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My wife and I have been reading the Altairboy website for many years. During that time we used leather & home made chastity belts for both of us. However as my wife got older her sexuality changed to be dominant, whereas before she was a switch. We often read the chastity belt reviews, but never took action on any of the belts until we read a very interesting review on a NeoSteel belt. The review is called NeoSteel Remote Control Education shield review (RCS) located at

My wife has long fantasized about getting a remote controlled electric chastity belt for me. Our business is located below our home in a three story building. She runs the business, while I am on medical disability and spend my days up in the home. Due to the demands of our business she has no time darning the day to play any games with me. Then at the end of the work day, she is too tired. Due to my illness I often stay up very late at night on the computer, when she is asleep.

After reading the review by Jerry_me . We emailed him a couple times for more information. That made up my wifes mind to purchase one of these belts for me. She ordered the optional Remote Controlled Education Shield. I wont go into the details of that item, as it is well described both by Jerry_Mes article and this page at NeoSteel . On that same NeoSteel page there is a link to Cat Systems, who developed this Education Shield unit. While looking at the Cat Systems website my wife noticed an Automatic Remote control unit which they call the Automatic-Transmitter CS-706/T, which costs 340.00 . She said nothing about that item to me at the time. Unknown to me, she ordered one of those units, which was then coded to the digital signature of the Education shield electronic shock controller.

When we did the measurements for the NeoSteel belt, I had no idea that my wife had ordered the optional Education shield. She hid this from me, as she well knows that I have a fear of electricity, and a dislike for anal devices. Although I love the fantasy of chastity belts and the wearing over a couple hours of a leather belt for some evening play, truthfully I am not filled naturally with the desire for long term wearing. Thus my wife also ordered the hypnosis cds that NeoSteel offers. One CD is called Chastity Belt Hypnosis, Part 1. This is used when you are wearing a chastity belt. You write down (or someone else writes down) on a piece of paper how long you will stay in the chastity belt. I dont know how it manages to do it, but once you fall into hypnosis from the CD, when you wake up, and read the paper, no mater how hard you try, you cannot let yourself out of the belt, even if the keys are laying in the room in plain view.

The other CD is called The Joy of Chastity. To quote from NeoSteel site audio CD, 27 minutes, in English language, for females and males: You'll be taken on a stunning trip into the depth of your own sexual fantasies and pretty soon, you'll discover the joy there is in wearing a chastity belt. This CD has been designed for female as well as for male users. The suggestions and visualizations on the CD will give you the exciting experience of wearing a chastity belt - without actually having to do so. A real chastity belt is not necessary for this.

My wife ordered the CDs to arrive well before the belt was finished. Every night, she would strap me into bed, put headphones on me, and play the Joy of Chastity hypnosis CD. One effect of this hypnosis CD, which I am guessing is intentional by them, is that I soon became filled with intense cravings to be locked in a chastity belt. I began having dreams about it, I began fantasizing about it, and after about a week of daily hypnosis by the CD, I began getting anxious about when the new belt would arrive. Every night until the belt arrived, she repeated the evening bondage and hypnosis session. Sometimes I fell asleep for hours, awakening to find the CD still playing over & over, which soon lead to me falling back into the trance. My desire for the belt became unbearable after two weeks of these sessions. I kept putting on my leather belts, but desiring more intensity.

Finally the NeoSteel arrived. My wife had me strip naked, and she bonded my arms up to some ceiling hooks. She blindfolded me, and began strapping the NeoSteel onto my body. I was so excited that my heart was pounding and my breathing was more like a panting. I am certain that the hypnosis CD was responsible for a good part of my extreme excitement. As the waist belt was locked tight, I was surprised to feel the difference between a leather cb and a metal cb. The unyielding metal has a much different effect on your mind. You can instantly realize that a harness is being strapped onto your body which cannot be removed by yourself. As she locked it onto me, she was saying, You know you want this really bad. You know that you are not able to resist those hypnosis sessions. No matter what I do to you, the desire for this will not go away from your mind.

