The Training - Part One

Submitted by: F. Norman

    Authors Note: I took an exisiting story and added detail, or 'fleshed' it out. I don't think Anon. will mind.

My name is John. As of this moment, I have been totally chaste for 6 weeks, thats 42 days. My cock, well I guess I should call it my penis, as cock doesn't seem fitting for something that's hardly used, has been locked away in my modified Reinhold belt. My penis is the property of Marsha. She has had control of my orgasms for the past 6 months. Let me tell you, it has been the greatest torment, yet excitement of my life.

I met her on the Internet. We discovered that we shared the same interests. One thing led to another and, here I am at her mercy. I should explain though, that this is exactly the situation I sought. While I am her slave, I am not her prisoner. Except maybe a prisoner of love. We are both into BDSM, I love her, I love her having total control of my sex life, and I love serving her while being denied. I am eagerly awaiting to be released today, as every 7 days I get to play Marsha's favorite game, "Chastity Craps."

I was surfing the 'net on my computer, when I felt a familiar tingling. She was home and had activated the electronics built into my belt. I hurried to open the front door, as I did I heard Marsha giggling and I also heard what sounded like two other women talking. As they came in the room, I knelt and said hello.

Marsha smiled and said "John, this is Renee and this is Nicola and I've told them all about your situation." I started blushing, embarrassed that they knew about my confined manhood. "Fetch us some wine, Dear," Marsha said as her two friends smiled and stared at me.

When I returned with their drinks, Marsha ordered me to undress.

"Now?" I asked.

"Yes Dear! Obey, or we wont roll the dice this week. She said sternly. Knowing the reality of my situation I pulled off my shirt. The two girls stared right at me. Marsha continued, "Oh Renee you don't know what having one of these belts can do for you. John eats my pussy at least three times a day, and begs for more.

I unbuckled my pants, my heart now racing. My pants came down revealing my prison.

"Wow, that's awesome," Renee said. "But what happens if it gets hard?"

"That's the beauty of it Renee, it doesn't! Theres no room for it to grow"

Now I am completely naked except for my belt.

"Can I touch it?" asked Nicola.

"Sure, be my guest. Slave, present to her."

I went over, stood in front of this little beauty, spread my legs wide, and locked my fingers behind my head. The Present position. This was the first time Id done this for anyone but my Mistress. I was embarrassed, but excited at the same time. Nicola reached out and caressed, then scratched at the belt front. I swear I could feel the heat of her hand through it. My cock tried to swell up in its tube as she traced her fingers around the edges of the belt.

6 weeks? asked, Nicola.

Yes Marsha looked into my eyes, John has been very unlucky lately.

How did you train him? breathed Renee.

Marsha laughed, Well, practice makes perfect. First you get him locked up so he cant cum. A horny slave is an obedient slave. Then you start teaching. It used to be all whips and chains, but now there are modern, faster, more effective training methods. Both positive, and negative inducements. She went on, Its an electrical stimulation system. We wired up his belt so that when hes pleasing me, I give him pleasure. If he doesnt ....well, he gets pain. Immediate positive or negative reinforcement. Just as with Pavlovs dogs, I can condition him to take sexual pleasure from almost anything. Once that response is imprinted, no matter how humiliating or distastful he might have found it before, hell want it because it gives him sexual pleasure. With time his body will respond automatically. For now we have been working on obedience, and pussy licking. Later well get into.... other things, she drawled.

Where did you get all this?, breathed Nicola

Marsha continued, We combined already existing technology, We wired an Eros remote control box into his belt at the back. Wires run around, and down the tube to a PES corona cap at the tip of his cock. The other contact is a pad behind his balls. I can give him pain or pleasure from some distance away. See! This is the control box, she said, lifting what looked like a elaborate broach off her neck. I can select any of six programs, and the intensity from right here. Watch.

She selected, I think, Climb, and had me gasping in a minute. Or I can turn it up, and take him into pain. She did and I fell to the floor begging, and writhing. After a few seconds, thankfully, she shut it off. Slowly, panting, I got to my feet, and back into the position. Both ladies giggled and stared at me.

All males should be wired up like this, sneered Renee. Is that how you control him?

Partly, but it is more elaborate that that. John gets rated on each of my orgasms. An A is a four, a B three, a C is two, a D is one, and an F is zero. Just like in college. Anything below a C is immediate punishment.

Like what? gasped Renee, squirming.

Let me start at the top, Marsha explained. If he gets five As in a row he gets to throw the dice an extra time that week, and gets to choose which score he wants. If his grade point average for the week is below 3.0, he doesnt get to play at all. Individual grades below a C..... Well, a D is fifteen minutes on the Torment setting, and an F is thirty minutes. Then he gets to perform again. He does so much better the second time.

Marsha looked at me, and I had to drop my eyes.

We havent had to do any of that for a while now, have we, slave?

