Tube Change for Added Comfort and Security

Submitted by: Nebel

I am always experimenting with my belt and tube with the idea of adding comfort and security.

I noticed that when my belt was snugged up to give better security, that is the front plate was pulled in to give a closer fit, I experienced to much discomfort. to give greater room and to stop the tube from digging in to my pubic area I flattened the tube. The tube is now wider and looks like a tube that has been squeezed in a vise. I used to be able to pull out of the tube and reinsert with some difficulty with sufficient lube, now that the tube is wider but with only one half inch of open space reeinserting after a hard pullout is impossible.


I had to resort to using a shoelace to pull myself in. My tube was originally one and three eights inside diameter and four inches long, I could stuff myself in with lube using a toothbrush handle to get all the way in.

The measurement of my squashed tube is 3/4 inch by 2 inches and looks like this. This configuration gives more room and allows closer fit and I cannot reinsert with the belt on. I also added a plastic tubing cover to the thong strap, I used plastic tubing available at hardware stores. Perhaps some belt maker will experiment with this idea and offer it.

Best regards - Nebel

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