Secure Aluminum Belt

Submitted by: Anonymous

I've been a longtime lurker and even posted a few anonymous stories over time. However, for the past year I've been working on homemade models. I experimented with various tube and ring locking behind the balls designs but they never worked well because of the uncomfortable stretching. Since then, I've focused on a belt design and believe I've come up with a great design. It was made for around $40 although through the various designs I've spent 5 times that. The only tools needed were a drill, a jigsaw with a metal blade, a rivet tool, some hand tools, and a tin snip.

The design is extremely secure. The belt is constructed out of 3/16" aluminum flat bar available at most home centers. The front shield is made of an aluminum threshold which is also of 3/16" aluminum that is corrugated for added strength. A bonus is that it is naturally concave shaped for comfort and security. The penis tube is pvc pipe covered with plastic dip. The chains are dog leads for large dogs with 300 lbs of tensile strength. The quick links holding the chains to the front shield have been epoxied and then overtightened till they stripped. I tried getting them open afterwards and it was impossible-never mind how hard if you were wearing the belt and the quick links were between your legs.

The locking mechanism is located on the rear of the belt. Besides allowing for an easier design with only one joint, it allows for added security. If you can pick a 7 pin tumbler lock behind your back, then you had better find a new fetish. The lock is of the locking gate/door hasp variety made of solid brass with a chrome plate and available at most home centers or K-mart for $8.

All the joints are connected with either stainless steel pop-rivets or one-way screws. The belt is edged with automotive door molding. No rubber or vinyl edging is necessary.

The belt is quite a secure model. There was a previous design that was identical except for a standard lock hasp in the back that needed a regular shackle lock to lock. My wife and I had a combination lock that only she knew the combination to that we used for some games. I locked the belt on during a day off with the lock and awaited her return home. Apparently, we hadn't used the lock in a long time and she forgot the combination. She spun numbers for an hour and I was still locked up. I then went to work on the belt. I had neither a dremel tool nor bolt cutters and it was too late to buy either one so I went to work on it with my hacksaw and a bunch of hand tools. I couldn't even pry out the rivets. After 3 hours, I relented to my captivity and spent my first night in a chastity belt. A little sore the next morning, we went to Home Depot, spent $34.70 on a pair of bolt cutters and returned home where she struggled for 15 minutes to cut the Master Lock off. Remember, the lock is in the back. Eventually, it popped off and I was free. So me being the troublemaker that I am, realizing my security flaw, opted for the current design with the integrated lock that makes bolt cutters useless. An emergency now would require either a dremel tool with a steady hand, or a locksmith.

It's comfortable to wear, no more visible under clothing than any other belt design, cheap to make, and realistically secure.

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