New Material Found for Home Chastity Belt Makers

Submitted by: Nebel


Here you can see the results of my latest experiment. Enjoy the pics.

At an electrical supply store that caters to electric contractors, I found shrink tubing in sizes to cover various parts of my belt. The plastic material is strong, soft to the skin and reasonably priced. It comes in two thicknesses, (thin and thick), and with a heat sensitive adhesive. The tubing comes in several colors and can be ordered without writing on the side describing the voltage.

First, for the waist band, I put door edging on the stainless, and then covered it with non-adhesive thin wall shrink tube. It shrunk on easily with a heat gun.

For the front shield, I used thick wall tubing with adhesive and heat shrunk it in place after attaching the D-ring at the bottom.

The top of the tube was coated with plastisol and shrunk on with a piece of thin wall with adhesive. It can be removed by reheating and streching for recoating if necessary. The tube holds without moving. Wearing in hot weather is more pleasant, and drying after a shower is easier as this material sheds water. (The catalogue says it is an inert plastic.)

One other note, this time I tried a thong style, leaving a loop to move for easier elimination. At first I tried a round strap but found a flat one more comfortable.


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