Simple But Effective Homemade Chastity

Submitted by: Anonymous

Thanks for the great site.

Here is a tube type chastity device I made in about ten minutes for two dollars and the help of a dremel tool.

First go to your local plumbing store and get one 90 degree copper bend (one inch diameter size worked for me but you can buy them from half inch to three inch diameter)

Cut out some of the copper bend as in the picture and then cut two slots that will allow a ten inch electrical tie to slide through.

n011113a.jpg n011113c.jpg n011113d.jpg

Use a small amount of lubricant inside of the copper bend and slip your penis inside then just slide the electrical tie down through one slot, around your testicles and then up through the other slot and pull tight enough to make it impossible to pull off.

I have found it impossible to remove my penis from the tube even when flaccid if I get the electrical tie tight but comfortable.

I know that it isnít impossible to remove yourself because you just get a pair of scissors and cut the tie, but its great for wearing out in public because it conforms to you body shape and is just heavy enough to keep reminding you that there is no escape until you get somewhere where you can cut it off.

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