Miss Pratt Gets a "Licking"

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Miss Marisol Persephone Pratt, known as "Prattsie" to her intimates back at St. Casimir's School, sat back in the seatless chair, enjoying Evelyn's smooth, consistent tongue on her labia. Mmm... God, it feels good. The seatless chair was not all that comfortable, Prattsie's legs were a bit constricted as her bare butt poked through the bottom, but Evelyn, lying blindfolded beneath the chair with her hands secured behind her back certainly knew how to lick her Mistress's pussy!

Evelyn licked patiently, pushing her head up, straining to keep her face in the velvety groin of her young Mistress. Twice Miss Pratt had exploded in orgasm, soaking Evelyn's blindfold, and she only had one more to go - but Miss Pratt didn't seem to be cumming, unfortunately. She licked again, harder, sucking on Miss Pratt's labia, and hoping. Evelyn felt a slight tremor, and Miss Pratt moaned. That wasn't an orgasm, but maybe...

"Miss Pratt, did you finish, ma'am?" came the muffled voice from below. Miss Pratt chuckled. She'd enjoyed this hour and a half, she'd done her nails, talked on the phone to three different clients, and had the slow, consistent slurping, tickling tongue. God, the poor woman must be exhausted. "No, Evelyn, dearie... I can't seem to cum a third time. I've cum twice, but you know the rule, three times is the charm!" Prattsie giggled silently, hearing the deep sigh from the blindfolded older woman bound beneath her.

Then came some more weary licks. Miss Pratt smiled. Now for some fun. "You know, Evelyn, I don't really feel very sexy this afternoon, hon. If you want to quit for this week, we can try again next week... you don't need to cum that much, do you?" Prattsie laughed to herself, thinking of how swollen poor Evelyn's cunt was. Miss Pratt grinned as Evelyn's anxious voice floated up.

"No ma'am... please! I want to give you a great third orgasm... this one will be fantastic. I just need to work harder. My jaws are a little tired, but I can do it!" Miss Pratt's voice came, sympathetic. "Are you sure, Evelyn? If your jaws are tired, babe... " "No ma'am... please! I want to give you a great orgasm, it's not just about my own orgasm after. I know it's tough to orgasm sometimes, I'm a woman, too, and I know it takes time to finish."

Prattsie bit her pinkie to keep from laughing. "But... tell me, Evelyn. If I wanted you to make me cum the third time and go without your orgasm, would that be all right with you? Just as a way to prove your submission, dear?"

There was a pause. Prattsie could hear Evelyn sobbing softly. How must it be, leaning on your elbows, with your hands bound behind your back, straining to lick my pussy, you pathetic old bag. "If that's what you want, Miss Pratt (sob) of course we can wait... " Miss Pratt's tone was honeyed. "Darling, I was just kidding. I know your orgasm is important to you. I've had about ten orgasms myself today from different slaves... people just pay me to cum, it's so odd. But of course you can cum, dear."

Miss Pratt lifted her butt out of Evelyn's reach, climbing out of the chair. She knelt by Evelyn's prone body, looking at Evelyn's shaved, bulbous twat. Oh the poor thing was so HORNY. What must it be like to go day after day with that thing locked down, the chastity piercing preventing Evelyn from having any pleasure?

"If you don't mind, Evelyn, I'm going to take off your piercing... I'll have to re-lock it if you don't make me cum for the third time, but you really need a little rest." Evelyn should have taken warning from Miss Pratt's attempted kindnesses, but she had had a difficult week, and indeed the piercing, locking her clitoris and labia together, had been quite unpleasant.

Evelyn breathed happily as she felt the hateful rings being unlocked and removed from her clitoris, and Miss Pratt's soft hands playing about in the folds of her vagina. "How's that feel, baby?" Miss Pratt asked in a velvety tone

"Oh, Miss Pratt, it feels so good!" Prattsie played along Evelyn's clit until she was getting rather excited and breathing heavily, and then Miss Pratt quickly grabbed an ice cube from a bowl nearby, running the cube up and down Evelyn's swollen clitoris just as she was about to finish. "Oooh, it's too cold!" Evelyn burst into tears. So close... but no orgasm.

Miss Pratt sighed. "God, I hate your whining, Evelyn... I try so hard to create an entertaining environment for you... " Miss Pratt paused, running the words "entertaining environment across her lips silently before going on. "I just want you to have some fun. After all you and poor Wil-burr give me eight hundred big ones EACH for your therapy every week... you should be happy that I'm so imaginative, eh? For sixteen hundred a week, eh?"

