Lustschloss PK II

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First this device is not for everyone, you must have a P.A. piercing which needs to be stretched up to about 4mm dia. Second you need to be circumcised. To get a P.A. piercing is not painful and once healed stretching is very easy.

Having the above I visited the Lustschloss web site, very well laid out and very impressive. There are two devices on offer for men and some little and very special padlocks for women. There is a lot of information on doís and doníts for these items and it all makes good sence.

I chose the peniskorb (peniscage) PK II. Once you have chosen the device you need to take the measurements as per the web site. I used a vernier gauge and as Nik, the owner, surgested took the measurements about 5 times over the space of 2 weeks. I then added all the numbers up and came out with an average size. I then filled out the form and E-Mailed it to Nik. He sent by return a PayPal invoice which I paid. About 4 weeks later he E-Mailed me with details on how to care for the lock and the device as well as fitting, 2 days later it arrived.

Putting the device on was easy with the help of a little K-Y jelly. Once locked in place the thermoplastic tube is non-removable without a key. It total prevents intercourse and masturbation. During the day I hardly notice it, itís undetectable under all but the tightest jeans. I havenít had a bad nights sleep with it on, it dosenít prevent erections but contains them, which can be a little uncomfortable but nothing that stays for long. Hygine is easy as the thermoplastic tube is perforated, I can pee standing without making a mess, the lock and P.A. bar are total non-corosive and hypoallergenic.

I have tried other devices, the remy tube and two of the Ms Lori chastity tubes but nothing compairs to the PK II for comfort and wearability. The testi ring cut into me on the remy. It had to be so tight with the Lori to support the weight it hurt, the Lori was so heavy it pulled on my piercing.

My advice if you circumcised and pierced get a PK II if you not pierced get it done (its great anyway) and get a PK II, if your not circumcised talk to Nik at Lustchloss.


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