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Submitted by: StarDreamer

I would like to share with you my first experience of chastity belt making.

Living in France, Paris (in advance, please excuse me for my bad English), I am a fervent reader of Altairboy site, since 2001. CB are a great passion for me, and are one of my fetishisms. Thinking that this fetish was not widely spread, I was really astonished discovering this fabulous website. Since this time, my wife and I are dreaming of buying CB, but the prices are a real brake for ours. Who is able to furnish hundreds of euros/dollars into such a toy ?

So, as I am a king of the "do-it-yourself" (I have fingers, and know how to use them !), I decided to start trying to make a metal chastity belt. Buying some aluminium bars, steel plate, hinges and epoxy glue, I made my first CB tonight. Starting at 8 PM, the result was on my desk at midnight. The design is very simple : a 3/8’ wide alu bar between legs, a front steel plate, and two 10/8’ wide alu bar as waist bands. Using epoxy to glue all elements together, I made an anatomically designed "steel" CB.

It is a very interesting experience to built a CB. It permits to learn anatomical shaping of the body, and you can discover that some parts of you doesn’t move at all, upright or sat, particularly your basin. And you also discover that making a well fitted CB is as easy as it seems ! Using aluminium, it is really childish to make the band between legs, but the waistband is another work. I have to work on this part for my next belt. Front plate is also an important part : as I am a man, finding a way to protect testicles and penis under a shield is a real challenge. My front plate was not ergonomically designed, and pressed my genitals (making a female CB seems to be more easy).

After midnight was the time to test my evil creation. You know what ? I really love the sensual sensation of metal on your skin. The bottom bar deliciously inserts between my buttocks (so great) and the front plate covers my genitals. A light pressure of these parts "glued" the metal to me. On this side, the experience was a real success for me. The bad part was the waistband : doing "calibration" with my intuition (taking measures dressed with a latex string), it was floating around my basin, not pressing me like I dreamed. This is really the most difficult part of a belt. Unfortunately, at this time of the test, epoxy glue breaks at the bottom junction of the legs bar and waistband. I am, so, unable to verify chastity security of my belt. This is also why i don’t publish photographs of my "Frankenstein".

I am now thinking about the next belt design. A good approach for the waistband could be to use steel cables instead bars. It permits a better skin fit, no metallic sounds, and a better way to store the belt. The front plate must be "3-D" cutted to really protect male genitals (for female, a simple plate seems to be sufficient). But, It requires to determine a method to fix cables together and to the front plate. And how to protect with a lock ? Some questions to resolve ... I also need to buy better tools to works with metal, especially if it is stainless steel. So, my next belt is not for tomorrow.

Surely, my next CB will be a female one (more easy, as I wrote). As my wife is not really ready to test my creations, I need to find someone to test on. If a lady living in Paris, France is interested in CB creations on his own person, please contact Altairboy who will make relay for e-mail.

In French : Si une jeune femme vivant à Paris, France, est désireuse de servir de modèle pour m’aider à construire une ceinture de chasteté, qu’elle me fasse suivre ses coordonnées via Altairboy. Nous prendrons alors contact pour les "essayages".

Once again, your website is fantastic. Please continue to make us dream about CB, Altairboy !

Paris, France.

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