Miss Pratt's sharp nail flicked Evelyn's clitoris and Evelyn moaned. "Yes, Miss Pratt. I'm terribly grateful for your attentions, ma'am." Evelyn felt Miss Pratt gently rubbing her labia, and she breathed in pleasure. Perhaps Miss Pratt would give her an orgasm on the house... Suddenly there was another pain. Evelyn's pussy felt as if it were being dragged into the floor. God, she wished she could see through the blindfold. "Oh what is it, Miss Pratt, I feel like my hoochie is being ripped out!"

"Your hoochie, eh? What a charming noun. You know, I was conceived in a Spotlight Inn... my parents were always telling me how classy you and Wilbur were, classier than Leona Helmsely." Miss Pratt's laugh chilled Evelyn more than the ice cubes. "Such an educated woman, you are, Evelyn.

Why are you in such pain now? I just took some nice plastic clothespins, the kind with the holes, I looped a bit of dental floss through each one and put some nice weights on the ends, and snapped one on each of your uh "hoochie" lips. And now I can pick the weights up and drop them, and you can feel it!" With that, Miss Pratt picked up the strings and dropped them, watching with glee as Evelyn's cunt lips were stretched. "Get it off, goddamn it!"

"Always ready to oblige, m'dear." Miss Pratt flicked each clothespin off in the most painful way, accompanied by Evelyn's vocal hysterics. "You really should learn to use the word please, darling Evelyn."

Miss Pratt then reached into her collar and produced needles, leaning over the seatless chair again, where she pushed two needles through the glans of Evelyn's clitoris, eliciting a further scream. Miss Pratt pulled the needles out again, wrinkling her nose slightly at the sight of blood, and then squirted her new torture fluid onto her fingers, rubbing it on Evelyn's twat thoroughly.

Evelyn's howls were quite rewarding. "You like this stuff? It's some sort of arthritis medication, called Capzasin-P" Miss Pratt looked critically at the label as she rubbed more on her poor slave-girls clitoris. "It's good for you, though it does burn, methinks. See, the stuff contains capsaicin, the spice that gives hot peppers their "bite." and that's why it thrills you..and is good for skin inflammation." Miss Pratt smiled

"You've had the same reaction when I rubbed Ben-Gay, Zostrix, and Sportscreme on you...but scientifically, it's explained with the capsaicin...didn't know I was pre-med, did you?" Evelyn's moans and weeping showed a lack of interest in anything but her poor burning clit.

Miss Pratt reached behind her again and picked up a 9-volt battery, and licked the terminals at the end, getting a mild shock. She leaned over and rubbed it up and down Evelyn's tortured pussy, and Evelyn moaned in pleasure as the battery shocked her a bit. "Do you like that, honey...?" "Oh, ma'am it hurts, but it's thrilling, too...oh God, you're the best, Miss Pratt!" Prattsie snickered and dropped the battery. "Hows about some more ice cubes?" As Miss Pratt rubbed the ice on Evelyn's vulva, she howled once again.

"Bitch, bitch bitch, that's all you do." Prattsie said cheerfully as she dropped the ice cubes back in the bowl and sat in the chair again. "Get your mouth on my pussy again, girl... you are so goddamned unappreciative!" Evelyn painfully got back up on her elbows, sticking her head in Miss Pratt's pussy once again. She licked and sucked wearily, thinking her jaws were more sore than if she'd blown the Grateful Dead, while her young mistress was saying "You complained less last week when I toothbrushed your clit with cinnamon oil and Ice Hot that I took so much trouble to get for your fat, ungrateful ass from Whole Foods...

"Lick away, and if you haven't given me a nice, satisfying third orgasm within 20 minutes, it's all up for this week, hon. The chastity piercing goes back on, and you have to still blow Wilbur, and I'll take the blindfold off so you can stare at his stretch marks as your head goes back and forth." Evelyn sighed deeply as she listened to Miss Pratt chortling over this remark.

Miss Pratt listened patiently as Evelyn paused in her licking to ask a question. "Miss Pratt, would you consider untying me so I could use my hands to bring you off? I could masturbate you while licking... it's so hard to just use my mouth." Miss Pratt reached under the seatless chair and cuffed Evelyn sharply, boxing her left ear. "Get to work with your tongue, you pitiful slut" Miss Pratt said savagely. "You've been licking me every Tuesday for the past four years with your hands behind your back, I think you can do it again, lazybones."

