The Chasti-Permalock

Submitted by: jess

Hi Altairboy:

I got a little 'inspired' by the recent story "Happy Christmas Darling" and wrote sort of the same thing a different way. I'd like to remain anonymous, and don't know what to call it or how to point out that I borrowed the idea from elsewhere- though worth noting it is a 100% newly written (eg no copying/plagiarism) story just with borrowed theme.


It was anything but love at first sight when I met James, not by a long shot- but what started out as an intermittant and awkward friendship eventually blossomed into a far greater relationship than I could ever have imagined.

When we met, he was a geeky boy who had to have his mother dress him until I took over when he turned 19. If he had ever talked to a girl before he met me, no one I knew had heard about it. The poor guy usually got knocked out of the snack shack line at lunch by the jocks or called all sorts of terrible things by just about everybody.

I was walking through the halls one day when he was abruptly shoved into my cleavage by the star quarterback who'd asked me to prom last quarter. After my initial shock and after realizing he probably couldnt have done it intentionally even if he'd wanted to, my anger turned toward Brad "The Rocket" (or "Big Rocket" by some of the other girls). After sending Mr. Hotshot to his knees with my foot, I looked at the wimpy boy in front of me who seemed more shocked and scared than I would have expected after the view he'd just had. We never said a word that day and I went about my business as usual.

As time went on, we 'bumped into eachother' a few more times, literally. Eventually it became somewhat of a joke to us and the shock and horror of the first time dissolved into a weak smile and eventually a hug or two. By the time we graduated, we had started dating and I think I was probably the only girl he was even comfortable raising his head to meet eyes but you'd never know it just by looking at the two of us together- he was as confidant as could be with me.

Life after college was better for him and he was smart enough to get in just about anywhere. Despite whatever intelligence I might have, I didn't have the grades to show it, and got accepted primarily to all girls schools and party schools by most peoples' standards. He was so attached to me that he turned down schools like MIT and joined me at Chico State which was even a reach for me. I think he would rather have gone to community college or even given up school altogether than be apart from me.

Let's just say college was liberating for both of us. Free from the oppressions of living with parents, and for him, he was free from all of the crap that our fair school had passed along to him. We found ourselves even closer than before and wrapped up in the sheets all the more often. Everything was wonderful. He was wonderful.

I had thought everything was going great until he bursted into the room one morning carrying a large box with an angry look on his face.

"You bitch! All these years, .."

"Honey, what is wrong! Calm.."

"No! Don't you speak another word, you just sit there and shut your fat trap!"

"James! Buh..."

"All these years and I just NOW find out that you've been gabbing to all your friends about how you converted me into a stud and how I'm your little pet project, and how you have me wrapped around your little finger. Well starting today, I'll show you who is in control!"

With that, he came flying over to the bed where he set the box down and then slammed me onto my back and started kissing me. I thought maybe this was all some kind of a role-playing thing or maybe some kind of joke.

Abrubtly he stopped. "Close your eyes, open your mouth."

Amused, and confused, I complied. A few moments later, I felt something pressing against my lips, warm and fleshy. Mmmm I thought, and started licking. He started pressing himself into my mouth very deeply, a little more than I was used to and I opened my eyes. Instead of his stomach, I saw his hand pushing some sort of a dildo into my mouth. Confused, but now aroused, I closed my eyes again and continued licking. He didn't stop pushing though and soon a wide flange at the base of the thing was touching my lips.

I could still breathe and I was now satisfied that the thing wouldn't push in any further, so I resumed my activities wholeheartedly, assuming it was turning him on. The next thing I knew, he was sticking his finger between the flange and my lips and started working the flange underneath. Still trusting him, but now concerned, I tried to speak up and no sooner had a muffled grunt escaped than the already large dildo seemed to get a little bigger.

He looked at me, now done working the flange under my lips, and said, "Now, your big mouth isn't going to be a problem anymore. The device in your mouth is made by Chasti-Permalock Corporation, and just like it sounds, it is very permanent. It isn't totally permanent yet, and you do have a chance to prevent it from becoming that way though. The device is coded to your DNA and any attempts to remove it, or making any noise will result in the device filling up a little more of your loud mouth. Any more attempts in the following 10 minutes will result in the last size becoming permanent. If you are a good little girl, you get a second chance. Once you run out of room, the device will fill any remaining gaps with a nano-glue and solidify permanently, bonding itself to your skin forever."

He paused for a minute, letting the thought sink in, and continued, "So, how do you escape? Well, I have a remote control here that can control every function of that thing, which there are many many more than you even want to know about. There is only one remote, and if for some reason I am not in contact with it for more than 24 hours, the settings become permament, so don't try anything like getting me killed. The remote is also coded to your DNA and touching it will have the same result... Your so-called friends you've been gabbing to are probably your only chance though, since I am not going to be the one to save you. If you can convince one of them to remove it, you are free."

I grunted in desperation, only to be rewarded with an even larger object filling my mouth.

He smiled and stated flatly, "Well, now you are already a quarter of the way there and it's not going to get much smaller. Good luck convincing your friends you deserve out.... Oh, by the way, you might want to look in the mirror."

He let me get up as I headed for the mirror and tried to scream at what I saw.

"Oh! Good one Jess! This is going to go so much faster than I thought, you don't learn very quickly... By the way, that is an exact replica of your vagina, inside and out. If you go to your male friends, they might have a new interest in you. Have fun refusing them."

"You're not done yet by the way, it has a twin, and you know what will happen if you try and fight me on this one."

I reluctantly laid back on the bed, thinking that this couldn't get much worse and wondering how exactly this one could be a twin since, well, vaginas don't talk.

He ripped my pants and underwear off in one shot and shoved it home without hesitation. Seemingly knowing what was on my mind, he said, "This one is a little more fun, if you don't have sex with me within a 24 hour period, this one grows a notch permanently with no second chances, and there is no removing this one... ever.. You might feel a little pain as the hooks punch through your vagina and secure itself in there."

He pushed on the end of it and I was instantly greeted with agonizing pain, which must have been the hooks he was talking about. I screamed before I could stop myself.

"Well, since it hadn't been 10 minutes since your last outburst, you now have two settings permanent. Anyway, there are just as many good features on your new one too! Since there's a little more room down there, this one gets quite large. Oh, last thing, if you try and give oral to anyone or have sex with anyone other than me, both devices become permanent instantly."

In the back of my mind I still thought all this was a joke, but I was starting to realize that this was anything but.

Before I had much time to think about it, he picked up the remote, turned some knobs, and threw it out my 15th story window.

"I don't need any more sex from you. I don't need any pity from you. But most of all, I don't need to be anyone's pet project... Oh and the dials I just set should leave you insatiably horny and reward you with shocks on the maximum setting in addition to the existing punishments, along with a few other things you'll figure out over time. Enjoy your new life, bitch."

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