No, Mistress, I whispered.

During formal training, we use the Eros big box, the 312B. It has more programs, 16 to be exact, more power, two separate channels, and more control over the intensity levels. It plugs into the jacks on his belt. Of course everything is fully waterproof.

Marsha smiled, John, move over so Renee can see your belt too, she commanded. Renees cool hands stroking my belt and inner thighs soon had me gasping, and shuddering. Then, suddenly, staring into my eyes, her hand shot between my legs, she reached up and grabbed my ass hard, digging her nails in. Sweat broke out on my face as I trembled. They all laughed.

Whats this pad on the front?, asked Renee.

Marsha smiled lazily, One of the first things we agreed to was that he never gets to put his cock in a pussy again. But sometimes a girl likes to have dicking, not just licking. When I want some screwing, I attach the dildoe of my choice to the front of his belt, and we fuck, she laughed. He gets everything but penile friction. Drives him crazy, but not being able to come makes him last a long time. I usually get about three orgasims before he wears out.

Id take a another male for that, breathed Renee. Make the slave watch. Maybe lick until Im ready, then clean up afterwards! Marsha smiled silently. Twirling a lock of her hair through her fingers, and gazed into my eyes. I knew how the mouse felt when hypnotised by the snake.

Is all this working? asked Nicola.

Absolutely, Marsha assured her. Were subsituting one behavior pattern for another. Transference its called. He now prefers to serve orally or anally rather than to use his cock. He gets excited when I put him on his knees, and he goes panting to paradise!

So, whispered Nicola, No more whips and chains?

Oh no, Marsha frowned, We both still like all of that. Another thing we agreed to was that my ownership marks would always be on his body somewhere. Show them you ass, Honey.

I turned so they could see the cane marks. Both girls were goggle eyed. Those are from a week ago. We refresh these frequently, and move the spot around. Next, I think, well do single tail work to the upper back

Id like to watch that, beamed Renee. A true sadist, I thought.

Marsha continued, During long sessions, I still like to use the crop to urge that tongue along. Everyone chuckled.

"Well John," said Marsha rising, "lets go to the playroom so the fun can begin."

As I entered the dungeon I was ordered to kneel in front of the red chair. This was once called a loving chair, but it now has been modified into a bondage/training device. The high seat, and adjustable back allows Mistress any number of positions in which to be served. Marsha locked my ankles to the bottom front legs while her friends cuffed my wrists to the upper, back seat posts. I was held in a kneeing position, arms extended under the seat, the chair bottom in front of me, slightly below the level of my chin. My excitment was growing already.

Mistress then greased, then inserted the bipolar butt plug. This way she could use two channels, with four contacts on my body. She plugged everything into the box, and made the settings. The belt started throbbing, electically stroking my cock head, balls, prostate, and asshole. I gasped. It was the Intense setting. She knew this one created an incredible urgency in me. I squirmed as my need built rapidly. This is one of the main tenets of my training. She used the electronics to get and keep me right on the edge of a cum, but totally denied while I had to serve her pleasure.

"So, who wants to go first?"

"Me, me!" exclaimed Nicola.

"Very well" replied Marsha. In the corner of my eye I could see Nicola pulling her skirt off and then stepping out of her panties. My heart was pounding in my head, I was overwhelmed with desire to rub my face in this pretty little things muff.

"Let me tell ya girls, I've trained him to be the best damn pussy licker in the West!

"John" Marsha said, "I want you to have a good time, but treat my friends right, after all the bragging Ive done about you."

"Yes Mistress," I replied. The spandex Batman hood, the one with the built in blindfold, was pulled down over my eyes. I then felt someone get on the seat, and little feminine feet sliding down past my head, soft thighs gripping my cheeks, I felt her wiggling down to place her cunt right in my face.

"Now eat that pussy!" Marsha demanded.

I opened my mouth, breathing in the sweet ecstasy. I felt a deep yearning in my encased loins, the electronic stimulatings adding to it and taking me to a state of sexual hysteria. I was panting, my whole body,every cell, wanting, needing to taste her. She was so turned on that her inner lips were almost rigid. I started with just the tip of my tongue, tracing the outer edges. She moaned. Up one side, down the other. Then reversing, and up that side, a tongue swirl around her clit, then down the other side. She was squirming and crying out. After a few minutes, I plunged in. I licked and sucked and devoured her delicious pussy, imagining what it looked like. The blindfolding hood made me zone in on her scent, and her taste. My mind is racing with erotic thoughts, my cock is pulsating in pleasure/torture, my mouth racing in her slipperiness. She came twice.

When she was satisfied, she got up, and said "Thanks.

Marsha came in, wiped my face and gave me a few sips of water. Then patted me on my ass.

A few minutes had passed as I knelt there in chains, my cock still throbbing away, my excitment at a fever pitch. I felt the seat move again.

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