"Get to it!" And the marvelous licking continued. Miss Pratt sat back and sighed, feeling Evelyn's tongue consistently pleasuring her pubes. Every Tuesday, Evelyn, a motel chain owner in her late fifties came in to Miss Pratt's Institute.

Poor Evelyn...she popped pills like they were M&Ms. Dexedrine, Seconal, vitamins A,C,E and B-12, iron, zinc,Midol, chloline,Librium, Valium, Alka-Seltzer, Equanil, et cetera. She'd done every therapy from analysis thru Lifespring, but spent much of her time hating herself and her husband, except for Tuesday mornings.

Every Tuesday at 10:45, Evelyn and her husband pulled up outside the Institute in their silver BMW, and after entering, Wilbur would go off with Giselle or one of Miss Pratt's other Ladies, and Evelyn would go into Miss Pratt's Nursery.

Evelyn would then give Miss Pratt her $800 (cash or Visa) and then she undressed, as Miss Pratt put away the payment. By the time Miss Pratt turned around, Evelyn had her hands spread against the far wall as if she were being arrested, and had her legs spread, and of course, was stark naked, her three piece navy and white wool skirt suit folded neatly in the corner.

Now Miss Pratt would approach with her beloved horn handled bamboo cane. Prattsie loved this instrument, which left lovely weals and bruises on Evelyn's much too wide chalky white buttocks. "Can't you find some time for aerobics, dearie?" the younger woman would demand as she slashed away at Evelyn's pasty skin.

As Miss Pratt landed the carefully paced strokes of the cane (five seconds between each swat, mind you.) she could hear Evelyn's husband Wilbur grunting and bellowing in the next room as he was forced to run a gymnasium treadmill uphill at seven miles an hour, while holding in an ice cold enema and wearing six inch high heels. Giselle was right behind him thwacking away at Wilbur's lardy ass with the five tailed French Martinet, a gift from a grateful slave to Miss Pratt some years ago.

Evelyn sobbed and squealed as Miss Pratt thwacked away, gently dragging the cane up and down Evelyn's gluteous muscles before and after each lash. "Grab the wall, Evelyn, and try not to blubber so much. I feel like I'm goring a bull or something." Miss Pratt would say, as the cane landed again and again in delicious spots up and down her bleached thighs. "Oh yes, I just got you in that nice little crease between your butt and thighs, that's your sensitive spot, isn't it, dear?" Evelyn was always overcome with shame and humiliation, bouncing around naked next to the smartly dressed Miss Pratt, three decades her junior. The pain, though made her forget nearly everything.

Evelyn tended to call Miss Pratt "Mommie"during heavy punishment, which was rather amusing to the twenty-six year old dome. As Miss Pratt lashed her back and shoulders, out it would come... "Mommie, no, please!" Evelyn would screech, and then fall to her knees, burying her face in her hands as Miss Pratt landed five or six vicious cuts along her paunchy thighs.

As Evelyn gritted her teeth and sobbed, trying to resist the harsh strikes of the wicked cane, she thought of her mother, dead these many years. Evelyn's mother had quite often stripped Evelyn naked and given her harsh whippings in front of her jeering siblings, just because Evelyn wanted to go on dates and have fun like they were doing. "No, you're the smart one, Evvie, Momma wants you to study hard so's you can git us out of this crappy little apartment. You got an A minus on that last test, and you're gonna get a whippin' every time you try to sneak out to see the Wilkins boy."

Momma had even given Evelyn a bare bottom spanking in front of the Wilkins boy, who then didn't want to see her again, except of course to make fun of her... and Evelyn had studied hard, and made Momma and the family rich with the Spotlight Inns that she and Wilbur had made into a dynasty.

Miss Pratt knew nothing of this, or anything of Evelyn's early life at all. Like most post-adolescents, Miss Pratt didn't think of Evelyn as anything but the butt-ugly old bag she was now, but Prattsie did know that the session was going well when Evelyn began blubbering and calling her "Mommie" And it fueled further whacking... "Mommie..ooh" (WHACK WHACK WHACK) "Evvie will be a (sob) good girl (sob)please" WHACK WHACK THWACK "Evvie will try to make you happy, please (sob) no more punishments Mommie!"

