Ball Cup for Access Denied and Similar Style Belts*

Submitted by: Chris

I  have worn an Access Denied chastity belt (AD) discontinuously for more than two years now and have always had some problems with pinching. Either my foreskin got pinched between the end of the penis tube and the front shield or one of my balls came in front of the shield and got squeezed or pinched or both. This was almost always painful and unbearable and sooner or later (mostly sooner than later) I had to ask my beloved Keyholder for unlocking or to let me use the emergency key, in case she wasn't with me. In addition there are situations in life where you can't get released immediately e.g. in business meetings. And even when I was allowed to use the emergency key, She had to seal it again (She uses a signed plastic card). I remember one week where she sealed the key four times and got really, really upset with me and the AD.

So, we were both more than unhappy with this situation and looked for a solution.

After some trial and error, three months ago I came up with the idea of building a cup for the ball sack which also contains the standard AD penis tube.

The cup I made is built of latex - liquid latex to be more precise - and follows the form of the front shield. But instead of being just flat like the shield, the sides wrap around the scrotum to form a cup.

Take a look at the pictures, please, and you will hopefully see what I mean.

n010817a.jpg n010817b.jpg n010817c.jpg
(Click for larger view)

There are two holes for the pins of the penis tube in front and several more holes at the bottom of the cup in order to let urine out and air in. The holes at the bottom of the front shield line up with the holes in the cup.

As I said, I used liquid latex to build the cup. I did so because sheets of rubber or latex were not easily available in the desired thickness and are not easy to glue (liquid latex instead vulcanizes easily. You can stick together two pieces built of liquid latex by using liquid latex).

I thought of building a mould first, but then I decided just to pour some of that stuff onto a glass plate, so that I got a flat sheet of rubber (150 mm x 320mm x 3 mm). The rest of the work is just some cutting, folding, gluing and waiting. You don't have to be afraid of sharp edges because latex is very smooth and even in case of any remaining edges you can smooth them by coating them with additional liquid latex.

Whenever you seal something it gets more complicated to clean it. I was and am aware of this inherent drawback in design.
What the heck does that mean? Well, if you think you just have to use tons of toilet paper and take a lot of time for peeing and showering in your standard belt, then double or triple everything and you may guess how much I have to use now.

There is no interference with defecating by the way, as the cup ends just where the lower D-ring starts.

The cup prevents your balls from getting in front of the shield. They are securely held within the cup. Pinching isn't a problem as well because the slit is closed now, so that the foreskin has no chance to get between the tube and the slit of the shield.

These were my areas of concern and may differ from yours, of course. I do not claim that my humble invention is also the solution for your wearing problem(s).

For me it works, the disadvantages of increased consumption of paper and time are more than outweighed by the improved comfort.

Now I'm able to wear the belt for longer periods of time and never have the pinching problem again. In my case 'longer' means two days. I'm very thankful that my beloved Keyholder allows unbelted showering every second day in order to secure hygiene and health.

* I wish to thank John Good for his effort, time and valuable hints by proof-reading my drafts. He of course is in no way responsible for remaining faults and errors made in the text or within my design suggestion.

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