Neosteel Remote Control Education shield review (RCS)

Submitted by: Jerry_me

Let me tell you my own story adorned with pictures... I've been wearing chastity belt since many years... . and I've been testing many different belts... Even if today I consider steel chastity belt as the most secured belt, I still continue to think that the best compromise in terms of security and comfort was definitely the leather lockable short from Fetters. However the main drawback with this short/belt was to be worn only for short period of time as no urinating can be done while having the short on. I bought once a CB2K but I was so disappointed that I almost sold it after a few days and I do not consider these devices as chastity belt but much more as a chastity penis device.

Speaking about serious belt, after my first Jones belt bought almost 10 years ago, which I believe, was one of the first available steel belts, I purchased a classic male neosteel belt. I do not know if I was wrong when taking the measurements but I was unable to wear and support the belt for more than a few hours. I decided however to give a 2nd chance to Neosteel and ordered a She Male Hip CB. This one hopefully can be worn for longer period of times.

Here is how looks like my She Male Hip belt with the additional front shield on.


As this belt is a she Male chastity belt, I consider normal that panties should be worn over the belt. I've been always very impressed that the belt is almost invisible even under a tiny string. See picture below:


When this 2nd belt was ordered, in order to add some fun it was decided to have also a removable anal dildo mounted on the belt as an option. Here is how huge is the dildo. I really love this picture as it gives a good view of how is done internally the design of the she male belt. It also shows the way the dildo is locked at the rear on the belt.


I was rather satisfied with this belt configuration but decided that some interactions between my loving key holder and me should be added when being belted. We decided then that the remote control education shield sold by Neosteel should reply our needs.

Here is the complete kit we received:


The RCS is composed of a rear shield on which an electric dildo is mounted. The Dildo is inserted in the anus and securely locked on the belt by two additional locks. Please note that the RCS can be installed or removed without having to take off the main belt.

Here is a close view of the RCS mounted on the belt:


The electric steel dildo is extremely well designed and can be worn for very long period of time without any pain. In comparison, I was only able to accept and support the initial dildo for only 2 or 3 hours, as its size was rather large. On the other hands, this one on the picture above is not too small, not too large. You'll understand me easily if you compare the 2 picture with the dildo mounted to the belt!


As you can see on the picture in addition to the 2 locks to hold securely the RCS, there is also on the box above the belt, an additional switch to have the RCS put on or off. A small key is inserted to turn the RCS on or off. It means for the wearer they're no ways, once the RCS has been turned on to escape the electrical inputs provided by the dildo. The RCS is an add-on provided for neosteel by Cat systems. (htttp:// The RCS is also called the CS-700/K in their catalog.

The interesting part of this device for the key holder is the remote control itself. The remote control is a simple but efficient box that comes with three push buttons. With that, the Key holder can cause eligible electric shocks in the frequency level betweens 10Hz and 100Hz. The voltage of the impulses is approximately 70 volts.

At the frequency of 10Hz (first button), this level 1 arranges the impression of stimulation. The first time I received the first light electric shocks I was extremely surprised to see that the impulse is not felt at all on the dildo inside the anus, but the stimulation is much more felt at the genitalia on the inside front steel shield. The feeling is a kind of itching/tickle.

At level 2 (second button) the feeling is much more stronger, and you really feel the electrical impulse on your penis and on all the genitalia parts. It's still acceptable.

At level 3, I consider it as too painful, although still harmlessly. The few times this one was chosen, I was doing jumps as a reaction of the electrical inputs.

On global bases, I'll say the electrical inputs received are also dependant on which part of the belt is in contact with your skin. Sometimes event level 1 can be painful. Sometimes, level 2 just provides a small itching.

The Remote control in ideal condition can reach up a distance of 1000 meters. No need to say it works extremely well inside a house.

Here is a detailed picture of the remote control:


Finally, here is a rear view once the RCS is fully mounted on the belt. It's extremely comfortable and the whole thing can be easily worn under normal street clothes without being noticed.


A closer view of the RCS shows how the dildo is securely holds in place.


I'll be glad to reply any questions some others could have about this belt configuration and the RCS and I will be interested to receive feedback from others RCS owners and users.

Kind regards. Jerry_me

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