The Updated Chastilock

Submitted by: Anonymous

After nearly 5 years the Chastilock has been updated.

  • It now officially named the C-lock
  • when finished its color will be red
  • It is much heavier (32 Oz.) than the old Chastilock (12 oz.)
  • It is much bigger in size.

The C-lock came to be when I had gotten complacent when wearing the old Chastilock. My wife, lover and keyholder, who is an engineer designed the C-lock, designed the C- lock to get past the ho-hum attitude I was taking.

Unlike the C-lock is designed to be visible under most clothing.

According to my keyholder, "When one is wearing the C-lock their chastisement should not be invisible under most clothing.

Instead it should be plainly visible and announce to all who look, 'My sex is under her control'."

The unit is a full 6 inches, 7 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches deep.

Just the weight is enough to keep the most single -minded man's mind on the needs of their keyholder.

It doesn't matter whether one is at work or in a shopping mall the 2 plus pound weight of this device will remind you with every step who controls your sex.

n020606a.jpg n020606b.jpg

The C-lock at work.

When I wore the C-lock to work the first time it was under loose fitting jeans and no one noticed.

The C-lock was a prototype so it hadn't been covered with the soft Dip it rubber. My keyholder did me a favor though. I she locked the key on a small dos chain collar around my neck. "If it really gets unbearable or seems like it might injure you can just cut the chain with a pair of bolt cutters and I will not be upset."

For the duration of the day I kept the top button on my knit shirt buttoned so my co- workers would not see the lock and key.

After the first 12 hours it was not painful, however the large increase in weight was a definite reminder that my wife and lover of the past 30 + years was also my keyholder.

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