Lori's plastic chastity tube

Submitted by: Maps

I am writing in regards to what I think is the finest, most functional, realistic chastity device made today. The Mistress Lori chastity tube. I have tried almost every kind of chastity device made now and in the past, except for belts. They are fantastic for security, but they pose many problems for everyday wear. I have come to the conclusion that the only practical chastity device has to be some sort of "trapped ball" device.

I was always reluctant to get the Mistress Lori tube because of the piercing, but I have to say, getting the piercing was a piece of cake! I did allot of research and finally settled on a PA piercing. I was at first put off by all the anecdotal reports of major bleeding. Well, I had very little bleeding and the pain was almost non-existent. As a matter of fact, the healing period posed more soreness than the actual piercing itself. I highly recommend this piercing. To anyone contemplating it.... just do it.... you will be glad you did and you will finally have a 100% completely effective chastity anchoring point.

As for the Mistress Lori tube.... I opted for the plastic version of Mistress Lori's tube for a couple of reasons. One reason was all the security measures and metal detectors that are in place in such abundance these days. Mistress and I are not into that kind of public displaying, but maybe some would be interested in this form of humiliation. Next, I have to walk through a metal detector at my place of employment..... need I explain my reasoning for this?

Finally, and most importantly, I was concerned about the weight of a metal tube on the piercing. Although Mistress Lori offers a testicle ring with her chastity's, which I would very much recommend, I did not want to take the chance of it adversely affecting the piercing. Mistress and I will be purchasing a metal one in the future to add to our repertoire, but for now the plastic tube is perfect.

The tube itself is not actually a plastic like you would normally think of. Although I don't know the exact make-up, it seems to be made of some sort of resin type material. It is extremely light weight, and as a matter of fact, I think it would be lighter than a device of the same size made up of traditional plastic. After an initial adjustment period, I cannot even tell that I have it on, except of course.... I especially like the "caged" part at the tip. This is such a frustrating carrot that dangles in front of you, but there is absolutely nothing you can do with it! Urinating is also a breeze as the PA pin guides the stream right through the hole in the tip of the tube.... YES, you can pee standing up!

Night time erection problems are also non-existent. I purchased the device without the testicle ring and due to this, my penis can extend to it's full length without being confined like in other devices out there. Although the penis can expand length wise, it cannot expand in girth which is very important. You cannot move the tube back and forth along the shaft when the penis is erect... or should I say... trying to become erect. Due to this, you CANNOT orgasm.

You must however get the diameter of the tube correct when ordering. If it is to big, you will have some friction which might result in an unauthorized orgasm if enough stimulation is present. You must also be careful not to go to small or some edema might occur, but this is unlikely as you probably wouldn't be able to get it on in the first place. For all those who are new to chastity, the penis is VERY flexible and can accommodate a very small diameter tube. Just because it might be difficult to get on at first doesn't mean anything. In fact, it almost has to be difficult to get on in order for it to be effective because the head is so much bigger than the shaft.

With a little practice and some water based lube, you will become a pro at it. Another difficult thing is actually lining up the piercing with the holes in the tube. Again, this is difficult at first, but rest assured, it gets much easier with practice. The first time I put the tube on, it took well over five minutes to line up the holes, but after just a couple of times... Mistress doesn't like me out that much..... I can do it in a matter of seconds.

The lock is absolutely magnificent! I could not for the life of me figure out how such a radial type lock would be able to secure the tube. Well, mystery solved!!! It is very ingenious. The lock just acts as kind of a road block for the pin by not allowing it to be pulled out. The lock has a little a sort of flange that mates up with a notch on the tube. Once seated correctly, they sort of mate with each other. It is hard to explain, but trust me... it works! The lock has a screw built into it which you screw into the tube until the flange meets up with the notch on the tube. Once there, you use the key to turn the screw without turning the lock...thereby securing the lock to the tube. You simple cannot remove the lock or the pin when securely fastened. Very, VERY smart!

Almost as important as the quality craftsmanship and design of the tube is the customer service that Mistress Lori puts behind her product. She is absolutely phenomenal! She will do anything and everything it takes to ensure that you and/or your keyholder is happy. Mistress Lori is very prompt in her responses and is also very thorough and concise. I had a problem with the first tube that I ordered and a new one had to be made. Mistress Lori allowed me to keep the old tube.... as it still was effective... until the new tube was made. Mistress and I were very pleased with this. If you have ANY problems or questions, Mistress Lori will gladly do everything she can to resolve the problem. She stands behind her product and wants you to be totally satisfied and goes to any length to accomplish this.

In short, the Mistress Lori tube is absolutely amazing. No other chastity device approaches her craftsmanship, quality, functionality and design. Of course her customer service is outstanding and puts her over the top in my book!



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