Home Built female Chastity belt

Submitted by: Joseph

My wife and I recently created a low profile, unobtrusive female anti-rape/chastity belt that allows greater body movement and flexibility. The design consists of 5mm plastic coated security cable with stainless steel selves pressed on at specific locations to form loops and eyelets allowing the cable when positioned around the waist to be pulled through itself creating a tightening thong effect with the two end loops meeting from front and back at the vulva area to be locked together.

n050224a.jpg n050224b.jpg

The lock barrel is a high security radial pin tumbler cam lock with the cylindrical type keys. To reduce the barrel's projection it sides into the end of a stainless steel dildo shaped housing inserted into the vagina, a circular flange around the housing governs its penetration and eliminates other access. An optional larger oval shaped convex curved flange could cover the entire vulva area. Also at the open end of the housing there are two slots opposite each other for inserting the ends of the cable loops, they will overlap each other within the housing and when the lock barrel is inserted it sides through the cable loops locking the whole lot together and in place.

Update - March 23, 2005

Pleasantly surprised to hear the belt has created some interest, the one and only prototype I made for my wife is handmade from stainless steel tube/flat plate and was a headache to file the open end shape, side slots, internal plate for the locking pin on the back of the barrel, then welding the whole lot together finally grinding and polishing everything smooth.

n050224c.jpg n050224d.jpg
n050224e.jpg n050224f.jpg

We wanted to confirm the concept of the design but unfortunately I won't be making any more although I quite liked the way the cable pulled tight through itself it could be improved or alternatively replaced with a nicely contoured, sculptured stainless steel thong locked up using the same stainless steel dildo and barrel, like a hasp and staple.

The barrel itself is a standard radial pin tumbler cam lock available from any good locksmith worldwide, a couple common manufactures brand names are Baton or ILco and are normally used on cigarette/drink can vending machines or pinball/electronic arcade game machines.

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