Permanent Chasity

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Well, here I go. My wife is no longer interested in having sex with me, so I have made this for her.

n020202a.jpg n020202b.jpg

Made of stainless and modeled after the story on Altarboy's site, this is superglued on and not coming off for a long time, if ever. My wife on the other hand plans on continuing to satisfy herself with what ever or whomever she pleases. To any doubters, the balls on the barbell were difficult to get off without the superglue and are impossible to get off with. The steel is very thick and hard to work with. The barbell is recessessed and placed in the middle of the device, so as not to be accessed from either end. Erections, partial, are achieved and are very uncomfortable. Jacking off is out of the question, as there is no sensation.

I will keep you up to date as my permanent chasity progressess. Any women have any comments for my wife?

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