Homemade Male Leather Device

Submitted by: Stephen

This is the second revision of my home made chastity device. Short of cutting the leather, it can't be removed. I allows a certain degree of erection - enough to remind me that I can't have one, let alone masturbate and I can still go to the bathroom without major embaresment. My girlfriend was a bit miffed that I was masturbating behind her back and wanted me to save myself for her only. Having just bought the basics of a leather tooling kit (+/- $20) I experimented on devices to control my masturbation cause I sure as hell can't do it alone.


Unfortunately, It creates quite a bulge in the pants.

I discovered your site while doing a bit of research and I'm so glad I did - it's opened up a whole new world to us. We discovered I become a lot more physical in our relationship (hugging, holding, kissing etc) and my orgasms are stronger. She likes my increased intensity (or is that desperation?) as well. In public it's a kick to have a secret like this - we feel like naughty teenagers making out in the car risking being caught by our parents.

I'm currently working on another version that's made out of fiberglass that will deny me any touch sensation at all and leave no visible evidence to others. I'll give you an update when it's completed.

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