Home-Built PVC Chastity Tube

Submitted by: Anonymous

As always, I am intrigued, fascinated, and turned on by your site. The thought of having my genitals under lock and key is extremely erotic. And, as always, I would like to continue to remain anonymous. Thank you.

I am sending you these pictures of my chastity tube, which is similar to and inspired by Remy's Tube. I spent less than $10 on the parts for the device, although that does not include the hours of work to create it. Basically, it's two PVC pipe pieces, 1-1/4 inch diameter, one 45 degree elbow and one cap, through which I drilled a hole for urination. I sawed, drilled, and glued to get the piece as shown in the picture. To make the ring behind my balls, I used metal bracing material (two thicknesses), and wound what may have turned out to be yards of electrical tape to size it so that I cannot slip my testicles through it. Finally, a small brass padlock snaps it shut. I wrapped some electrical tape around that for comfort (sharp edges of the lock tend to rub me the wrong way).

n011206a.jpg n011206b.jpg

For enforced chastity, I have two keys frozen in two separate containers (gallon-sized chunks of ice!) in the freezer outside. The wife does not know, as yet.... (For a fantasy scenario, should she find out, check out the related story in the archives)

Thank you for maintaining the best source for chastity-related information on the web!

Thank you for keeping me anonymous!

Thank you for inspiring me to expand my sexuality and build a device of my own!

Thank you (?) for my current condition... I am wearing this thing until I get back from a three-day trip, and I will not be able to have an orgasm until after I return and get the ice out of the freezer!!

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