How to Convince Wife You Absolutely Need a CB

Submitted by: Bernard

I have (perhaps !) found the way to have my wife accept my wearing a chastity belt. I am now an old man who has not had sexual intercourse with my wife for many years. We sleep in separate bedrooms.

From time to time I go and see professional women who know I am addicted to vinyl and corsets or I masturbate in front of a mirror. As my erections are now difficult to obtain, I prefer to have my sexual organs emprisonned in a chastity belt.

This way I can get erotic thoughts that replace the erection. I ordered my CB from Neosteel by using their measuring kit (very practical for loners) and it fits me well. I try to wear it day and nights, but I am often obliged to unlock the belt in the middle of the night if I wake up too frequently.

Even when I am sitting straight (due to the CB acting like a corset) close to my wife on the sofa for watching the TV, she seems not to have discovered my secret. I cannot abruptly say to her : "you know, I am wearing now a chastity belt !".

If she discovers it, I hope to convince her that this chastity belt has been locked on my genitals by a "Mistress" (she is aware of my sexual habits) who said to me : "this way you won't masturbate yourself or see an other woman.

Perhaps your wife will be happy because with this equipment, you'll have to sit down for urinating and you wont spoil the toilets ! Maybe this last argument will convince her and she will accept to be the holder of your keys?

I'll mail you next time if this plan works for me.

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