Yet Another Chastilock Benefit (For Her)

Submitted by: Anonymous

Even though my wife's creation, the Chastilock, has been around for some time we never stop discovering new uses for it.

This past weekend we attended a naturalist (nudist)/BDSM holiday party at a friend's farm. Before we left my wife said, " You know when a man or woman is sitting their privates are, for the most part concealed. I want you to be fully exposed. Let me put the Chastilock Plus, plus on you before we leave."

I agreed and soon my balls and cock were surrounded by cold steel.

Then I discovered what she meant.

With the ball clamp plus the Chastilock in place whenever I sat the end spikes of the clamp forced me to spread my legs exposing my self completely.


There was no way I could close my legs and driving was out of the question.

Also it was obvious when wearing clothing that I was chastised.

Needless to say my wife's creation received many comments.

Ironically the Chastilock Plus, plus is not uncomfortable to wear, however it's weight alone delivers a constant pull on the Chastilock and the tip of the penis, a very strong reminder of who controls your sex.

The most unique thing about wearing the ++ was that really pretty women weren't afraid to talk to me and seemed to delight in accidentally brushing into me.

Later they told my wife and keyholder that because of the penile restraint I was "non- threatening".

Her decree was that I wear the rig for 24 hours after which time I was to be "rewarded".

And I was.

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