Homemade KTB

Submitted by: Paul

Here's a homemade locking KTB I made for about $10 total. Very simple to make, quite effective, and easy to adjust to fit different size cocks (or different degrees of severity). You'll notice that the primary difference between my model and other KTB's is that I used screws instead of nails for the "teeth." The advantage is that using screws allows fine tuning the amount of pressure the teeth put on the cock shaft. By tightening or loosening the screws, you can get the exact pressure desired. When tightened properly and locked on, it makes erection very painful and cannot be removed when flaccid. For true chastity you need to get the screws adjusted properly, then paint the screw heads such that they would show any signs of having been tampered with. Or you could buy high security screws that can be tightened but not loosened. That would add to the cost, of course.

I use three rows deep of screws, with a total of 33 screws, plus 8 additional screws used to hold the hinge and latch. You could use more or fewer as you wished -- the design is very flexible.

Here's a recommendation: buy enough to make about three of these. You'll find that some trial-and-error is involved, and it's better to have the extra supplies on hand. And buying the extra supplies costs only a little bit more.

Everything is readily available at your local home improvement store. The shopping list is:

  • a small piece of 1.5 inch diameter PVC plumbing pipe or a PVC coupling (you can use bigger or smaller as needed) at least 1.5 inches long.
  • a small brass hinge, as seen in the pictures
  • a small brass lockable latch
  • the screws of your choice, about 5/8 inches long (buy at least 50)
  • a small padlock
  • a sheet of medium grit sandpaper (100 is fine).

To assemble:

1. Cut the PVC tube to the desired length. Mine's about 1.5 inches long, but you can go longer or shorter depending on how long your cock is. The pipe is soft and cuts and sands easily. I do sand to get rid of sharp edges left from cutting.

2. Before doing any further cutting, do the layout of the hinge, latch, and screws. Place the hinge where you'd like it to go, draw its outline, and mark the screw holes. Now, go exactly opposite (180 degrees) with the latch, draw its outline, and mark those screw holes. Then figure out how you'd like to lay out the rest of the screws, and mark those holes as well. Make sure that you leave room around the hinge and latch so that the other screws don't interfere with the operation of those items.

3. Drill all the marked holes. Use a drill bit diameter about 1/3 smaller than the diameter of the shaft of the screws. You want the screws to be quite snug in their holes.

4. Once the layout is done and all the holes have been drilled, cut the pipe in half lengthwise. Get as close to the middle as possible. Sand the cut edges.

5. Using the pre-drilled holes, install the hinge, then the latch, then the rest of the screws. You can put glue on the screws for more security, if desired. Once you have done this, it's just a matter of adjusting the screw depth and experimenting to see what works for you. Enjoy!

I made this one for my Mistress, and she has found it enjoyable. You'll notice that I used pointy screws, and that does limit how long it can be worn. For long-term use, I'd recommend getting screws with flatter points (that may be an oxymoron, but they do make them).

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