Prattsie admitted to herself that one benefit benefit of Evelyn's punishment sessions was a serious appetite suppressant. After watching Evelyn's eyeliner and Seventies light blue mascara shadow tearing up into an ugly mess with the weeping, and then congealing with Evelyn's rouge and lipstick, Prattsie could not eat for a day or two. It made her think she was dominating Tammy Faye Bakker. Prattsie always went to her Weight Watchers weigh-in two days after her sessions with Evelyn, as then she'd eaten the least.

After Miss Pratt had exhausted her arm on Evelyn's buttocks ("Really, you're lucky, Ev... if this was a punishment spanking I'd throw my entire weight behind the cane which would be worse for you, but easier, so much easier on my poor little arm.") she'd caned under Evelyn's arms ("Hold your arms up for the Lord!") and five or ten whacks on Evelyn's sagging breasts. ("The sight of them makes me ill, tut tut... ") Miss Pratt had been quite acid in her comments about Evelyn's poor breasts, as she'd just caned the firm, full 36C titties of a hot little 29 year old investment banker who'd had an 8:00 a.m. appointment at the Institute.

"And Chloe doesn't jump and grab her breasts, screeching, like you do, Ev... perhaps that's why I only charge her six hundred an hour instead of your eight." Evelyn, unfortunately had never been able to take tit caning, and every time the cane slashed across her aging nipples, she'd shrieked and fallen on the floor, sobbing. Her nipples were so scorched from the bamboo, and continually, Miss Pratt would have to drag Evelyn up by her hair to try yet again to teach her to take her breast-whipping with equanimity.

"The raised welts are marvelous on your pasty skin, Evelyn, dear... let's see, I put about seven on your ass and thighs, four on your upper back, three on your boobies, one harsh one on your stomach... goodness! I'm a bit of a Picasso, the cross marks are so interesting... grotesque really. But you don't wear bathing suits much, do you dear? Too much work at the Spotlight Motel management, eh?"

Then Miss Pratt had done some serious work with her "Viper" a tawse complete with thick latigo leather strap and a beautiful cherry wood handle. Everlyn's screams resulting from this thrashing were pure poetry to Prattsie's ears and effectively drowned out Wilbur's howls in the next room where he was getting it with a South African Riding whip handled by Miss Pratt's 230 pound eunuch manservant, Samuel.

After this, Miss Pratt had pulled out all the stray hairs from Evelyn's vagina, as she was supposed to have shaved but hadn't... and Miss Pratt was a mean one with the tweezers. "Goodness, do you cry about everything, just one more!" YANK!

Finally, Evelyn had turned around and Miss Pratt had bound her arms behind her back and put the blindfold on. Then Miss Pratt had laid Evelyn under the seatless chair. Miss Pratt had then removed her own garments and sat on the seatless chair, sticking her buttocks a bit low so Evelyn could begin the licking. Evelyn had sightlessly moved her head around ("Close... no you're licking my cheek now, dear... You've now got my asshole. If you want to rim me, it's your business, but it doesn't count towards the orgasms.) It was terribly painful for Evelyn, supporting herself on her arthritic elbows,but finally she found Miss Pratt's vagina, and over a period of several hours, had brought Miss Pratt to two excellent orgasms.

Evelyn had offered Miss Pratt extra money many times over the years if Miss Pratt would allow Evelyn not to have to be blindfolded during the licking, as Evelyn would have died to see Miss Pratt's delectable vanilla cheeks and pussy, but Miss Pratt believed that a bit of mystery was a good thing for a domme...

Meanwhile, Wilbur was giving a blow job to Miss Pratt's father, who had recently been released from prison after some very extensive legal work by his wealthy young daughter. "Poacher" Pratt had been glad to come work for "mah little baby" and really had had nowhere else to go, as Miss Pratt's mother was in a lunatic asylum, and his own mother had just died of a heroin overdose.

So receiving a BJ from a rich asshole was fine, and Poacher stood there, gumming his Lucky Strike and holding poor Wilbur's head. "Thass right, bub, keep suckin' mah big old dickie, there yah go." Miss Pratt could hear Wilbur's sobs in the next room and was so glad she'd gotten her father re-involved in her life. Miss Pratt had been raised in a trailer park until receiving a scholarship to St. Casimir's School after she'd discovered a cure for a rare form of skin cancer as her Science Fair project in middle school.

Miss Pratt had discovered that her fighting skills, that she'd had to learn in the various trailer parks and slums she'd been raised in, served her well in the rich prep school. The first girl who'd made fun of Miss Pratt's clothes had been knocked down and then, as she was too afraid to fight the acerbic Prattsie, the rich girl had succumbed to having her pants and panties pulled down, and had undergone a whipping by the angry, poverty-stricken child genius.

