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Submitted by: 49 year old German man

Hi Altairboy:

n011104a.jpg My chastity device design deals with the small area just behind the head of the penis where it is sensitive for erections and ejaculations. If others are like me, a chastity device does not need to be a great construction for whole the abdomen.

I experimented with several plastic collar designs. And I see now that Mistress Lori offers already the same design at: http://www.mybdsm.com/pages/chastity/chastityring.html

After my experiences of nearly 3 months I can say that it does not trouble in sitting, moving, sports or even bicycle riding...! But it is ideal for uncut men!

My device was made from plastic, but it probably could be made from stainless steel for less than 100 dollars.

A little stimulation (only at the head) is possible but no full erection or relief! Stimulation/masturbation can be made complete impossible by using little balls arround the head like "centurion out of sparks Nevada" already did in earlier times.


In conclusion, this design has proven to be secure enough for my needs. I am not a sub, but I gave control of my sex exclusively to my partner who lives 500 miles away as a present.

Michael :- )

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