Home-made male chastity

Submitted by: Prince Al Chaste

Hi Altairboy

The device shown here is the result of weeks of trying to fit a plastic tube-type CB for control. The "J" tubes were just too bulky and were easy to escape from, unless locked in by the P.A..

This is a stainless steel contraption cut from a sheet (16 "X 16") that was purchased at a surplus store for $1.62. Yep, less than 2 dollars. The first metal design had a continuous strap of SS that went from the top all the way around to the bottom, separating the balls, and riveted to the base loop-locking ring. It proved to be too pinchy, but it was secure.

This device, pics included, is by far superior to any other homemade devices that I have seen, anywhere. It is mainly 5/8" wide strips of SS which are bent and curved, then riveted together. The main piece in the construction was a near half-circle when cut from the flat SS sheet.

The two shaft rings were cut and rolled to shape, then riveted onto the sides. The top center piece is curved downward to match the curve of the one piece sides, and riveted to the shaft rings. The sides have slots cut in them to accept the "U," or Omega-shaped lower locking half-ring.

The top half of the locking ring is riveted onto the top, center piece, and it's tabs pass through the side's slots. Holes are drilled through the tabs to permit the use of two small locks to secure the device. The first bottom half locking ring was not angled as the one in the photos is, and was not suitable. The device is shown being worn, and not being worn.

n011108a.jpg n011108b.jpg n011108c.jpg

The device is much more comfortable after being coated several times in a plastic coating for hand tools. It is inescapable as of this writing, and a P.A. padlock, not shown, makes doubly sure that it cannot be removed. Hopefully this will appear magically on your site for the benefit of other interested parties.

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