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Dear Altairboy,

I greatly appreciate your pages on chastity and self made devices.

I want to contribute with my own case. My master locks me up nearly continuously using a system that is both simple and very effetcive.

First I had to have a PA (prince Albert piercing). It was already very exciting to have this done just to please my master. From the beginning the piercing was made as big as possible and a ring was inserted that was in fact a little to big for the hole. The advantage is that it stops excessif bleeding and at this stage the tissues of my penis were still soft and easy to stretch. After healing it was gradualy stretched more and more by inserting bigger and bigger rings. My piercing now easily accepts a ring made of SS steel from 4mm thick.

Then my master replaced the ring by a padlock, and kept me locked like this nearly all the time. The padlock is not realy uncomfortable. I still can have erections, and also masturbating with the padlock only was still possible.

But now since a few months, another device was added. It is simply a shackle in stainless steel. The one you can buy in a marine accessories store (shipshandler). It is quite heavy and long (about 8 cm long). This shackle was slid over the scrotum behind my balls. I first had to wear that in place for a few days, just to check that it was not to tight and that I could wear it without problems. After that it was put in place permanently. The pin was secured by locktide and tightened with a pair of pliers. After that the flat section protuding on the side and normaly used to be able to screw and unscrew the pin was removed with a metal saw and sanded smooth. I have now this shackle fitted behind my bals permanently, and there is no way to take it away.

n010917a.jpg n010917b.jpg n010917c.jpg

Now my master locks me up by locking the padlock on the shackle. My penis is stretched downwards over and between my balls, and the padlock going trough my PA percing locked to the shackle just under my balls. In the beginning it was quite uncomfortable, but now I am used to it and locked like this nearly all the time. I have of course to sit on the toilet to pee, there is no other way. Washing, bathing etc is no problem.

I can still stroke my penis of course, but there is no way I can have an erection, thus masturbating is at all not possible. In the beginning I had realy problems with night erections. They were realy painfull and extremely uncomfortable, for that reason they did not last for long. Sometimes my master now plays with me without removing the padlock, causing an attempt to erection that is realy uncomfortable and he loves it..... Under my clothes the system is absolutely not detectable, I can even wear normal swimwear.

If you want to try it, just be sure that the part of the padlock going trough your PA is stainless steel and smooth.

Attached are a few photographs showing how it is fitted. You may of course publish them on your web site. People with questions may E-mail me.

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