Pleasure or Punishment - A true story

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To fully understand the situation I have found myself in, let me first explain the events leading up to today. It all started right around Halloween of last year. We have been into bondage for several years now. We actually have a rather nice selection of toys to play with, but we did not have a chastity device. After reviewing several of the name brand devices on the internet and seeing the price, we figured it would be better off to follow some of the design ideas and build our own. As my Wife and I are fans of this web page and have read many of the stories and instructions for home built chastity devices, we decided to give it a try just for fun (or so she told me at the time).


There were many excellent design ideas for a great variety of materials and levels of security. My Wife suggested that I construct a device that would be impossible to escape from unless she were to "release" me. After several attempts, I settled on the "PVC Tube" design that I read about. It took a few weeks of fitting and "fine tuning" as they say to get the tube secure enough that it did not slip off. Once I completed my construction, I presented the tube to my Wife on Christmas Eve. The small brass padlock that I purchased to lock the tube on came with two keys. One of which I presented to my wife with the tube, the other I kept for myself as insurance. I know that this defeats the purpose of such a device, but I was still unsure of the idea.

Christmas Day came, and one of the presents that my Wife gave me was a plain white envelope with the words "Open in Private" written on the outside. The curiosity almost killed me, so when the kids were playing with their new presents, I snuck off to read the contents of the envelope. It was simply a small note that read "I have ordered us a new toy on the internet to compliment the device you constructed. Come New Years Eve our lives will change forever." Needless to say, I could not help but constantly bug my wife to elaborate on her plan and tell me about the toy she ordered, but to no avail. I was told to just wait and see.

Well, New Years Eve arrived. We had the usual friends over for the evening. We even let the kids stay up to see the ball drop this year. By 1:30 AM, all had calm down. It was just my Wife and I still watching a little TV. Being the holiday that it was, I had quite a few drinks in me. When my Wife suggested that we go up to the bedroom as it was time for my surprise, I instantly sobered up. What I did not notice was that earlier in the evening, my Wife had gone up to the bedroom and had a few things "prepared" to enact her plan.

When I walked into the bedroom, the only light was from a few candles that she had placed throughout the room. She had already attached our chains to the bed, and had the locking leather wrist and ankle restraints, blindfold and her favorite vibrating butt plug layed out on the mattress. She instructed me to strip (which I eagerly did) and lie down on the bed in a "spread eagle" position. Then she went to work. First she locked the leather cuffs onto my wrists and attached them to the chains. Then the same with my ankles. After she had me very secured to the bed, she would usually take her butt plug and tease herself a little prior to placing it in. She told me that she was doing some things different tonight, and the she was going to put the plug in MY ASS. I had never had ANYTHING up my ass before, so needless to say the experience was quite extreme.

As I layed there complaining about the plug, she told me to shut up as the plug was going to be the least of my worries. It was then she brought out the tube that I had constructed. At first I was not all that concerned as I knew that I had a key for the lock. I have to give my Wife credit here as she suspected that I would keep a key. She took it upon herself to purchase a lock of her own without my knowledge. Right as she was mentioning this fact to me, I heard the dreaded "click" of the lock. At this point, I was nervous. Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but the tube I constructed was extremely secure. There was NO getting this thing off without the keys, and now SHE had the only ones.

So here it is, I am chained and locked to the bed, I have a vibrating butt plug going insane in my virgin ass, and now I have had my penis locked away. Just when I thought thinks could not get any worse, she brings out a box and tells me that it contains the new "toy" that she ordered. I thought to myself, finally I get to know what she got. However my Wife had different plans. She told me that she did not want me to know what it was right away, so on went the blindfold. Now I was really beside myself, with both grief and pleasure. My penis was starting to hurt as it was becoming erect and the tube did not allow adequate room for a full erection. I pleaded with my Wife to unlock the tube, but to no avail.

As she opened the box, she explained to me that I had been bad and she was going to punish me for my actions. She told me that she knew about my masturbation (which I had no idea that she knew) and that is why she had me construct the tube. She explained that the new toys she bought would be the only sexual intercourse that she would have for the entire year, and that I would be forced to assist her. I pleaded again, promising to stop masturbating, but she just kept enacting her evil plan. She described her new toys to me. She purchased a locking ball gag head harness and a realistic vibrating penis. The unique thing about the toys was that the penis attached to the end of the ball gag. She asked me if I had any last comments before my punishment started, which again gave me a chance to beg her to stop, but she quickly ceased my complaints by inserting the ball into my mouth.

It took her a while to get all of the straps adjusted, but once she did that was the end of any complaints from me. I could barely muffle a sound. Once she had the gag in place an tight, I could hear the snap of the locks. Being as I was blindfolded, I could not see what she was up to. She decided that she was going to cover my nipples with a nice coating of hot wax from one of her candles. I must say, that was only slightly painful. But she was not nearly done with only that as punishment. She had other plans. She had gotten undressed, and was preparing to attach her new dildo to the gag. I could only imagine how I looked. Chained down, blindfolded, locked in a chastity tube, nipples covered with hot wax and now with an 8" penis sticking straight out of my face attached to a ball gag locked on my head. I could smell the lubricant as she slicked up her new dick. It seemed like hours that she sat on my face, bouncing up and down having climax after climax. While I layed there, helpless to do anything.

When she was finally finished, I could again hear her rustling around in our "toy box". She removed her new penis from the gag, but left the gag in place. She started to explain that my punishment was not yet fully complete. As she was lecturing me again about masturbating, she removed the butt plug from my aching ass (thank goodness). She then took the chains that were holding my ankles down on the bed and moved them up to the overhead hooks on the ceiling. My legs were now pulled slightly apart and straight up. It was then that she explained to me that the gag was not the only thing that her new penis attached to. Before I could completely comprehend the worst, I felt it. My Wife was starting to fuck my ass. I tried to scream because of the pain, but the gag prevented that. She pounded me for what felt like a week straight, the whole time slapping my cheeks to further humiliate me. Calling me her "bitch" and telling me that this will be the only "fucking" that will go on all year.

When she was finally done with her fucking, she collapsed on the bed next to me. As she laid there, she gently caressed my chest and told me that she loved me and the punishment I just endured was for my own good. After a few moments rest, she unlocked me from the bed and removed the gag. I kissed her passionately, long and hard. I told her that I deserved the punishment for all of the whacking off that I did, but I did not really believe that she was going to keep me locked in the chastity tube for a whole year. She kissed me softly and said "But dear, I am."

It is now the middle of February. She has kept true to her word, and is having a ball. She makes me do the dishes, run the vacuum cleaner and other household chores. Not to mention that she gags me and jumps up and down on her new toy just about every night. She is not missing out on any sex, just me. She felt a little sorry for me the one night last week, so she let me wear the strap on and fuck her. The feeling caused by fucking when you do not have use of your own penis is mind blowing. I have become quite accustomed to my device. I just hope that I can change her mind about a whole year in chastity.

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