I was tricked into bondage

Submitted by: Mark

23 May 2001

My belt arrived today at 10:35. I tried it on and made some adjustments it fits well. Linda liked the way it looked and just smiled. I told her I have to take a piss and she said "Go ahead then". I found out fast that I had to sit to piss. When I came out of the bath room she had left to go back to work. I thought about taking the belt off and went over where I left the key. I found just a note

Dear Mark

I had to go back to work. Don't worry the keys are with me. You have fun until I get home.

Love Linda

Two hours later she called and asked "How do I like it " with a little laugh. I just knew she was not going to let me out tonight or any other time soon.

24 May 2001

I had to sleep with the belt on. Linda told me she left the keys at work. But will get them today. The night was rough, she teased me all night and laughed at my situation. She had me bring her to orgasm with my tongue, then told me that my cock was hers and it was on a diet. She then went to work laughing. I was mad, she had me and I knew it. Linda let me out of the belt today for the first time. But before she did, she put a collar on me and handcuffs. She said it was so she could put the belt back on when I was done with my orgasm. She blindfolded me and begun to suck my cock, that is I thought it was her. While my cock was being sucked she removed my blindfold and I saw an other woman sucking my cock. She look young about 21 years old. She was kneeling naked and going to town on my cock. A closer look at her I saw her with a collar and handcuffs on too. When she finished she stood up and I saw she had a female chastity belt locked on. So Linda had control of her sex as well. Linda left us to talk, Lisa told me she had the belt on for 90 days now and that I was lucky that I only had the belt on for 30 days before release. Because she had no release as of yet.

12 June 2001

It has been 12 days since Lisa and I have been released from our belts. Linda said the keys are hidden in the house and if we can find them. We will be able to unlock our belts. With that she locked a short chain about 10 inches long between us. Next our wrists to each, with other under the short chain. Then our free wrists were handcuffed to the D rings on the side of the belt. She stood back and smiled saying always keep your head up. Then she left us to look.

It took about half a day, but we found it . Hanging from the ceiling on a small chain. With our hands locked low there was no way to reach it. But we had to try because tomorrow morning when Linda returned if we were not out of the belts she was going to destroy the keys. Then we would be in the belts for ever.

13 June 2001

We found a ladder and started to set up when Linda's car pulled into the drive. I was about to reach it when Linda pushed the ladder out from under us. Linda stood there and laughed at us. She took the keys then walked over to the table and picked up a glass with a clear liquid. She held the keys over the glass looked up at us with a smile. Then dropped the keys into the glass where it began to fizz. The liquid was acid, the keys were gone in seconds. Lisa and I were trapped in the belts forever. Lisa began to cry as Linda started to fill the key holes with solder. Now a locksmith could not pick the locks either. We are for ever locked in the belts of HELL.

14 July 2001

With keys destroyed and the key holes filled with solder. I thought we had no way out, but I found out that the key hole didn't fill with solder. So while at work I called Lisa at her work place. She took a mirror to look at her key hole it also looked clean. We met at a Jenny's locksmith shop at lunch. After she stopped laughing at us she started on Lisa's belt. It took about half an hour she had to clean the lock out a little, before she pick it "pop" Lisa was unlock. Now it was my turn, as she cleaned out my lock she said it is made different then Lisa's lock. She asked Lisa to pick up something at the hardware store. Lisa left to get what ever it is the Jenny asked for.

Jenny had me stand next to the wall and grab the handles above my head, which I did before I know it my wrist were locked in place. Jenny started to mix some two part epoxy to put in my lock. When I said "STOP" I heard a laugh from behind the back door it was Linda. Jenny was friend of hers. Jenny started to fill the key hole with epoxy I tried to move but was held firm. Then I saw Lisa come in and told her to run but it was to late Linda had her. She quickly had the belt back on her and locked. Lisa tugged and pulled at the belt while all the time she cried "This can't be happening". Jenny quickly filled the key hole on her belt and inserted a key blank to cut flush with the lock. Now we to become Linda's slaves for LIFE with no way out.

At least I was not alone.

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