Lori Steel Chastity Tube - New and Improved

Submitted by: C.B.

I have been locked in the P.A. version (Prince Albert piercing) of Mistress Lori's Steel Chastity Tube for over a year now. Recently my Mistress had me send the tube to Mistress Lori so that it could be updated to the latest version of the device. Mistress Lori is offering these latest improvements at a very modest cost to existing wearers and their key holders by the way.

Two new design features have been added:

A locking rear ring is available now. It securely locks the rear of the chastity tube to a ring that is fitted behind the cock and balls, not unlike a cock ring. In addition to offering even more security for what was a very secure device to begin with, this custom-fitted ring also keeps the steel chastity tube from slipping down the shaft towards the head of the penis. This feature makes the device much more comfortable to wear for long periods (like 24/7 x 365 for example).

n011205a.jpg n011205b.jpg

The above feature allows a non-pierced user to "test" the fit, feel, and security of a Lori Chastity tube before a trip to the piercing shop for that fateful day when a frenum or Prince Albert is installed. I think it could be safely said that the Lori Chastity tubes were, from day one, designed to be installed using an 8 ga. or better frenum or P.A. piercing. The coupling of the chastity tube with one or even both of these piercings is unique and it is what makes the Lori Chastity tube so reliable and comfortable.

Another new feature available is a CURVED locking P.A. piercing bar. This makes the device totally escape proof from the front end as the tube can not possibly be pushed back towards the testicles, allowing the very remote chance of pulling the cock head up and forward and off the locking P.A. bar. The new curved design makes this physically totally impossible while again making an already secure device even more secure.

The "some assembly required" picture above should give you a better idea of how all this metal fits together.

The new curved P.A. locking bar makes the device incredibly comfortable to wear as well for a couple of reasons. First it enters the lower P.A. piercing hole a fraction of an inch FORWARD of the dual channels on the steel tube where a padlock secures the piercing bar (hopefully you can see this in the picture). This prevents the pinching I sometimes experienced with the original model where the locking bar entered the lower P.A. piercing at exactly the same spot as the dual locking channels. Secondly, the curved locking bar was fashioned in such a manner that the padlock that secures it actually snaps tight and fits solidly in place between the dual channel locking point and the end of the curve (hopefully also seen in the photo). This prevents strange metallic noises and also positions the front padlock in a good safe location where it can not suddenly "surprise" various parts of your anatomy.

The original Lori tube was good to excellent. This new model is awesome.

Over many years, my Mistress has spent a fortune on male chastity devices that really don't work for the 24/7 x 365 she demands. I haven't seen a "belt" design that works in a true 24/7, all the time environment. She has tried all of the "cuff" designs and I can escape from the locking cuff on all of them, not to mention that one generic handcuff key works on just about every handcuff ever made. Maybe some of the other plastic and metal tube style chastity devices work OK, but none are as comfortable in a public setting as Mistress Lori's. Before my Mistress discovered the Lori product, many was the time I suddenly winced in pain before an "unknowing" work associate who thought I had developed a case of appendicitis (caused by the chastity device moving around, crushing something, or piercing something else). Additionally, any serious chastity wearer knows that the leather devices look fantastic but offer almost no security and even worse hygienic possibilities.

So....... what is the best male chastity?

For us it most definitely is one of the new and improved (current) versions of Mistress Lori's Steel Chastity Tube.

Over the past months all of the changes in my attitude and performance have been completely in sync with the claims made on Mistress Lori's website. Three years ago I was sexually like most guys: interested mostly in ejaculating either in any orifice available or via masturbation, on a very regular basis. Now as a direct result of being locked in the tube 24/7 ax 365, my focus has shifted entirely. I honestly don't think about my own opportunity to cum anymore. What I am focused on is pleasing my Mistress totally in any way she desires. My former masturbatory fantasy of screwing some young slut in a leather mini has been replaced with a burning desire to be collared, serving my Mistress with my tongue, in any place she directs me with a tug on my leash, serving her until she commands me to stop, after she was had 5 orgasms, and I have had none. My Mistress says that my oral service has improved 300% since she locked the Lori Chastity on me. She says it is the best she has ever had and I hope she plans to share this talent I have learned with her friends for their amusement as well.


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