The Pussy Control Contract

Submitted by: Abuse2Amuse


The three stories below are basically true. The truth is that I wrote the stories before they came true. Then I showed the stories to my wife who was intrigued by them and brought them to life, fairly close to the way they were written.

Men, if you want your wife to become a dominating key-holder, this is one technique that worked for me. As described in the first story, my wife would not have become a dominating key-holder had I not written the stories which showed her the way. I hope someone else will learn from this example and get their wife to understand the joys and benifits of becoming a chastening key-holder.

Best wishes to all superior women and to all humiliation-craving men!

Part 1

My wife and I have a great marriage. We are in love and have few disagreements or issues. My only unfulfilled desire was that she get interested in BDSM and be willing to play the part of a mean, bitchy dominatrix. Occasionally, actually just once per year, she would give me a session of domination, however, it was a chore for her and she really wasn't into it. This reduced the excitement some, but at least she made the effort. It seemed ironic to me that she did not want to play dominatrix in our sex life, because normally she really likes being in control.

Her complaint with me was that I was getting a little overweight, say, twenty pounds overweight. I exercised some, but ate too much. She really wanted me to diet and slim back down to the firm-assed guy she married twenty years ago.

One day while scanning the Internet, I came across the Altairboy web site and read the stories with fascination. Then I had a big idea and took a big risk. I was going out of town for a few days. I copied a few stories from the web site, printed out a picture of a guy locked up in a chastity device, and then wrote out a "Pussy Control Contract". I put it all in a sealed envelope, handed it to her when I left and told her to read it while I was away.

When I called her from out of town, I half expected to hear her get angry and tell me she was disgusted with the reading material. I was pleasantly surprised when she talked to me in a sexy voice and told me she was intrigued by the idea. I think she liked the idea of being in control of our sex activity, thinking that she could enjoy sex more if it was on her terms instead of mine. The Pussy Control Contract gave her the legitimate authority to have sex entirely for her own satisfaction. No more "slam-bam thank you madam" sex for me.

The ability to control my diet appealed to her as well. She was tired of the arguments that ensued whenever she tried to stop me from eating sweets and late night snacks.

She saw that I was giving her a chance to take control. She knew instinctively that what I would need in order to stay in the game was some strict domination, teasing and denial. When I got home, we ordered a Curve chastity cage. When it arrived, we signed the Pussy Control Contract below and locked up my cock with the Curve.

The Pussy Control Contract

Valid from May 15, 2004 through June 6, 2004

1. Parties and Purpose

This is a contract between B and V. The purpose of this contract is to allow V to exercise control over certain limited aspects of B's life using her sexual power. (I.e. "Pussy Control") The agreement is limited to the date range above and is also limited to control over B's sexual experiences and his eating habits only. This contract will not be valid beyond the date range above unless both parties agree to extend it.

2. Sexual Activities and "Pussy Control"

During the valid period of this contract, V will have complete control of B's cock, including when he can get hard, and when he can come. V has the right to keep B's cock locked up whenever she chooses, with the exception of when B is out of town. B will be allowed sexual activity only at V's discretion, but will be given opportunities to earn sexual release if he follows V's orders regarding his diet. B will give V sexual pleasure in any way she chooses. She may come and be sexually satisfied whenever she wants and may leave B without sexual release for as long as she chooses but not to exceed 5 days at a time.

3. Diet

V will determine B's diet and eating habits entirely during the period of this contract. V will decide what B eats and drinks. B will obtain permission from V before eating anything. V may require B to go an entire day without eating, but not more than 1 day in any consecutive seven days. B will be allowed to drink all the water he wants to drink.

4. Enforcement

V has the right to verify that B is not getting sexual release in any way without her knowledge and permission, including the use of a restraining device. If B violates the "Diet" clause once, V will have the right to exceed the 5-day limit in paragraph 2 above. If B violates this "Diet" clause 3 times, V may punish him in any way she sees fit.

5. General Limitation

V's use of pussy control is limited to controlling B's diet and sexual activity only, and may not be used to control any other aspects of B's behavior.

