Masturbation Punishment

Submitted by: David

Dear altairboy

My story is like many that I have read in your pages, my wife caught me masturbating and decided I should be kept chaste. At first she didn't know how to go about it so she looked up chastity on the net and was amazed at the amount of information she found. Until this point, I don't think she was serious, once she found how easy it would be she decided to go ahead.

At first, she just told me to stop masturbating with the threat of a cb (knowing I would not be able to stop myself) when she found stains in my pants she had me strip and she asked me if I had been masturbating, I said no so she kneed me in the balls and asked me again, when I admitted it she told me as punishment she would knee me in the balls once for each month we had been married, 60 times in total twice each day for a month and that I would get a cb2000 before our anniversary in 6 weeks time, if I did not get a cb2000 by then she would knee me in the balls twice each morning and night until I had one.

By our anniversary I had not been able to get one as mistress (as I now have to call her) would not let me have access to the internet as it provided many things to masturbate over, so for three weeks I had to endure the pain each morning and night as my wife kneed me in the balls.

I managed to get my cb2000 when I saw it mentioned in Forum magazine and mistress was delighted, she decided on a ceremony to fit it that weekend.

First mistress tied me up and gagged me, then she whipped my cock and balls with stinging nettles to warm me up and she said as I had been caught wanking, I would be wanked once for every year we had been married.

As she started she told me the rules.

1. I must never ask for relief as this will only prolong my chastity.
2. Anytime I ejaculate I must eat my own cum.
3. My first period of chastity will be of 5 years.
4. Mistress can and will have sex with anyone she wishes and I must clean her cunt up after, if I fail to bring her to an orgasm, I must ask the man if I can suck his cock until he is hard enough to fuck her to orgasm for me.

This all happened two weeks ago and mistress is out finding someone to fuck her as I am writing this so within the next few hours I may be sucking a stranger's cock as punishment.

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