Hobbled by Chastity

Submitted by: Techie

There are some fringe benefits of being a mechanical engineer. One of them is that you know how to improve or modify existing designs. My husband, Techster, gets himself in trouble from time to time and I have to conduct an attitude adjustment.

Most recently he was watching a young lady who was wearing a hobble skirt walk across the floor at a BDSM event we went to. He made the statement that it was "Cute" and that I should be hobbled.

I advised him that being hobbled was one of the ultimate physical and psychological restraint tools. It messed with one's ability to walk and their balance, but it did slow them down and make escape or rapid movement impossible. Also it was very uncomfortable.

His macho mouth got him in trouble right then and there. "It doesn't seem like a big thing."

I felt obligated to tell him that," I could hobble with just one chain and lock so you can't walk fast, dress yourself, or even go to the bathroom normally."

Then he did it, "I dare you. If you can do that I'll be your nude slave for this whole even and even wear your collar and leash."

"Done!" I exclaimed loudly as I lost my cool completely.

We went to preparation area where those who are going to perform dress or are dressed. Techster stripped and put all of his clothes in a bag. He was wearing his Chastilock.

n011119a.jpg I'm proud to say the Chastilock is my invention. Beside just chastity it has many uses.

Just wearing it for a day is a total surrender of any male. The locks sways and teases them with every step, yet at the same time it reminds them that their sexuality is not under their control. The lock's rigid metal grip around the shaft of the penis makes an erection a very uncomfortable experience. Likewise masturbation or any form of sexual relief is impossible. In addition its three loops make handy attachment points for locks, leashes, bells and chains. Unlike a chastity tube or belt the Chastilock does not prohibit sexual stimulation it's presence by itself is stimulating. In essence just wearing the Chastilock fo any amount of time is a sensual overload.

n011119b.jpg I borrowed a section of dog lead chain and a lock from our host. I put the chain through the front loop of the Chastilock. Finally I took it around his legs, pulled tightly and locked both ends of the chain together in front of him.. This pulled his cock down between his legs. The top loops of the Chastilock and the body of the lock kept his legs apart while at the same time the chain pulled them together. After a few steps the chain slid down his legs and got tighter hobbling him even further.

"OK you proved your point. Please let me out of this thing!" he begged.

n011119c.jpg It was then I realized just how big a victory I had won. "Your clothes are on the floor pick them up and put them on."

He was unable to bend over, sit or to kneel.

As he turned around I could just see the tip of his cock and the Chastilock between his legs. He tried to walk but could only manage a very short-stepped hobbled gait.

The host donated a locking metal collar and heavy chain leash and for the rest of the event Techster followed me around. I used this opportunity to visit a few vendors and test their new floggers and switches. Techster bore the stress well, after all he could not run away.

As the event ended I released him from the hobble chain and secured him to the banister of the hosts' stairwell so he wouldn't wander off.

n011119d.jpg His only remark was, "No more hobbles for me thank you. Even though this, being chained to the stairwell, is frustrating it is not painful. If I tried any movement with the hobble it hurt!"

I reminded that that fact alone made it a very successful training tool.

After every one had left I helped the vent organizers clean up, leaving the Techster nude and chained to the stairwell. I know it was humiliating for him because every time someone opened the door he was visible to everyone on the street.

Later I released the lock that held him to the stairwell and passed him his clothes.

Our hosts asked, "What about the Chastilock?"

Techster laughed and told them, " I wear it all the time, except when Techie releases me for her personal service. When I walk every step is a tease and reminder that she controls my sex."

Speaking as the spouse of a man in his 60's I can honestly state that the lock has improved out sex life. Even without Viagra our sex life has gone from monthly to daily. I get a daily full body massage and he is a great help with household chores. (But then if he wants sex he has to I have the key).

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