__________________________________   __________________________________
B                             Date   V                             Date


V should understand that this contract would work best if she exercises moderation with her right of control, and does not take it to the extremes of dietary or sexual starvation. She will apply pussy control most effectively if she teases and builds up a certain level of sexual frustration in B that will be relieved upon following her prescribed diet. This contract should enhance our sex life, not hurt it. The sexual excitement is more mental than physical. If this contract enhances our sex life, it is more likely to be renewed.

We signed the Pussy Control contract. We bought a chastity device called the "Curve" and I began to wear it. The first time I put it on and V ceremoniously clicked the lock shut, my mind underwent a seismic shift and a shudder of fear went through me. Although V had always owned my penis figuratively, she now literally owned it, physically and mentally. Moreover, I was completely denied my own penis and was totally at her mercy. I was both exhilarated and frightened at the same time. I felt vulnerable, but I had complete trust in her. Little did I realize how effectively V would use her newfound control over me to enhance our love life.

The first thing she did was sit me down and issue some new rules. Previously, I had a habit of groping her tits, pussy and ass every chance I got. She told me that this usually annoyed her. "Rule Number One", she ordered: "You may only touch my private areas when I give you permission. Understood?" I agreed. Then she pulled off her top and showed me her tities. Instinctively, I leaned in to suck on them but she slapped my face. "Rule Number Two," she continued: "Look but don't touch". I agreed, but I immediately began begging to suck her tities. She informed me that begging would only hurt my chances and postpone my access to her body. "Rule Number Three. No begging unless I tell you to."

I agreed to her rules, but I was afraid I would not see her beautiful sexy parts much after that. I was very wrong. She began to tease me by flashing her tits, pussy and ass at me frequently. She loved knowing that it made my cock tingle even though it could not get hard. This had a powerful effect on me, keeping me mentally horny and always desiring her.

Our first night of sex after the device was locked on was interesting. V got naked and told me to do the same. Then she removed my cock cage. After lots of kissing and fondling, she let me put it in her. She fucked me wildly and then rolled over on top of me, which meant she was going to come. After she came, she jumped off and waited for my cock to get limp. Then we locked it back up without letting me come. Then she told me that if I continued to follow the diet she prescribed, she would let me come the next night.

The next night, she got naked and removed the cock cage again. She told me that I could put the head of my penis between her pussy lips, but I was not to push it in any further or I would have to stop. Then she told me to pump it until I came. I pumped and pumped and eventually came in her pussy. I rolled over on my back. Then she squeezed her pussy closed with her fingers so it would not drip out and she straddled my face. "Open wide", she ordered. I opened my mouth and she spread her pussy lips. Her pussy was glistening with come, which began to drip into my mouth. Then she lowered her pussy to my lips and ordered me to lick it clean. "Get used to it", she admonished, "You will be cleaning me up after sex from now on."

Sex after that got better and better, although not predictable. One night she was watching some light porn and told me to go shave my face. When I returned, she was naked with her legs spread wide. She pointed as her pussy and said: "Eat me, and make me come". I did and she did. Then she praised me for losing some weight, kissed me goodnight and told me that she loved me. I was denied even a hard on that night.

The next night she told me I was going to be given a chance to come. She stripped naked and unlocked my cock. I got hard in a microsecond. Then she told me that she wanted to watch me masturbate all the way. I was to come on her tits. I straddled her and began to pump. She looked at her watch and said: "You have exactly two minutes to come before I lock you up again". This actually made it more difficult to come. After two minutes, I had not come although I was close. She ordered me to stop and put on the cock cage. I protested that I was too hard to put it on, but she just told me to go ice it down. Then she locked up my cock.

The following night she told me to finish my masturbation. This time there was no time limit. I dragged it out for some enjoyment and then I came all over her tities. I was in heaven. Then she told me to "lick it up". I hesitated and made a squeamish face. She slapped me and said: "You will lick it up immediately and love it". I quickly did as she commanded. She admonished me with, "Don't ever hesitate to follow an order like that again or you will be very sorry". I acknowledged. She told me that my punishment would be to go one day with nothing to eat except one bowl of fruit. Then she reminded me that I signed up for this, kissed me goodnight and told me that she loved me.