But when I felt that anal electrode dildo pressing against my anus, I really was surprised. My wife had lubed it well, nonetheless it really was some sensation as the large ball shaped tip was forced into my ass. I wanted to protest but somehow the effects of the hypnosis CD had me craving that anal device. Of course at that moment I still had no idea it was electrically powered. I just thought it was a butt plugger of some type. When she had me locked fully into the device, she released my hands and let me walk around for her. More than anything I really noticed that anal education device. When I sat down it really changed my entire world, as I quickly discovered that there is no way in which to get comfortable and forget what is strapped on & in my body. The combination of it all made me feel strangely submissive and helpless.

When I laid down on my back, in another attempt to find a comfortable position which would allow me to ignore my situation, I felt some stuff beneath my back. My wife laughed, telling me, that is the Education device, it is going to educate you on who is boss in this house. I make all the money, so I am boss. This device will just ensure you dont forget that. And if you bitch at me any more, I dont care anymore that you are permanently ill, this device will educate you to be polite and obedient to me. But talk is cheap, let me demonstrate to you.

So saying, she locked an inflatable gag harness onto my head, pumping the balloon large enough in my mouth to change my words to unintelligent sounds. This is to keep the neighbors from being bothered by your complaints. Then she walked back over to table where she had unpacked the belt, picking up a small remote control unit. With one of her very cute smiles, which always precedes something very kinky when we are playing sex games, she held up the remote and pressed a button. Instantly I felt tingling and stinging in my genitals and a mild electrical shocking in my anus. While I was stopped and analyzing the sensations, already deciding that this electrical device certainly could not force me to do anything, my wife hit another button.

This time the sensations were much stronger. I felt like a 1000 little pins & needles in my genitals, and a pulsation in my anus. A sensation that I was being forced to suck in the anal device by forced muscle action. I started trying to mumble through my gag that she had made her point and could turn it off. But once excited by her victims, my wife just gets more turned on by seeing their helplessness. Thus she hit another button. This time I jumped forward, thrusting my hips forward trying to escape the pain. As the electrical pulse continued I fell forward down to my knees, and then rolled sideways onto my face and stomach. Laughing with glee, my wife proceeded to play a game of pushing the buttons in random order and keeping me humping and grinding and rolling all about on the floor.

And even more intense is the automatic remote control option from CAT systems. Basically my wife locks it into one of her desk drawers and sets it to automatic. There are two dials. One of which sets the time between level one shocks, and the other between level two shocks. Plus on its own the unit randomly issues Level Three shocks. When I am locked in the NeoSteel with the Anal electrode turned on, and my wife leaves for shopping or whatever, with the automatic controller turned on -> big trouble for me ! It is an AMAZING feeling of helplessness already to be locked into the NeoSteel. But when the automatic remote control begins sending electric shocks into my ass via the anal electrode it is no longer possible to think about anything else but my total helplessness. And when the Level 3 shocks come without warning, sending me to the floor gasping, my penis always tries to get hard, due to the electricity on my prostrate. Naturally, the NeoSteel and erect penis do not mix well!

Until my wife returns my every moment is totally in control of the NeoSteel, the anal electrode and the automatic remote control. Usually when wearing a C.B. long-term I get used to it and can think of other things. But with that combination, nothing else exists in my world but my complete & utter helplessness. When my wife returns, like it or not, I am VERY obedient to her every command & whim. Otherwise she just leaves the automatic device on. Seeing as how it is totally relentless, never stopping, never sleeping, never getting bored or tormenting me, I have absolutely no way of resisting. And even the level 2 shocks are quite powerful.

Suffice it to say that I now have tremendous respect for this anal electrode option on the NeoSteel C.B. It is an amazing option, especially when combined with the Cat Systems automatic remote shock controller.

One note, we did find that the strength of the shocks was dependant on the belt position, and other matters. So we have modified the belt so the other pole of the electric circuit has more contact area with some electrode material we glued into the waist band of the belt. As this is a large area and the anal electrode is a small area, the pulse is felt almost entirely in my ass.

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