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Whilst surfing i found the cb2000 site, showed my wife (mistress ? hope so) and we decided to buy a cb2000. It arrived in the UK three days later. After much fitting, re-fitting and adjusting, I think we have found the magic combination.

The second smallest A ring, smallest locking post and a filed down version of the least grievous points of intrigue. Wifey loves it, having read the site bumf she has had me rub and kiss her stockinged/bare feet, give oral to climax every day and buy her new clothes.

Im not sure if ive done the right thing, although I have never been so sexually happy. Painful erections (which brings a smile to her face) and possible future highly embarrassing situations at work are a down side.

I have been more attentive already, I think because I am beginning to see a more dominant side to her which I have never seen before. I am hoping she will get more interested in the femdom scene although its difficult with our small children threatening to burst in at any moment. I have also ordered an external penis gag, riding crop, blindfold and sheer underwear for wifey.

I am about to show her 'femdom sites for beginners' that I found on this site. It won't come as a surprise to her as she has known for years what 'cranked my handle". I think the cb2000 tickled her imagination and gave her that little push. With the femdom thing im hoping she'll go all the way, I think the ultimate for me would be strapon play.

Just a tip for making the cb2000 even less conspicutive, file down the top of the C ring, making it flush with the rest of the cage, that gave me more confidence. Some questions for other cb2000 owners:

1. Has anybody else got experience of an aparrently vanilla wife suddenly turning dom? if so to what extent? and are you happy with it?

2. Is there such a thing as a plastic, carbon or any other non metalic padlock on this planet? I have searched the internet to no availl, Ma'am ? isnt happy with the security tags and it needs to be airport proof.

I'll keep you posted in the future, all comments welcome.

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