One night V really needed to relax and relieve some stress. She turned on our hot tub and we both got naked. I was grateful when she removed my cock cage, but when she produced a bag of ice I knew I was going to get teased and put away dripping. We made out in the hot tub and then proceeded to the bedroom where candles were burning. She told me to lock up my cock and then give her a massage. I gave her a sensuous massage, rubbing every part of her body down to her toes and fingers. As she was falling asleep, she promised to fuck me in the morning, but only if I did not wake her up before she was ready.

One evening V handed me a tube of hair remover and told me that I was to get all the hair off my balls and I was never to let it grow back, even if I had to remove it every day. I did as she wished. That night she removed the cage and sucked on my balls, gently at first, but then she started sucking very hard. It was hurting quite a bit, but when I protested she said, "Stop whining and take it". She sucked them so long and hard that they swelled up with come. Then she put my cock back in its cage and kissed me goodnight. The next time I came there was plenty of come, which delighted her.

The most devilish teasing I endured happened when we were home alone for a long evening. She told me that the next day was going to be a tough diet day. I would be allowed only one egg for breakfast, one apple for lunch, and a bowl of spinach for dinner. As a matter of extra insurance, she needed to get me extra frustrated so I would want sex badly by the end of that hungry day.

She ordered me to strip and put on Velcro wrist cuffs. Then she tied my arms to the bedposts. She did a sexy strip tease and then took off the cock cage. She kissed me all over and then began sucking my cock. After a while she started pumping it but told me not to come or I would not get even a tease for four days. After a while, I was getting close and blurted out, "I'm going to come!" She immediately let go, dropped a bag of ice on my cock and left the room. After fifteen minutes that seemed like an hour, she returned and began to pump up my shriveled dick. Again I got close to coming and again she let go and iced me down.

This went on and on for several more cycles, each one getting shorter. It got to the point where she would only pump for ten seconds before my cock started to spasm and then she stopped. Every time some pre-come dripped out, she collected it on her finger and made me lick it. Finally, she iced me down and put on the cock cage so I couldn't get hard. Relieved, I thought it was over, but then she continued teasing me by putting her tits, pussy and ass all over my face. Finally she untied me and kissed me to sleep. The next day I followed her diet orders. That night, she fucked me like as bucking bull and I came in ecstasy.

One morning early on in the contract, I was ready to go to work while she was in the bathroom naked. I asked her if she would unlock the cock cage for one day. She sat back on the counter, spread her legs, and told me to get down on my knees right in front of her pussy. She pulled her pussy lips apart so I could see it in all of its greatest glory. Then she told me to repeat the following words, "This pussy belongs to my key-holder, V. She controls me with this pussy. I will obey her commands and fulfill her wishes." Then she let me stand up and she removed the cage. "Memorize those words", she said, "You will be repeating them." This has since come to be called the "Pussy Pledge" and she has me recite it from time to time in order to reinforce her control.

Part 2 - (5 months later)

Well, I think my wife has finally figured it out. She has figured out how to get her way and be in control of many aspects of our relationship, just by giving me some of the sexual humiliation that drives me wild for her.

After an initial 3 to 4 weeks of fun chastity play, the Curve was put away and forgotten about, until recently. Five months back, my wife had played the bitchy dominatrix I wanted her to be for a short time, but then we went back to our usual vanilla sex. I think she has been afraid to truly take control using her sexual power. Before we married, we agreed that neither of us should ever use sex as a bargaining tool in the marriage. We both believed that it was unhealthy for a long-term relationship. That was before I developed my craving to be sexually dominated. Although I have explained this to her, I think she has still been hesitant to really use her pussy power to get her way, thinking it would backfire. (I would let her know if it came to that)

A couple weeks ago, to my surprise, she brought up the "device" as she calls it, and asked me to start wearing it again. I was happy that she did this on her own initiative. I had said nothing about it, but deep down I was disappointed when she stopped showing interest four months ago. She put it on me for five days before we had sex. I was on my second period of sexual denial this week when she really stepped up her control.

