Lifelong female keyholder offers advice

Submitted by: Mistress Anne

Hello Altairboy,

I wish to remain anonymous, so I am taking the name Mistress Anne just for the sake of having a name to use for future correspondence. Please keep my e mail private for now, as I do not want unwanted males begging for chastity. I have been there and done that. This note is for Females only, Keyholders, new or experienced. This advice is not for weekend game players. This is for real life keyholders and their slaves.

I have been a keyholder in some capacity since I held the keys for a British gentleman from 1987-91, who was secured in a Tollyboy belt. From the very beginning, I realized this was certainly no game, at least not for the male. Of course I could never hold the keys for anyone in a plastic or escapable belt, as it takes all the fun away for me. I heartily recommend the Lori chastity tube, it is far and away the best and most inescapable device available today. Nothing around the waist to hamper movement, or require constant attention. With a Prince Albert Piercing, the male certainly cannot "pull out" of the tube. The new locking device seems as perfect as I have ever seen, and any male locked in this device will remain so until unlocked with the key.

How does it work? Well, measuring is the whole thing. Every guy thinks his penis is bigger or wider than it is. Go to any hardware store and get a few pieces of tubing from 1 7/8 to 2 to 2 1/4 inches in width (not circumference). Whichever one he can get his penis into is the size to order. My current slave was sure he was at least 3 inches, and was going to order a 3 inch tube, and I brought him a set of smaller tubing. He was 2 1/4 inches wide, and 3 inches long (Shaft only). I had him order the tube with the cage top, making it about 4 inches in total length, and a device he has come to respect. It takes several months to get your tube, but it also takes the piercing that long to heal enough to use, so it works out perfectly. We got his newest device, a #7 with hood 2 years ago. I have not allowed him to orgasm since.

As I type this, he is in pantyhose and heels cooking dinner. I am dressed in heels and hose, lipstick and bright red fingernails. (Find out what turns him on and drive him crazy with it) If dinner is to my satisfaction, he will be securely bound (I love tape mummification over shrink wrap, or a spread eagle on the bed, or anything in between) with just his penis sticking out. I will get comfortable and tease his penis for several hours. He is so strung out by now that I never fully grip it, just lightly touch it, and kiss it and tickle it with my nails. If it gets too big, I ice it down, and begin all over again. He is never allowed to cum, and I love to hear him beg and cry, which he does with each teasing. See, I get aroused to no end by knowing he is so frustrated sexually. I just have no desire to end this feeling, each day that passes brings new reasons why he should orgasm, more delicious begging, tears, real honest to goodness tears of frustration, and best of all, a stream of pre cum that never ends. He is like a male stallion dripping and dripping!

In return, I have the best sex life a woman could want. I make him use strap ons sometimes, but more fun is a special gag I found on the internet. Penis on the inside, nice and wide, and penis on the outside, just for me. I enjoy the rides immensely, while he struggles under me just for air! Oral sex whenever I want, back rubs, foot rubs, and best of all, I do not even keep the keys at home. I used to keep the keys at the neighborhood bank in a safe box, and I have since moved 30 miles away from the bank, and the keys remain there. So on weekends I could not unlock him even if I wanted, and ladies, don't think for a minute that you won't give in at a weak moment. I would have let him out on more than one occasion if I had the key available. But after the heat of the moment, and despite the best tears he can muster, the key has never been removed from the bank for purposes of sex. I have removed it for periodic cleanings and occasional planned torture tease sessions (as I call them).

Torture tease sessions are held at times that are convenient for me and my whims. I use bondage always, and never ever let him cum. He always starts out thinking this is the time, and ends up with him babbling crying begging and pleading. I get so hot from this I sometimes use his face for hours afterwards. Use your fingernails only. Never or hardly ever put pressure on his organ. Just scratch, kiss, lick and verbally tease. Gag him until you want to hear the wonderful begging, then remove the gag. Ever use a rubber hood? They go crazy in there all day. Just keep teasing away. And do not feel guilty. He asked for the chastity. He thought he could control you and still experience his pleasure! Not so! You have the keys, his is yours completely.

Punishment. Ever spank a man till he cries? It's time you did, because he will then be afraid of something that you can do to him. I always save up infractions, then tell him when the punishment will be. He is so good after that! He just gushes with obedience. Never go back on your word, at the promised time, get out the paddles and restraints, put him in pantyhose, and never look back. You will know when to stop. One thing to know, if you find out he likes the pantyhose, don't do it. Only sissify the guys who hate it. Use pantyhose as a reward for real sissies, not as punishment. When you sissify, take pics, use them as leverage. And have fun with it. He will die a thousand deaths in shame. Again, he asked for all this when he gave you the keys to his penis. Don't disappoint him! Your relationship is going to heights you never imagined. Enjoy it.

Does he need to cum? Once a year is more than enough. Once every 2 years is better. Never is best! He will leak, his prostate will release enough semen when it needs to. Don't let him use that to get you to let him cum. By keeping him chaste, he will always be waiting for the next tease, the next chance at a cum. Let him think it is just around the corner. He's so close, but when you see his boner waving wildly in the air, fucking the air like it was the worlds best pussy, remember these words, "not time yet honey" But soon it will be, just keep trying and you will get there, I promise! In return, the worlds second best husband or boyfriend will be yours! (Mine is the best right now). Used to be the worst.

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