Miss Pratt had dommed several girls at St. Casimir's and more than a few boys... and then had begun frequenting S&M clubs in the city, where she'd eventually met a backer who'd convinced her to forget about medical school and start the Institute, which was a rare house of pain, focusing much more on the needs of middle aged women... though men were often treated as well.

Evelyn was one of Prattsie's oldest clients, and she'd always had the same fantasy, and it was rather pleasant for Miss Pratt, though tough for Evelyn. The rule was, Evelyn had to lick Miss Pratt to three separate orgasms while bound, her arms behind her back. If Miss Pratt experienced all three orgasms, then she'd lean over and unlock the tiny piercing that locked Evelyn's labia together, and Evelyn would be allowed, still blindfolded and tied to shift up and rub her pussy against the rough mahogany of one of the legs of the seatless chair until she came herself. Only one orgasm of course, but better than nothing! Then of course, Evelyn was locked up until the next week.

The worst part of this was, Wilbur was also in a chastity device, but he was allowed to have his weekly orgasm into Evelyn's mouth as she sucked him, just before they left Miss Pratt's Institute. Evelyn felt this was unfair, but she didn't argue with Miss Pratt!

As Evelyn licked Miss Pratt's clitty, she remembered telling Miss Pratt of her fantasies some four years before. It had seemed incongruous to the sophisticated owner of the Spotlight Inns that this girl could cope with Evelyn's fantasies of chastity and torture. Sure she'd been Wilbur's domme for a couple of years, but men had that lust thing going on for young women...Evelyn was completely heterosexual, and it would take a lot of ingenuity to reach her!

All the pressures had made Evelyn a tough, no nonsense woman, and she and Wilbur had gone from inheriting one hotel from his dad to now having 125, across the country. But Miss Pratt had found the key to breaking Evelyn down, to the point that she'd been as a twelve year old, going over Mommie's knee when she'd neglected her piano lesson to flirt with the boy next door.

Now, bound and blindfolded, licking and sucking Miss Pratt's delicious vagina, Evelyn winced as she leaned hard on her scalded buttocks from her earlier whipping with the cane and the Viper. She'd presented Miss Pratt with the chastity piercing eighteen months into the sessions--"Please, Miss Pratt...I'm ready to turn my orgasms over to you, and I want to earn them! Wilbur and I don't make love since he's been on your chastity plan, and I feel guilty about him eating me out...I want you to make me earn my orgasms!"

Miss Pratt had looked doubtful,but she'd locked Evelyn into the chastity piercing, and they'd gone through with the fantasy--Evelyn must lick Miss Pratt to three orgasms before she got her own orgasm from rubbing her bald crotch against the rough chair leg...and if Miss Pratt didn't get her three, if she just got two, not only did Evelyn not get to cum, but she had to lick Miss Pratt to FOUR orgasms the following week. Evelyn had discovered that she really enjoyed cumming so much more now, mysteriously.

But finally, today, Miss Pratt leaned down. "Evelyn honey...I just am not going to cum, and the licking is irritating me...I sure don't want to end up with a yeast infection, dear." Evelyn sighed. "I guess--yes ma'am...I suppose you're going to lock me up now?" There was desperation in her voice. Miss Pratt smiled again. "Well, you've been such a good girl, Evvie...do you remember the first time I had you drink my pee-pee?" Evelyn kissed Miss Pratt's buttocks. "Yes ma'am, do you want that now?" Oh, boy, she would get to cum if she could just down some of Miss Pratt's urine.

"Well, no honey...but I do have to do number two." Miss Pratt's tone was gentle. "And I don't want to get up and go to the rest room. Why don't you take it in, just a little bit, and then lick my butt clean, like a bidet...then I'll leave the room, and you can rub your clitty against the chair leg...capisce?"

There was a tremendous sigh. "I-I don't know, Miss Pratt...it's terribly unhygienic, ma'am." Evelyn thought she might lose her breakfast. "Oh, don't I know that, sweet-ums." Miss Pratt responded lovingly. "I remember the only way I could get you to drink pee pee was by dunking my brassiere in a bucket of it, and then putting it on and letting you suck my breasts through it...but I thought you really wanted to cum...do you?"

And...unfortunately, for Evelyn's stomach, she did!


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