She was taking a hot bath, and I was massaging her in the tub with the Curve installed. When we went in the bedroom she asked me to get a naughty video, the Velcro wrist restraints, and the leather paddle that she occasionally uses to smack my butt. She clicked my hands behind my back and told me to kneel before her by the bed. She was on the edge of the bed with her nightgown on, but I was naked and restrained. She just sat there tapping the leather paddle against her palm for a long time. I wondered what was up.

She started in on me slowly at first. "The reason you are naked and I am dressed is so that you will feel vulnerable. Your wrists are bound for obvious reasons. I am going to ask you some questions and I expect true answers." The first question should not have surprised me but it did.

"Did you masturbate when I was out of town?" she asked. When I didn't answer, she smacked my face on each cheek with the paddle, just hard enough to put me in a state of shock. She had never used it on my face before. "Answer me!" she demanded. "Yes", I admitted, "I did masturbate". SMACK, SMACK! She hit me harder this time and yelled, "You lied to me! You told me you didn't masturbate, but you did!" In her anger, she had slapped me hard with the leather and it really stung. "I knew it! You can't ever lie to me because I always know!"

"Now listen real well", she continued, "I consider masturbation to be a form of cheating on your wife. It's not as bad as going with another woman. For that I would divorce you. But you are getting sexual satisfaction without me and I think that's unfair. Don't you think it's unfair?" she asked as she held up the paddle. I nodded in sorry agreement. Then she asked, "How often do you masturbate?" I was stunned silent. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! I was now quite scared and four more smacks on the face made me blurt out my confessions. When she found out how often I was masturbating, she gave me a few more smacks and then calmed down.

"I'm going to put an end to this masturbation", she declared. "Up until now, this chastity contraption has been just fun and games, but now it's going to be serious business. I think I need to keep you locked up all the time and take the key with me. I need to know that you are not getting sexual stimulation without me. It's not fair and it's time I took over your cock. In fact, it is no longer your cock at all. It is my cock and my cock only. You are not even going to be allowed to touch it ever again, except with my supervision. You need to become a chaste, faithful, obedient husband and I define what that means. For one thing, it means that you cannot ever again get a hard-on unless I allow it. Understood?" I nodded yes.

"Now let's talk about orgasms", she continued to lay down her law. "All through our marriage you have considered it your prerogative to fuck me and come in me any time you wanted. You don't always get me horny first, so I end up not coming and with a messy pussy full of come. You probably come ten times for each time I get to come, and that's not considering your countless masturbations. Do you think that's fair?" she asked.

"You never complained, so I thought you liked it", I answered.

SMACK, SMACK! I shouldn't have said that.

"I'm going to change the rules starting right now. From now on we will have sex only when I say so. You might have to go several days without an orgasm, or even a hard-on, because I'm going to keep you locked up until I get horny. If you want sex, you better work at getting me in the mood. I'm also going to teach you the value of my pussy. You will understand what a privilege it is to come in my pussy by being teased and denied repeatedly. There will be times when you will be asked to lick me to orgasm but you will not be allowed out of the cock cage. Sometimes I will have you fuck me to orgasm, but you will not be allowed to come, and you will be put back in the cage."

"Oh, yes. Let's talk about that nasty come of yours. If you do get the rare privilege of coming in my pussy, I expect you to have the decency to clean it for me afterwards. OK?" she asked.

"OK", I replied.

"I mean clean it with your tongue!" she explained. "Why should I be subjected to rough paper on my precious pussy, when your soft tongue can do the job?"

"But." I began to protest. SMACK, SMACK! My face was really stinging now from all the blows I had endured. I'm sure I was glowing like a lit candle.

"All through our marriage, you have gotten blow jobs and expected me to eat your come. Is that fair? Why should I ever eat your come? Why shouldn't you eat your own come, and prove to me that you love me enough to clean my pussy in the most humiliating way imaginable?"

I couldn't fault her logic. I put up more fuss, trying to protest my way out of the clean up chore, but my protests only brought more blows to my already aching face. Deep down, however, I was conflicted. You see, when I'm horny as hell, the thought for being forced to eat come makes me excited for the humiliation, however, once I do come, the thought of actually eating it is not pleasant. I wanted to please her so much, however, and I also want to learn to like it. Thus, I agreed to the tongue duty.

