Another belt for the CB2000

Submitted by: Norbert

Dear AB,

Some time ago I told you about my attempt to make the CB2000 more secure not91212.htm. In the meantime I've finished the project and here is what I arrived at.

n020624a.jpg n020624c.jpg

Design objectives were 'no metal' (well at least almost none) and 'one single lock'. The waist band is made from the durable textile ribbon we use to operate the shutters on our windows. The thin cord going through the crotch is a nylon string inside a plastic tube. If the CB2000 cage can be easily broken open why should I use steel for the rest?

n020624b.jpg n020624d.jpg

Above on the the left is curved piece of Plexiglass that holds the ends of the waist band. It is inserted on to the guiding and locking pins and replaces the spacers that are normally there. The waist band has two loops at the end that are threaded through the slot until they reach the triangular opening at the upper end. To attach the crotch cord I glued a triangular piece of Plexiglass with a hole into a slot cut into the lower side of the A ring.

Turned out to be very comfortable and no pulling out any more.

chaste regards

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