Chastity Panties

Submitted by: Nick

Chapter One - November 28th

"Pull the panties up tight nicky. I want to see your cock and your balls through the black lace."

Jenny laughed softly and squeezed her legs together. Even after 4 years, he amazed her. She stared at the image on her screen, of Nick, her sweet nicky, naked save for the black lace panties she had dared him to wear. She loved his body, from his hairy legs to his slight belly. As he turned, she remembered how much she loved his ass as well. If only it were something else sliding between his cheeks...

They met online four long years ago. The attraction was instant and undeniable. Now, she knew everything about him. She knew he liked his steak rare. She knew he loved professional wrestling. She knew about the mole on his cock, and the one just inside his ass. She knew the way his face looked as he fucked that same ass with his own fingers. She knew about his panty fetish. And she knew that she loved him.

The kinky side of their relationship had grown slowly, naturally. Looking back, it had been so obvious that he was naturally submissive, she clearly dominant. They had both spent so long denying what was right in front of their faces. Slowly though, their teasing games starting to become more intense, more one-sided. It was only a short time later that Nick found himself happily stroking himself in front of a webcam, letting Jenny watch and listen as he moaned her name while he came on his chest. Just a few months ago Jenny had finally convinced Nick to slide one finger into his tight little ass. It had taken her MONTHS to convince him, but on Thanksgiving she has watched him fuck his own ass with three fingers. All for her, of course. Jenny slid her hand over her sudden wetness as she remember the way he looked, bent over the bed, fingers sliding in and out, craning his neck to see her typing.

The panties were a somewhat new development. Oh, she had known about his fetish for years now, but this was the first time she had ORDERED him to wear them. She knew he secretly prayed she would order him to go to Victoria's Secret, to buy pair after pair of satin and lace (mostly satin), but for now she would make him settle for wearing this one pair of black lace to work.

As she watched him slide his hands over his tight panties, Jenny decided it was time to let Nick know about her Christmas plans.

"I'm ready to meet, nicky. I want to come to Chicago the week after Christmas."

"Oh my god. Jenny. Oh god. Really?"

"Yes, nicky. But... ."

"*blush*... ... .yes?"

"But I think you need to be good until then. Can you do that? Can you be my sweet, chaste little baby?"

**BLUSH* Christmas is so far off Jenny... ..are you going to be good too?"

"*soft laugh* Of course not, nicky. Especially not when I am going to inspect you every morning."

"Inspect me? Do I need to get a chastity belt? *L*"

"*sweet smile* No, nicky... you're going to be wearing chastity panties."


"You see nicky... I've decided the best way to keep you sweet and chaste is to wear sweet, soft, sexy panties every single day until I come down. How can you be bad with your sweet cock encased in satin?"

"OH MY GOD. But you know I only own this one pair!!!!!"

"*G* Exactly why you are going to go to Victoria's Secret. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Each day you will buy ONE pair of panties to wear the next day. I will watch as you put them on each morning. If you do this for me, on the day after Christmas, I will soooooo fuck you. A Boxing Day to remember, if you pardon the pun."

"GOD... ."

"Shhhhh, nicky. You know you want this. Don't speak. If you agree, all you have to do is cum in your pretty little panties. Cum for me. For the last time in a month."

Nick moaned her name and looked down. Without touching himself, his decision had been made.

In Toronto, Jenny moaned Nick's name, as she watched the dark lace covering his cock grow sticky and wet. A few minutes later, she screamed his name as her own panties soaked through.

Chapter Two - December 26th

The last few weeks had a been a satiny, lacy sexual haze for Nick. Each day he woke up and stripped for the love of his life. Each day he bit his lip as he slid the panties up over his cock. Each day he fought the urge to beg her to let him cum, just once. Let him cum in his pretty pink panties. Let him fingerfuck his ass as he rubbed his hips against the bed. But deep down, he knew it was worth it.

Every day-long erection, every painful ache in his satin covered balls, every spreading of his ass by a thong - it was all worth it. He would pay any price to finally meet his love. And knowing she was going to fuck him, well, that was even better.

And Jenny had NOT been easy on him during this time. Some days she made him write her name on his chest in lipstick. Some days she made him put the lipstick on. Some days she made him finger his ass as she watched. Some days she would call his cellphone at work and make him listen to her cum. Everyday she made him wear panties. She never let him cum.

Today though, today was the day. And Nick had followed her instructions to the letter. He laid in his bed, the door to his apartment unlocked. He wore nothing but a blindfold and the pink satin panties she had made him purchase two days before. He laid on the bed in the dark. Hard. Aroused. Waiting.

Suddenly, he heard the door open softly. He recognized her soft laugh as she walked through the door and stood there, looking at him. Four long years of waiting, finally almost over.

In some ways, this was the hardest part. Wanting to take her into his arms, to enter her, to kiss her, to simply LOOK at her - but instead he followed her instructions and laid still.

Slowly, so slowly, he heard her walk towards the bed. He heard the rustle of fabric as she undressed, letting her clothes fall to the floor. He felt the weight on the bed, as she climbed on top of him. He sweet lips covered his as she straddled him, taking him inside of her. After months of chastity, Nick knew he wouldn't last long inside her. As his cock started to tense, Nick found himself staring into her beautiful face as Jenny suddenly pulled off the blindfold. She smiled softly and said simply "I love you Nick."

He came. He came after 4 weeks of chastity. He came deep inside the woman he loved. Hot, thick cum shooting deep into Jenny's pussy. She squeezed and clenched and rocked on him, sliding up and down on his cock until he collapsed onto the bed, finished.

She leaned down and kissed her love softly on the lips, before sliding off the bed and walking over to her discarded luggage.

Nick laughed softly. "After all that time, you didn't fuck me... we made love."

Jenny laughed too. She pulled the harness from her luggage and buckled it around her hips, sliding her hands over the 7 inches of black latex protruding in front of her.

"You are right nicky. NOW I am going to fuck you."

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