CB-3000 Security Solution

Submitted by: AZ Sub


Love your site, here's my solution to the pullout problems with the CB-3000. I believe this insert would also fit the Curve and CB-2000, but not sure.

It works by using semi rigid rubber pegs. These get pressed in to make a much smaller effective diameter than would normally be possible. And because they're pegs, there is much less blood restriction. They're placed on an angle and as they're semi flexible, any pull in the out direction causes them to bend inward, reducing the hole size further.

The device is custom machined from solid neoprene, no seams to split. Pegs/pins are buna "O" ring material, Firm yet flexible. Through hole is 1". Can be made smaller by request, no extra charge, just an extra day or 2 wait.

n060926a.jpg n060926b.jpg

n060926c.jpg n060926d.jpg

If anybody is interested they can find it on my ebay auctions, and at a very reasonable price. Just search security insert CB-3000.

Some have expressed privacy concerns about purchasing over e-bay, so I also offer the option to buy direct and privately from me. Contact: azsub1@hotmail.com

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