"Don't worry", she calmed me, knowing exactly what I was thinking. "After you've licked my pussy clean from come several times, you will begin to enjoy it. I know I will, and my enjoyment should give you every reason to be happy. That's how sex is supposed to be. It's a chance to show me how considerate you can be", she laughed, knowing now she had me where she wanted me. "If you are a good little sex slave, I might let you masturbate on my tits, just so I can watch as you lick up your own come. I think I'll enjoy that show!"

"Once you get used to the idea of keeping my pussy clean with your tongue, I'm going to give you the ultimate humiliation. You're going to lick me clean after I pee. I can't wait to feel that. It's a good feeling knowing that my little sex slave loves me so much that he will always be happy to clean my pussy with his tongue."

Finally, she was done with her lecture and ready to demonstrate her newly declared power over me. She pulled up her nightgown and showed me her pussy. I went wild with desire and she knew she had me had driven me over the edge with her humiliating talk. She made me beg to lick it. She had me turn on the video. While she watched some hot lovers fucking, I ate her pussy, still wearing the chastity device. It was driving me crazy, but I said nothing and did my duty. As soon as she got good and horny, but not too far gone, she piled up the pillows in the center of the headboard and had me lay back on them. We removed the cock cage. Then she tied my wrists to the corner posts so I would not be tempted to touch her, or myself. She sank her pussy down on my cock and had me suck her tits. This is how she brings on her orgasm. Before long, she came hard and long. Then she told me to wash my cock and put the Curve back on. I was not going to be allowed to orgasm.

I protested that it was not fair for her to come and not me, but that just drew an incredulous stare. I understood what she meant. Then she came up with a very generous offer. "I owe you one", she said. "What?" I responded, confused. "Let me explain", she continued. "Since I have come, but you have not, you have one emergency merit in the `Bank of V'. I'm going to tease and deny you tomorrow and the next day and so on. You have one merit in the bank that will become valid after 24 hours from now. At that time, if I have not let you come already and you cannot stand it anymore, you will be allowed to claim your merit, which means you will be allowed come. You will come either by fucking me or by masturbating for me. I will decide how you come, but either way, you will have to eat the come for me."

"Once you use up your merit, we are back to even. From that point on, you will only come when I decide to allow it, now matter how long that takes. The only way to earn another emergency merit is to make me come again without coming yourself, understand?"

I understood very clearly. I asked her how long I would have to go without sex after that. "Go weigh yourself and come back and tell me how much you weigh", she suggested. I knew where this was going. After I reported my weight she gave the simple answer: "You need to lose 4 pounds and hold it there for two days before you get to have another orgasm. Oh yes, and don't forget to smile and say `I'd love to' next time I invite you to go shopping with me."

Now she was really beginning to see how she could get me to do things she wanted me to do, while satisfying my deviant but inescapable desire for sexual domination and humiliation. I'd say she's really figured it out.

My life with V has taken a big turn. I will let you know how it turns out in a few more weeks.

Part 3

My wife and I are having a great sex life and better relationship now that I am wearing the Curve most of the time. She likes the way I behave with her when I am locked up, and I like the way she dishes out sexual humiliation in order to keep me agreeable to the lock-up. She says she wishes I could be so sweet to her without the use of a cock-restraining device; nonetheless, the result is what really matters. It is sort of an even trade. She gets to control me and train me to do her bidding while I get to be dominated and abused. That's fair, right?

How she trains me

My wife really enjoys training me. Here are some of the things she does.

Finger-snapping. We have a code that allows her to exercise her control. One snap means, "Don't do that!" For example, if I'm about to eat something she doesn't approve of, she snaps her fingers once and I know not to eat. Two snaps mean, "Follow me." For example, she may snap twice for me to follow her into the kitchen to help her with dinner or to clean up. Three snaps mean, "Get down on your hands and knees and kiss my feet." She does this almost every night before bed and in the morning when we awake. It reminds me that she is in control and that I am being trained to obey.

She has a point system that is a bit of a mystery to me. If I do something to please her beyond her expectations, she gives me points, but if I disappoint her, she takes away points. She tells me that each point adds or subtracts a day from the period of penis lock-up. The mystery is in the fact that she never tells me exactly how many days I have left. That's for her to know and me to guess. Nonetheless, the awarding of points, whether added or subtracted, is very effective in training me. Even one day of extra lock-up is very difficult for me to absorb because she keeps me so horny. Keeping me horny makes the training very effective.

