Ball Shocking Addition to CB2000

Submitted by: Squire Chris


I have a CB-2000 and I recently epoxied the non-collar part of a remote controlled shock collar onto the A-ring. It fits perfectly, and now I can use the remote to send electric shocks to the wearer's balls. The model I'm using is a discontinued Innotek shocker. Got it at a yard sale for $20! :)

The device has eight different levels -- and the eight level, while severe, it doesn't cause burns.

Attached is a jpeg file with three different photos of the ball shocker. Sorry, the quality is not better.


Photo A is a side view; it's the clearest photo. It shows what a vulnerable spot it gets the balls in (the actual metal parts can't be seen; they're digging into the balls. For some reason, this doesn't hurt.)

Photo B is the worst picture I got. I'm lifting up my balls so you can see the metal protrusions.

In Photo C, you can just see the CB-2000 and the antenna coming up. The antenna was originally inside the collar, which I cut off and discarded.

Even though the manual said the shocker was waterproof, I've found I have to cover the whole thing with a plastic bag to keep from getting randomly shocked.

I'm thinking of buying another cb2k to make the same modification, except I'll use an invisible fence shocker... so if the slave leaves the premesis, he gets constantly shocked in the balls till he returns. That way he can't buy tools to remove the device.

Squire Chris

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