She is training me to lose weight. She used to control my eating and my exercise separately, but it is simpler for her to just tell me what weight I need to hit on the scale in order to be eligible for release and orgasm. This is a powerful motivator and keeps me in shape.

She likes me to stay by her side when we are home alone. She accomplishes this by making me strip naked and typing one end of a thin cord around my cock and balls. She may leave me naked, have me put on some skimpy briefs or get fully dressed. She then ties the other end of the cord to her belt loop. It reminds me of the nursery rhyme, ". and every where that Mary went her lamb was sure to go."

She has trained me to go to great lengths to romance her and make her horny before trying to have sex with her. She's one that needs a lot of foreplay if she is going to be able to have an orgasm. I used to just fuck her quickly to please myself, but now she is training me to make sure she has a chance to come. If I don't at least work hard for her orgasm, it is a sure bet that I'll be kept in the Curve longer without coming.

She also has trained me to clean her pussy. I always clean her up after sex these days, and I clean her after she pees whenever she wants me to. She may snap twice for me to follow her into the bathroom when she needs to pee so I can wash her pussy with a warm cloth and dry it. On occasion, she tells me to lick her clean.

Other things she has trained me to do include foot rubs, back rubs, and hot baths where I wash and dry her. I also dry her after her shower.

When she first locks me up for a new chastity period, she has me kneel down and she shows me her pussy while I repeat the pussy pledge: "This pussy belongs to my key-holder, V. She controls me with this pussy. I will obey her commands and fulfill her wishes."

How she humiliates me

Regular teasing and humiliation is the key to keeping me locked up in the chastity device. Practically speaking, I could refuse to put the Curve on if there was nothing in it for me. However, I crave for domination, especially sexual humiliation, and so she dishes out a little (or a lot) every day.

Each night before bed, she takes off her make-up in the bathroom. She makes be strip and tie a cord to my balls. Then I must sit patiently at her feet and keep her company. One night when she was unhappy with me, she cuffed my hands behind my back, opened the back door and told me to sit outside on the step naked. The cord was threaded through the door jam and tied to the doorknob inside. Every few minutes, she opened the door to see how I was doing. It was cold outside and I begged her to let me in. She would make me apologize but kept me out. She did this several times before I was allowed back in.

When we have sex, I try very hard to give her a pleasurable orgasm. She likes it when I lick her to orgasm. She also likes to fuck me with her on top while I suck her tits. In the old days, she would rarely come but I did come every time. That's not the case anymore. If I don't make her come, she usually locks me back up without an orgasm. That way I'll be very motivated to get her in the mood to come next time and to be gentle and loving. If I do come, she expects me to clean her up afterwards. I usually do this with a warm washcloth, but lately, she's been telling me to lick her clean because it is more humiliating.

If I've been really good, she will give me some of the more extreme forms of humiliation. The simple things like kissing her feet happen daily, but extreme humiliation occurs only once every few weeks.

One thing I like a lot is when she decides to give me some sweet pain. This usually means she will attach some nipple clamps, bend me over a low bench, and then whip my ass with a paddle, then with a belt, and finally with the back of a hairbrush.

Another great humiliation is when she decides to fuck me. She starts by getting my ass ready either with the anal teaser or with a butt plug. The butt plug has the advantage that she can make me wear it for hours before she fucks me and it has the effect of loosening me up for her toy penis. We have a new double-ended dildo with a large bulbous end for her pussy and a long thin shaft for my ass. She fucks me from the front with this toy, which is nice because it gives us more intimacy than being taken from behind. She does either, depending on her mood.

The greatest humiliation of all is one we have not yet done but have talked about. One day she is going to drink lots of water until her pee is clear and odorless. Then she is going to take me into the bathroom and lean my head back over the toilet bowl, squat over my mouth and tell me to "open wide". It remains to be seen whether I can swallow it or not, but the fantasy of it drives me wild. Whenever she wants me to come, she just tells me that she is going to do this and I start to spurt.

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